Jelaila Starr – Jelaila’s Weekly Message – Does DNA Have To Be Fully Recoded To Ascend? – 13 September 2012

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It’s been many years since the Nibiruans first gave me the process for upgrading DNA. From the beginning it spawned more questions that I was capable of answering.  I must admit that I found it rather confounding with many questions that I posed to the Nibiruans resulting in such detailed and technical answers that I stopped asking for a while.  But now that so many are awakening and needing to start the process, it’s time to share what I have learned since completing the process back in 1996. 
First, a short overview of DNA Recoding.  You’ll fnd a more detailed overview on my website in the Ascension Tools area.
DNA Recoding article:
DNA Recoding is a 3-part process  that realigns the dormant 10 dna strands along with reconnecting them to the crown chakra crystals and then activating them. The Nibiruans gave thisprocess the name, DNA Recoding because it literally changes the DNA codons that we all have by resequencing them.  It’s actually more technical than that; this is a very simplistic explanation.
The process requires using emotional clearing.  Emotional clearing in which compassion is achieved, from transmuting  lower chakra emotion into compassion via the thymus,  alters the DNA changing the portion of the DNA associated with the issue from carbon to crhystalline.  When this occurs, the change will eventually resequence the codons once enough of the DNA is altered.  Another way of saying it is that as we clear, the issue that we clear is removed from the DNA by way of the frequency, compassion.  Compassion is the only frequency that is medically proven to alter DNA from carbon to crystalline.
To achieve compassion that comes through the thymus  the Nibiruans gave us the Formula of Compassion.
Writing it down in booklet form along with all the things I’ve learned about using it over the last 15 years, really helped and thousands of people have used it.  Realizing that many issues require additional knowledge and techniques to clear, the Nibiruans provided those tools in a series of 6 more booklets. Together  with the Formula of Compassion, they are known as the 7 Keys of Compassion or (the Keys).
So that brings me to the next point…that of ascension.  How does DNA Recoding affect ascension?
To understand this answer one must first understand what ascension is.  Ascension is not moving to a utopian place where there is no more fear, or need for money, and everyone simply loves each other.  Rather, it is a shifting of our beliefs (our beliefs determine our state of consciousness), from dysfunctional and imbalanced to functional and balanced.  Another way of saying it is that we move from fear-based to compassion-based thinking, and from victim conscious 3D humans to creator god conscious multidimensional humans.
As we shift our consciousness, we respond to situations and events from a more empowered position.  As we do this repeatedly , we begin creating a new reality for ourselves.  As we do so collectively, we create a reality that encompasses the world, and before we know it we have a new world reality.
Another benefit (this is very much needed during ascension) is that of a second neural network.  As we clear our emotional baggage, we do so by using higher dimensional beliefs and corresponding behaviors.  When we do so repeatedly, we create new neural pathways in the brain.  Over time they form a network just like our existing network.  But, becasue they are based on higher dimensional beliefs and created through loving,compassionate choices, they vibrate at a higher rate.  You will eventually have 2 neural networks, one will be physical but the other will be etheric because it cannot be seen from 3D due to its higher vibratory rate.
One more benefit is that this new neural network allows for greater psychic ability.  This statement is explained further in the book, We are the Nibiruans, part 3.
So on to the final question, does the DNA need to be fully recoded in order to ascend?  In short, no.  You only need to recode as much as you need to in order to reach the state of consciousness you wanted to achieve.  Of course this is different for each person.  Some need to do more than others based on their reason (mission) for being here.
As stated earlier, I completed the process over 15 years ago.  Looking back I can now see that what I completed was not the full recoding of my DNA but just enough to more clearly
communicate with the Nibiruans and my other guides via a then very basic second neural network.   After the second network was in place, I continued to clear in order to raise my frequeny to access the timeline events that were needed in order complete the various assignments involved in my overall mission.   Whew, that was a long sentence!
So here I am many years later…and I’m still clearing.  I’m okay with that.   I know that many of you feel differently…you want the clearing to end and I can almost hear you groaning at the thought of having to do more.  It’s unfortunate that the new age community has once again fed unsuspecting minds with the idea that they will one day no longer have to clear and will ascend into that utopian reality.
Let’s put that idea aside and look at it from a different perspective.  As I understand it, emotional clearing is synonymous with soul evolution; we, as souls, want to experience more ways to integrate the Light and the Dark.
Going further, we attempt to ascend in each incarnation even if it is simply learning to master one specific belief thing.  Mastering it raised our consciousness during that lifetime.  In order to master something we need to bring it with us and then reenact it during the lifetime.  That means we must create emotional baggage before we come in.  So emotional clearing is a way of life for a soul, if you will.  Like managing money, we need to learn how to master emotional clearing and until we do, we will feel victimized by it.
We are souls that continue to want to create and learn through our creations. This Earth incarnation, though a special one in that we have a unique opportunity to experience a quatum evolutionary jump, is nonetheless another evolutionary opporunitity.  I cannot stress enough that even if we were to complete our universal game this time, we’d go on to another universe and start a new game…with more dramas and thus, opportunities for learning.
In closing, do we need to fully recode our dna in order to ascend?  No, we only need to recode to the level at which we want to ascend.
 I hope this helps to answer at least a few of your DNA questions.  I’m happy to address more in future messages…just email me.
In service,
Jelaila Starr

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