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Wes Annac – Commitment To Positivity – 13 September 2012

Written by Wes Annac

Fill yourselves with everything that makes your heart sing out in joy.

Joyful, happy and celebratory emotions are natural and they allow our chakras to open up clearly and to funnel-through the energy we bring through ourselves by expressing joy, happiness and celebration. Continue reading

3 Minutes News – SuperTyphoon, Record Ice Melt/Flooding, Spaceweather – 13 September 2012

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Visionkeeper – As Summer Fades Away… – 13 September 2012

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The evenings are growing cool now, cool enough that I should bring the potted plants indoors but I just can’t quite give up the delight of being outdoors. One can see the stray maple tree on the hillsides beginning to turn colors. Fall is upon us and winter is close enough to hear it breathing at the back door. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – Living In The Moment – Together – Without Yesterday In Tow! – 13 September 2012

I am truly relearning so much about life, about the excitement of being IN life true my grandson.  This morning tho, I am realizing how much more I am learning in Being here and why.  Even with the absolute synchronicity of having just written about the various functions of the brain, which is still very fresh in my own brain of understanding. We are wired, energetically, to be together.  To live together, to feel each others needs and to thrive together in the Wholeness of Love. Continue reading

Mish / Mike Shedlock – China’s Shadow Banking System Collapses Exposing Numerous Ponzi Schemes; Implosion Reaches Critical Mass – 13 September 2012

A collapse of property schemes, commodity schemes, and other investments schemes in China is well underway. The Ponzi schemes all had one thing in common: they needed an ever-growing pool of suckers to pay the returns promised to investors.

Well, the pool of greater fools finally ran out, and Shadow Bankers Vanished Leaving China Victims Seeing Scams Continue reading

Sophia Love – Emotional Arrows – 13 September 2012

PictureOur greatest and darkest moments are now readily available.  It is a time of choosing.  We are entering a period when all will be laid before us.  The best of us.  The not so stellar.

Assistance is available within.  We know when a thought, word or action does not coincide with the opinion of our greater self, by how we feel when it shows up.  If it feels bad then it is not in concert with your plan before you got here. Continue reading

Lisa M Harrison – Thomass Hughes – The Sasquatch – 13 September 2012

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Laura Bruno – Urban Homesteading And Faery Gardening – 13 September 2012

For many of us, this last third of 2012 marks a change in direction, and for some, the coming together of long held and carefully nurtured dreams.

In keeping with the change in seasons, David and I have some big shifts in store. He has accepted American Airlines’ “Early Out” package, and we will soon relocate to Goshen, Indiana — the adorable, artsy, eco-friendly, service-oriented town where his parents live. They’re both in their eighties, and we all realized that we could significantly improve their quality of life (and ours) by “right-sizing” and moving within walking distance of them. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Noose Tightens, But On Whom? – 13 September 2012


Ambrose Evans-Pritchard has an interesting piece in The Telegraph regarding the German constitutional court’s upholding of the ESM with conditions.

Pritchard often takes a contrarian view, and with near-unanimous opinions that the court caved in, he has a different view. Continue reading

TheIntelHub – James Hall – Jackals Of Jekyll Island – Federal Reserve Audit – 13 September 2012

The supreme illicit fraud of central banking embodied in the Federal Reserve, acts as a private piggybank for favored cartel thieves.

The liquidity of unlimited credit transfers to banksters, especially at zero interest, financed by unimaginable new Treasury Bonds, indebting the American public, is a crime committed by outlaws. Continue reading