Visionkeeper – As Summer Fades Away… – 13 September 2012

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The evenings are growing cool now, cool enough that I should bring the potted plants indoors but I just can’t quite give up the delight of being outdoors. One can see the stray maple tree on the hillsides beginning to turn colors. Fall is upon us and winter is close enough to hear it breathing at the back door.

Harvest time! I finally had to give in and buy a small freezer. I have so much to freeze but no space. It will make up for itself quickly when I can cut down on trips into town. It feels really nice to see all the goodies lined up on the freezer shelves. A productive summer harvest. These are the simplicities of life that give it meaning that we have grown away from. The grocery stores replaced the family farms and over time the packaged foods have replaced the home-grown vegetables and our health began to take a nose dive. Tending to ourselves, our health, our food, our homes gives a huge boost to our self-worth, that in today’s world is so sorely lacking.

How have we allowed ourselves to become so dependent on others? The grocery stores will magically provide food, the Government will provide healthy goods and services for us (wrong). In so many ways we rely on outside sources to give us what we need rather than take care of those needs ourselves! I believe this is part of the journey back to who we truly are. Knowing how to care for ourselves on every level and needing nothing from outside ourselves. It also leads one into a life of simplicity which is so vital for living a life of meaning and depth. It restores our self-worth, our trust and belief in ourselves and allows us to feel secure and complete in who we are. Society today is severely lacking in this.

We are such magnificent beings and yet we fail to recognize this on so many levels because we have become so needy. We have been manipulated into neediness so we can be better controlled by the dark ones. If we allow ourselves to depend upon them they have us over a barrel. I have to wonder how many people today still know how to cook from scratch. The convenience of canned goods and boxed foods have marched in and replaced our quality foods fresh from mother nature with poisoned and tainted foods that have been genetically altered so many times they no longer resemble the original food they were. What in God’s name is this doing to our health? Genetically altering us as well?

The time has come as we shed all of our baggage and lighten our loads to return to a simple life of caring for ourselves and caring for each other and starting to feel a reconnection to life again. A deep connection that fills us up and renders us complete just as we are. It is time to unlock our hearts and allow ourselves to feel life fully and the joy that brings. To find joy in standing quietly and watching the seasons change and how beautiful the process is. Do we really take the time to stop and take notice? It is time to start living our lives according to mother nature again.

Do you keep track of the cycles of the moon? Do you know how things grow in your yard? Try keeping a garden journal of notes as to when certain things ripen, when they die off, what needs cutting back, what doesn’t. If you pay attention and learn then you begin to live your life by the cycles as well. The more connected to nature we are the more she has to teach us what we need to know for survival. We are only as strong as we are able to fend for ourselves. To do otherwise is giving away our power and allowing our self to become dependent on the outside for survival. I for one wish to rely on NO ONE to survive other than myself.

Blessings to you all,

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