Anonymous To All Muslims – With A Comment Added By Me – 14 September 2012

Uploaded on 13 September 2012 by Important tactical information about the recent video that angered you. (Lucas : This message is only for informational purposes posted here. This message is from the person that uploaded it onto YouTube. This blog is not connected or associated with Anonymous. The blog is not in agreement with all that Anonymous does or says.  The blog understands though the thinking process and problems addressed by Anonymous.) 

For me, Lucas, threatening, violence, uproar, hate, attacks, killing needs not to be promoted or provoked in any way, there is also on the other hand no justification to find in answering injustice or wrong doing in any way with above mentioned violence, etc.  You may disagree in things and that can be so, even be offended,  there is no need to make this into war or let you provoke to do this.

Conflict is not being solved by more conflict. It is creating the cycle of violence, hate, anger, pain, dead, frustration,sorrow and tears and for what. Are you really wanting to keep this cycle going and building a spiral of negative events and feelings and emotions for all time. I am sure you do not want that as most of the worlds people do not want that.

The small group of people who seek conflict for their hidden agendas, establishing a power base and or retaining power and control over us , those  having the profits and benefits of their schemes, provocations, and hideous plans in money, enormous wealth and exclusivity, those who seem to have all except the power of the heart and the love in their hearts are what we need to get rid off without violence also,  but via the power of unity and strength over the world in peaceful action.

It seems strange to say but we will have to love them to dead. We have to show in all we do and be that we are those that are better, than the worse things that have been done or said to us.  Be love and see love. Be with all your brothers and sisters muslim or not, One. As we are One world and need to be One to make this world that better place for all. Unite instead of divide.

Ask yourselves what is needed for a peaceful world or ending a conflict? Ask yourselves who are those that have been promoting and financing the badly mad film. Listen to the message and see there is more to this. There are indeed people wanting to get control of this world in many ways and for instance also setting up people,  instigating wars and black ops. Those people are not the governments, countries, religions, of the world but those in those places  of power within or above those mentioned structures pulling the strings and funding all of this to make you all mad or sick or hating, or fighting each other. Be aware of these manipulators, and manipulations.

Love, peace, harmony and sharing abundance in the world is what you all want let us focus on that. Be One with all.

Love, Light and Peace,



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