Timothy J. Glenn – Uranus Square Part Two : Riders On The Storm – 14 September 2012

Uranus Square Pluto Part Two:
Riders on the Storm

Since the first exact square of Uranus to Pluto on June 24, 2012, evolutionary and revolutionary energies have burgeoned within us and continue to build upon themselves. Some people feel as though they have become walking pressure cookers. For these folks, the revolution appears all dressed up with nowhere to go. To whatever degree anyone may have felt like this, relief is on the way. The second exact square will occur on September 19, a mere three days before the Autumnal Equinox.

Be ready for all hell to break loose, or all Heaven to break loose. It’s your choice.

Back to Square One

Uranus has been all fired up and ready to rock and roll in Aries, and was revolutionizing in direct motion for the first exact square on June 24. But Pluto retrograde in Capricorn said, “Not so fast.” The intervening months have given us an opportunity solidify the foundation for this literal quantum leap in evolution.

Our species bio-quantum potential is being activated. For those of us partaking in the adventure, this will allow our human consciousness to access quantum level and bring forth whatever patterning Spirit deems appropriate for our next level of cosmic experience. But the species bio-quantum potential never opens willy-nilly. First we must achieve sufficient evolutionary force of a specific nature, and the technical term for this phenomenon is Species Stress. Congratulations. Job well done. If you’re not feeling it, you’re either not participating or not paying attention.

A Little Help from My Friends

A wonderful facet of Pluto’s journey through Capricorn is being enhanced by the square from Uranus. As Lord of the Underworld, Pluto rules everything deep, dark and hidden. Capricorn influences career, reputation, and all else involved with public affairs.

So Pluto in Capricorn brings dirty little secrets (and major conspiracies) out into the public eye, no matter how diabolical and guarded those secrets may be. Meanwhile, Uranus insists: Truth will out. The leaks have only begun.

To help ferret everything out, Saturn will enter Scorpio on October 5, 2012. Yes, the ruler of Capricorn will enter the sign ruled by Pluto, and these two planets will remain in mutual reception for the next four exact Uranus/Pluto squares. For the grand finale in May of 2015, Pluto will still be chugging along in Capricorn as Saturn works diligently in Sagittarius. Saturn will then show us the Big Picture, based on all the Scorpionic research that begins on October 5, 2012.

Pluto will steadfastly continue its current project of exposing what has been concealed from us, and Uranus will still be calling out: “Show us everything!” And yet the most important Truth to emerge through this entire process will have little if anything to do with Luciferian cabals and their minions trying to manufacture a would-be global dystopia. The Truth of our history and our true nature will dawn in our awareness. We will have the opportunity to remember our Essence and embody it.

As always, we will exercise our choice of where to direct our attention. Many of us will find no reason to focus on the dysfunctions of a has-been cabal, when we are faced with the marvels of our Spiritual Nature. The Co-Creation of Heaven on Earth will become our fascination, and this will accelerate its phasing in as our Reality.

Separation into Oneness

The human race is walking the razor’s edge, and our intergalactic audience is watching with rapt attention. In the external manifestations, how will the game play out? Being true to our infamous addiction to drama, we appear to have chosen the standard theatrical ending for the epic and illusory struggle of good versus evil. Ooh, what a nail-biter.

Contributing to this exciting denouement is the polarization of energies, in which the Light gets brighter and the Dark gets denser. For millenia, entities playing on the s-called Dark Side have intermingled with and fed off the Beings of the Light. The two groups are currently performing their split into different dimensional realities, only to rejoin later in the universal wholeness. But with complete separation, a curious form of healing occurs. Since the Darkness will no longer be able to feed off the Light, the Darkness will consume itself, meaning that its old structures will crumble. It will thus be released from its own prison of ignorance, fear, etc.

We might remember one quirky detail: we continue to expand our sensitivities as the “Dark Side” amplifies the out-picturing of its malignancy. Our message: deal with it.

Here Comes the Fun

Our existence as Earthlings can be likened to a virtual reality computer game. Like many computer games, players can choose the level of difficulty at which to play. When we logged onto this particular game, we opted for the highest level of difficulty. We did this because at some level of our Being, we think this is fun. Well, the fun is ready to max out, and the Uranus/Pluto square provides a major impetus for the action to magnify several times over.

And with Uranus involved, we can expect the unexpected. Arabian astrologers have used a lightning bolt to represent Uranus, which appropriately symbolizes the planetary storm now beginning the Great Purification.

Timothy Glenn
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