Lucas – A Strange Awareness Of Coming Changes – 15 September 2012

Being split in two worlds feeling the 3D world knocking on my door to let go of the last stuff and the 5D world letting me know all is coming and happening in the now.  I feel the dominant themes of my earthly life  fighting my scissors cutting their ties to me. It is feeling been torn back and forth. The incoming energies that keep building up till the end of the year are not making it not easier on me and all of you.  It is though like it is.

I feel sick in my 3D world  with flu-like symptoms while my heart says I am not sick but changing and I feel well in that other world connected to my heart and source.  In that partial way of being morphed between my light body and world and the old 3D is where my mind has to fill in the blanks it sometimes can not as it is forgetting due to the energies sometimes what things are called or what I just was doing a minute a go. All is part of the changes.

Also on 3D level the hard truth is sometimes not taken easily. People become from the master they said to be, student again that need to follow those who have been not bounced back to their 3D duality world and ego. It has been said and it has been done. It is. Mostly the old paradigm is finding the so good kept vulnerabilities of those now faulting in their own teachings and spoken truths.

It is seen in falling back to the division, exclusion, been keeping secrets and hidden agendas also searching for wealth and exuberance in many ways. The mirror that reflects the being to its opposites the hard way will inevitably kick in. There will only be Oneness, Unity. The sharing of all that is and  the creating of all that is needed for all of humankind will be that what will be.

Search the inner-truth that has no name tag on it to be good or bad or whatever, as said all just is. By opening your heart chakra and activating it you will find your connection. The questions of many are will I awaken, will I ascend. In my humble vision there is all coming together in the one positive timeline where we all that have made clear our intent to ascend will have that possibility regardless what. There is for all provided even those who will not ascend by choice will have the possibility to go in a later phase.

For me the strange Awareness of coming changes is felt on many levels.  It is seen by me and by others. I also see tin the world the changes arising, like a whale  slowly emerging from the deep and surfacing.  Even with my faults I forgive myself and I ask forgiveness for by others still the world is in many ways seeing the changes are already on the way. It is happening. We just have to see it.  People struggle in seeing only the bad and negative as we have been programmed to see that and thrive on it.

If we see what is going on we would have a big party and would be glad to be in the now.  You can see the foundations laid for the new and the see the old crumble with their own fabricated deceit, lies, plans and schemes.  See judges awakening to real justice, see people in high places speaking out and wanting to do the right things, see laws pass and the  implementation struggle, see schemes and plans just be having every time a setback, see disclosure happening all around you for you to see but also now in media all around the world, see the world opening up for new science and energy systems, see people doing magnificent things of beauty and  unconditional love. Must I go on.

Look around, feel in your heart the new vibrations of love and understanding, of solutions and sharing being sent out by those new up and coming beings called human kind.  Focus on that  and see there is only love surrounding you.  You can see through the veil of sadness, worries, angers, hate, violence and pain. It is all resolving in thin air.  Know the world you seek is already in place. It just has to be found and the switch being hit.

See love and find love. See the new  light world now already manifested and  see it now.  I will Love you all without regret even with the stupidest or evilist things you could have imagined to have done. We all had  our rightful place in this shadowplay of light and darkness and now it is decreed by our creator to return to our righteous state of being unconditional loving lightbeings that all reside in the unity of the source where all is and nothing is divided.

So it will be done and  it is. Rejoice. Be happy. Know we are One.  In loving memory of a life long learning curve of duality  that will be ended. The Strange Awareness has become true change.

Love and Light,


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