Visionkeeper – Are You An Owl Or Are You A Duck? Does It Matter? – 15 September 2012

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Does it really matter if one is a duck or an owl or can we finally all learn to be one together and share our love and compassion? We are so blessed to be here at this time! We were chosen to usher in the new world, to raise humanity’s consciousness and bring the world together as it has never happened before!

That is such a tremendous honor and I hope we can all begin to appreciate this gift we have been given. Stop focusing on Dec. 21, 2012 and focus on the journey we are in the middle of. Grasp the power of what is taking place, we are witnessing something that has never happened before in the world, this shift is monumental on so many levels, we must be awake for this and give it our full attention! There are lifetimes of beings who are watching us with bated breath hoping for the best and wishing they had been part of this moment. We must not take this for granted but rather embrace this time fully and drink in the wonder of what we are witnessing.

Hearts are blowing open all around the world. The dark ones false flags have blown up in their faces. Rather than break us with fear, their 911 evil and others have brought the world closer together and opened hearts like never before. We must concentrate now on keeping our hearts open and not going back to sleep. This is our chance to complete what we came here to do. How many tragedies must we endure before we finally see we are truly all one, all the same, all wishing to be loved and to offer our love as well? Stop hoping the shift will happen and make it happen. Be love in the world and the world will join you.

I don’t know how many people out there realize the importance of this time. It is up to each of us to get this message out there. This is a Woodstock moment on steroids, we don’t want to miss the opportunity to be a part of it. To participate and be a part of the experience we need to stay in our hearts and be loving with our life. Silence the ego that continually tries to lead us astray and create negative thinking, jealousy, guilt, and anger. Is it really worth it to you to stay angry or jealous instead of forgiving? Forgiveness is such a powerful emotion and fills your heart with joy. You have been gifted this time on earth, now how will you choose to live it? Will you live it fully and deeply or will you fritter it away?

It is time to step up to the plate and realize it is our choice how our lives play out. We can be the victim and spend our whole life saying poor me and having a retched time, or we can spend our lives in the Captains chair steering ourselves through life with a positive and loving attitude. I have said many times before that you cannot love and hate at the same time. It is impossible to do, so this shows you that you have a choice always. Feel bad about your situation or accept what has occurred and look for the good in it? If you disconnect from the loveless world the dark ones have created, it is easier to accomplish this. Staying in the illusion world of lies limits your abilities to stay centered in your heart. Get out of that old world that is crumbling away quickly now and put your loving energies into the new world which is being birthed at this very moment by us all.

Blessings to you all,

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