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Suzanne Spooner – A Third QHHT Session With Susan; Taking Her To The Year 2112 For A History Lesson On 2012 – 16 September 2012

Susan Thomas and I wanted to try taking her ahead in time with QHHT. We decided to go 100 years ahead so that she would be past this life. In the year 2112 she was a woman named Mai who was an architect, designing buildings based on sacred geometry and how peoples bodies moved. I haven’t  included the entire transcript but what I think you will find very interesting on life in 2112. It struck me to ask her for a ‘history lesson’ on the time period of 2012 and THAT is where it got extra interesting! I hope you enjoy this glimpse into Susan’s future!  Continue reading


John Ward – Bernanke’s ‘New-Style’ QE – Why It Won’t Produce An Alternative Future : Without Massive Debt Forgiveness And A New Capitalist Model, There Is No Alternative Future – 16 September 2012

(Lucas : Comment on this article titel: There are for sure other models than capitalist models to create a new alternative future that need not be communist or socialist labeled. The already in place and working for some time alternative exchange and money systems all over the world are example to that.  Keywords:  sharing, value backed  or accepted as such in a chosen form, in service of  the community and for all its needs, commerce without debt and interest. It seems being stuck in the old paradigm system, makes thinking out of the box/ matrix needed.  Commerce does not equal whatever people like to label on things. If the premiss is sharing all wealth and abundance in harmony and peace a new system will be different from all that have been around for centuries. Maybe if people see things different, have a new mindset, awaken,  there is no need for money and systems at all.)

The US public debt climbed to $14.58 trillion at the end of August 2012. This made it slightly bigger than the $14.53 trillion size of America’s GDP in 2010. Continue reading

Wes Annac – The Ascended Masters : You Are Initiating Everything – 16 September 2012

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Can you feel what has been commencing on your surface, dear souls?

Can you feel the strides that you are reaching and the willingness of the higher realms to make ourselves known within the fore of your perceptions? Your realities and perceptions have been in the midst of a continual shifting process for some time as you pair together what you recognize as pure [higher dimensional] reality, with what you recognize as realities that only feed former ways of being and by performing this pairing, you are finding higher dimensional perceptions that are quite literally upgrading your temples [as you realize what no longer works for you]. Continue reading

Bombshell!! – FDIC Sues The Big Banks For Massive Securities Fraud – 16 September 2012

September 10th, 2012
Author: Source: Matt Weidner – Fighting for the American People

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Bella Capozzi – Anchoring And Expressing Your Creative Energies. (Have You Been Hit By The Cosmic Bedazzler?) – 16 September 2012

Watch any child, or group of children, and what do you see? Be a silent observer and really, really watch. Regardless of where on the planet you live or what economic or social dynamic is present, there is one common denominator and that is creativity. All children create, and they are always creating, all the time. They doodle all over their notebooks and papers in class. Continue reading

Lucas – Prosperity Programs – 16 September 2012

A lot is dropped in my mailbox and some is instantly denied again or proven to be disinfo. I see a lot of people talking about debt-forgiveness what is not the same or equals NESARA or the Prosperity programs. I know a lot is confusion and is getting  people’s hope up but read a bit about NESARA. Continue reading

Sophia Love – It Starts Today – 16 September 2012

We wake up each day, holding within us the keys to the kingdom.  A force, if unleashed, which could alter our world.  We’ve been unaware.  No longer.
Those that have held us in their grasp have minimized, sentimentalized, diminished and sexualized love.  In an intentional effort to hide from us our most powerful asset, they’ve crafted a heart shaped emotion used only on special days or with certain people.  They would have us believe the love of power surpasses the power of love.

2 Minutes News – 16 September 2012

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John Ward – E-Zone Civil War : How The Eunatics Are Creating A Divisive Financial Control System – 16 September 2012

Banking control in one camp, fiscal control in the other. “Sorted,” say the neocons

German finance minister Schäuble sits in his little Wolfschanze this morning, a less than happy wolf-cub. Earlier this year, his boss Angela Merkel did the Grand Tour of European capitals and delivered what they both thought was a done deal: for Herr Schäuble to be the Obersturmbannführer of all things money in the new Fiskalunion being created by Berlin-am-Brussels. Continue reading

Global Voice 2012 Radio Networks Blogtalkradio – Drake’s Vital Weekend Update – 16 September 2012

(Lucas: Discern Yourselves! More I not gonna say for today!)

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1 pm Eastern, Noon Central, 11 am Mountain, 10 am Pacific / Mainland Europe 7 pm 16 Sept. 2012 Continue reading