Lucas – Prosperity Programs – 16 September 2012

A lot is dropped in my mailbox and some is instantly denied again or proven to be disinfo. I see a lot of people talking about debt-forgiveness what is not the same or equals NESARA or the Prosperity programs. I know a lot is confusion and is getting  people’s hope up but read a bit about NESARA.

Let me say my knowledge is there are certain things already in place and I am speaking of the prosperity funds and programs. Yes, the real NESARA was intended to be the saviour a time ago, but even signed never being implemented. Later there was an other NESARA set up that was not intending the same as the real first one.  If the real one was rolled out immediate it would have been great for all. The question is now which one of the two NESARA’s that are called that way and which have in the end completely different goals are to be set up. Is it the one keeping the old system in place but just restarting it.  Or the other one. I would love to opt for a totally new system. There is already said a lot now about this.  And you can read it at different blogs as also mine.

Some banks and institutions are paying back the mortgage debts for unlawful taken homes already. News from people is saying so. You may say it is a program or you may see the paying back in full as a measure from banks  and lenders before lawsuits are getting not only the banks or financial institutions money back but also claim for damages and more.  It is for me a sign things are gonna change but it is not the same as a admitting guilt in a court case or having a prosperity program out rolled.  It is for sure feeling for those getting their full amount back as a prosperity or debt-forgiveness plan and I say enjoy and share with those if you can that have still problems.

Still I see these restitutions as the first step banks and financial institutions taken in changing their ways or maybe an incentive to do so.  I would love to see all debt not only forgiven but paid back full with interest and damages by the banks, IRS and all those having the debt referred to those that should not have debt in first place as it was their own money all along. We should take also al their profits back they made on the illegal use of our accounts without our consent due to a trick that was only bringing them benefits. But let us not be harsh and be a non-forgiving human beings, but beings of love and forgiveness.

The whole system has to change and that is not done by just making people happy in given them debt-forgiveness and going on with the old from start without changing a thing. The prosperity programs should start with the introduction of the new system that is value backed and with strict  limits to fractional banking . The new will give us all abundance but also a new system that NEVER can bring back this fiat-currency system and all it brought with it in debt growth with no ending that in the end the people paid and no one else.  This is the crux.  We should be aware of what will be.  Are they just restarting the old system and do debt-forgiveness or is the real new system introduced and started together with the prosperity programs.

We will see soon things happening as things indeed are evolving quickly. The information I get from behind the scenes and I read in between the lines of many articles are indicating change is coming.  So this is good news.  Still I am not willing to fly the flag in top till the right things are really manifested, in effect and taking place.  I do not doubt it will happen but we must  be ware  false promises or false systems and programs could be coming true first to fool us. In need people can easily be tricked and trapped.  It needs to be the real new system or it is no good.

So I am patient and know things will happen and change. But I am cautious nevertheless for the last dark schemes that are tried to be put in place.

Love and Light,


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