Sophia Love – It Starts Today – 16 September 2012

We wake up each day, holding within us the keys to the kingdom.  A force, if unleashed, which could alter our world.  We’ve been unaware.  No longer.
Those that have held us in their grasp have minimized, sentimentalized, diminished and sexualized love.  In an intentional effort to hide from us our most powerful asset, they’ve crafted a heart shaped emotion used only on special days or with certain people.  They would have us believe the love of power surpasses the power of love.
In our very dense, 3D existence, they’ve created an illusion that in all appearances looks true.  The kings, presidents, banksters and power elite have all the money and wield all the control.  We’ve allowed that to happen because we’ve been asleep.  The few of us that woke up and tried to warn us were gone before we knew it.  Not today.  Many of us are rousing from our slumber.  We are paying attention now.
What we are here to do is love fiercely and completely and absolutely.  Love is not a greeting card.  Love is a force.
The cabal understands power by force and control; on that playing field, they hold all the cards.  They do not know what love can do, although they suspect.  That’s why it has been reduced to a sexual game.  It is the only thing they understand; competition and conquest, fight and win, then own.
 Love is none of that. Love is a raw, deep and powerful emotion.  It is unmistakable.  Love is never felt inappropriately or misdirected.  Love is truth.  The chill that runs through your body when you feel someone’s touch or hear or read certain words is love.
Love expresses itself to you in the grocery store, in the bedroom, in the board room and on the street.  It is life and it is just oozing out of everything!
These “holders” of our civilization are not going to give up.  They know only the love of power and will stop at nothing to win it all.  It is up to us to show them the power of love.  With every ounce of generosity you have, love them.  Visualize them encased in love.  They too are human and on their own evolutionary path.  They have corrupted this world and are comfortable in its’ atmosphere of fear and control.  A climate of unconditional love will no longer feed them.  They’ll have no choice but to move on.
Sometimes it becomes necessary to remove a few rotten apples from the basket to save the bushel. This is where we are today.  It will take strength, determination and absolute unconditional love to do so.  Hate is no longer an option.  We’ve been there and know where that’s gotten us; division, segregation, poverty, war and pollution.
Our playing field is one of love.  It looks like removal without destruction, education not punishment, collaboration not control.  We are here to unite, not separate.  We have come to show the way.
September 16, 2012 – October 16, 2012 has been called the time of choosing.  What world will you choose?  It is changing and today we are at choice for which way it goes for us.  Your heart is big enough to love our oppressors.  It is, I am sure of this.  Loving them does not mean you want them over for dinner.  It means you understand they are you.  As fellow pieces of the whole, bits of divinity, they are sacred; as are you.
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Show us what your love can do.  Your feelings are not about them anyway, not really.  Your feelings are about you.  You are worthy and wonderful, powerful and perfect and so ready for this.  Just love, it is what you came to do.  It is time.
We are the One we’ve been waiting for.

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