Angela Peregoff – The Week Ahead – 17 September 2012

As mentioned in last week’s energy read, we are internally promoting more Light than usual. While this is magnificent news I understand it is taking a toll on many of my earthling friends. So what do I have to say for this week? Two words – Hold on! The universe is still shifting its game plan from 3D to 5D and that means we may still experience the change-over as shock-and-awe rather than peace-and-calm. Remember we are in the greatest campaign of alignment and divine nourishment that Creation can modulate. With that comes the challenge for flexibility, fluidity, flow and being present in the power of the moment for many who have been comfortable in the old system of limitations, restrictions, delays and frustrations. So if it feels like you are on board a modern day Titanic you are not alone. Stay afloat this week by remaining centered in your own truth.

It is vital to understand that we are exactly where we each belong right now and always, and as well, we are forever perfectly guided and protected. What is happening on a higher level is that we are reaching the realms of cosmic transference. Specifically, this month we are involved in an electro-magnetic health crisis physically, a vibrational erratic-ness spiritually, and in a frequency transference energetically. As we have entered these new ways of being and living the winds of change have dictated the need to be a little more cautious and conservative in most areas of life experience.

Resonating with new Aliveness always sounds great doesn’t it?  We pray and intend and affirm to be overlaid with the Light of Now. We consciously dissolve our partnership with the old mindset that has lost its ability to redefine co-creation only to find that cultivating a new being-ness of harmony with the Self isn’t all we had imagined it was going to be. But that’s okay because souls such as me show up and confirm your knowing that even with all the side-effects we are triumphantly moving into a new phase of being that is destined to be our most creative yet. We are actively participating in a healing that brings wholeness to Light, Life and Love and you are part of a collective soul group of educators that decided to incarnate at this time to help redefine and harmonize humanity’s purpose lead intricately by the heart of God.

La-jit! as my kids would say, and this week each one of us is hosting an opportunity to transform a physical body into a Soul-realized man/woman. Opportunists will use this time to join the Master within and manifest their greater properties of Spirit right here on planet Earth. For the rest of the month you will be part of a small percentage of humanity that is consciously aware that we are involved in a movement of the energy of the 5th chakra (throat – center of the higher will) down to the 3rd chakra (center of the lower will). This energetic shift will transfer you out of ego and into the edge of the higher will of the Soul. The ego has not allowed you to create your life in a way that supports knowing yourself as the source of empowerment at the center of creation.

On a physical level, you will probably be experiencing symptoms in the corresponding cellular territory of these two chakras. You may find a great deal of congestion in your throat, as well as some burning sensations or soreness. This will not amount to much, but will definitely be a part of many people’s experience. There will seem to be no logical medical explanation from the disease point of view, understand it is merely coming from the integration of new energy transfers within the charka system.

The “feelers” out there may find that there is a kind of an invisible tunnel that is trying to move energy down to the solar plexus from the throat. Also in the solar plexus, you might experience some metabolism shifts, as well as more heat waves or digestive interruptions. To bring some relief to your personal system try deep breathing, as well as stretching and relaxing the jaw and tongue. There may also be some swelling in the lower regions of the body which is more of an energetic bloating. Anxiety may also be produced if you go into resistance and defense.

This is a time when there will be a lot of energy sensations in the body. Healing herbs and oils will be nature’s contribution to your well being. The relief they can bring is worth the trip to your local health food store. Nature is no stranger to rebirth so follow her wisdom when the higher vibrations begin to shake loose the denser energies of defense (ego) held in the tissues of your body. The up-side of this new adjustment is that there may be greater creative expression waking in the throat region, such as ease with communication, unexplored talent, leadership skills surfacing, etc. This can be quite surprising and delightful.

Because you are bringing together the lower and the higher, you will begin to move into a greater Inner sourced vibration (Soul). People who are not used to trusting themselves will have to get used to this greater “gut feeling,” as their instincts become more acute.  At this stage it is not so much intuition for them but rather a stronger survival instinct about safety, etc. coming through as heightened physical awareness. Some who are already of a higher vibration, accustomed to moving more energy in their bodies, will find greater trust of themselves as the Source. They will also experience intense passion about things, which has not been the case in recent years. Strong feelings and convictions will get even stronger.

In this transfer of higher will into the lower center you will begin to realize that trusting the Inner is more desirable than looking outside yourself for reassurance or for a compensation for the lack of sense of self that you have known. This shift can also bring a great deal of disillusionment. This transfer is going to heighten thought activity within the lower mental body (ego), as it will feel threatened when asked to let go and surrender to the Soul’s higher will. Just expect more anxiety around certain thought patterns for the rest of the month. You will also start to notice the clash between your ego and its new non-attachment to things as the higher creative energy comes in to offer an alternative. The higher will (Soul) may very well come in in a very Self-assured manner.

Consequently too, there will be more doubt in trusting the outer world. People will begin to see how desires they have coveted are not really satisfying. This will inspire a lot of letting go as one begins to realize where they have relinquished their personal power. The more advanced souls will solidify their personal power more fully in this time. There will also be a greater level of discernment, discriminating between what one can and cannot trust beginning at this time.

This cycle’s passage will also take us far beyond the limitations of cause and effect and into the quantum creation of realities where time and space do not serve to restrict our course. This empowered and energized force is the erratic-ness that I spoke of earlier. Many doorways between dimensions are opening and closing – sometimes instantaneously, at other times lasting hours or days and you may be experimenting with different portals of energy as they are made available when a doorway is opened. You’ll know you are doing it if you experience any of the following: a loss of time, displacement of focus or a scattered sense of being in your daily activities. Even those well trained in portal messages shall find it necessary to be aware of themselves, their surroundings and all signs, symbols and messages received to align with the synchronicity of the rapid shifts taking place. Have no worries though as the chaotic energies are simply pushing each individual to discover their next level of rhythm, pattern, vibration and synchronicity as the movements of the Awakening Field shift and change activating dormant codes and pathways long hidden or protected by the ego.

In the outer world, you will see two things primarily. You will see a more inspirational concern for people on a larger scale in some areas. In other areas, you will find a need for more control rising. This will seem more obvious to many.  In this cycle we will start to see these two sides more clearly.  What this will do in the global collective consciousness is wake people to how much power they have given away to “authority” replacements for mom and dad, stuck in the consciousness of wounded children. For some, this will bring up fear, as they don’t know what to do as a healthy alternative.  You may feel insecure in these stages.

There will be more chaos and more disillusionment in the old structures and forms in the world, such as religions and governments.  There will be more corruption uncovered.  Our economic structures will reveal this as well.  This has already begun in previous months, but will accelerate… so that we can see where we have misplaced our trust.  We have been manipulated by false promises in many ways. Over time, people will begin to investigate their options and will go into things more consciously.

For people of a higher soul development, you will find more creativity and imagination and strength that you have not known.  You will trust, commit and fulfill more completely in your lives. This will particularly take place in group efforts.

“Ok,” I hear you all saying, “but how do I perform all this mystical upgrading and still live life Monday to Friday?”  All this concentrated power has to find an outlet of Shift somewhere so I suggest setting aside some Soul Time (meditation, prayer, quiet reflection, gratitude, etc.) each day life has become overwhelming. Heck, for some claiming Soul Time it can still feel off the scale! This new molecular and energetic training is swinging open a quickened pace and we are oscillating as a rehabilitated deity like never before. But remember it is our daily practice of consciously meeting the Spiritual Self that changes how we respond to what overwhelms. We go deep into our own heart, which opens the divine brain. From here, we listen to what is speaking to us, through us, as us, in us and we trust.

Pay attention to the forces of consciousness that you are linking with on a daily basis. If you come home from spending eight hours out in the world and are feeling ill at ease, grumpy, or dismayed then you have lost equilibrium and should spend some time reviving your Spirit. Connect with your spiritual family, read something that is spiritually inspiring, play uplifting music in the background as you cook supper, go for a nature walk, or get a massage. In short, you have to change your life around a bit until you feel that Inner Vibration come back alive so that you have the mental stamina, the emotional fortitude, and the physical determination to keep on trucking no matter what is coming at you. I know from personal experience that when new patterns come in and shake up our world we can easily move into a stance of resistance without even realizing that is what we are doing. (Being entertained by a crazy world is one way resistance is expressed externally.) And when we go into resistance the first things that get eliminated are the tools that support the Self. We rationalize that to come back to balance something has to go, right? Giving up the practices that enhance our spiritual well-being allows us to sabotage spiritual empowerment. Stop and take a look at what is presently taking up your time.

Be mindful for the rest of this month about what you are deciding to keep and what you are choosing to let go. Reinforcing your spiritual defenses is not going to happen when disconnecting from the experiences and practices that are in alignment with God-Source in your reality. Decide ahead of time to continue with your spiritual studies, or go to yoga class, or attend services, or take some extra nutritional supplements, or photograph a sunrise, or, or, or . . . do what you can to change your life around for the better. And if you don’t have a clue what that would look like then slow down on all fronts until you can get clear on what will best propel you forward instead of scratching your head in disbelief over why things like this always happen to you.

Seekers of wisdom and self-transformation learn from their own actions and reactions, whether positive or negative. From a spiritual point of view, negative events offer an opportunity to learn which course of action brings forth the most positive results. The Soul will always test, over and over again, until the personality rejects those things that are not in its best interest, and authenticates that which is Spirit’s truth.

Walk into the level of Truth and Intelligence you are my friends. The chain of density has been broken through and the Universe is commanding a deeper, fuller penetration of Source in this next stage of growth and development. The physical is the grand showcase during this segment of change and Form is taking a hands-on approach grounding the Light.

Just think how many times you are being formed and reformed many times per second by a direct communication of Spiritual Light right now, and then say “Thank you.” –

©2012 Reverend Angela Peregoff, All Rights Reserved. link to original article


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