Lucas : As Said Things Are Played Out Behind The Scenes : The Telegraph Did Report On The Dead Of Japan’s Ambassador To China When The Tensions Rise – 17 September 2012

Lucas : You can see the events in the relation to  tensions about the gas and oil beneath those small Islands that are disputed between Japan and China or you can see it as a false flag or event that is related to something other than that as in the seas surrounding is more to find than oil or gas.

The Philippines incident with American Marines searching for the hidden gold and the Russian/China big fleet naval exercises in that area do seem to indicated it is probably something else than a territorial dispute.  I have addressed this a while ago. Still  behind the scenes a war of factions wanting no new start of the financial system and those wanting it is outplayed.  Power grabs, suspicious deaths and more are hitting the news  only to be told to be for other reasons.  Like suicide or accidents. We need still  see the bigger picture through the veil.

Behind the scenes is a big power change and system change brought slowly to the surface and when this is  emerging there will be a new light shining on Asia. Let us see the new golden age for people start without having people living under dictatorships and rules of law that just are for controlling humans. We need to see freedom and abundance for all with sharing all and creating all that is needed for anyone on this planet without having pollution and damage to Gaia, and the ecosystems.  We have to have a new mindset that will bring us from taking all and being solely enjoying the benefits, profits  from it to sharing all and making all having abundance for  ever. We can live in peace again if we need not worry about the negative structures that a few people are wanting to instate on us with no morals, ethics or even thought of being wrong. They only intent of those to be pitied is power and money or its equal value part in what form resources, etc.

We need to see things are changing and the last hurdles are taken.  Be aware of things like instigating harm onto us by creating conflict or wars or even accidents or events that will have casualties or deaths written all over it.  Black-ops, dis-information, false flag events is now being used as much as they can to fight their lost battle.  You just need to be aware of those things and not go into spreading the fear and evil intent. But sent love and be unconditional love, counteract just in a neutral loving way or let people just in a non-offensive way see things are not what the seem to be.

We need all to be helping this last blast of negativity to reflect upon those sending it. Let us foremost concentrate on manifesting or co-creating the new golden age in the NOW.

Now follow the short excerpt of the article and link so you can read it.  Love and Light, Lucas


Japan’s ambassador to China dies amid rising tensions

Japan’s new ambassador to China has died, only five days after being appointed to the post and as relations between the two Asian neighbours sink to new lows.

Shinichi Nishimiya, then Japan's director general of Foreign Ministry's North American Affairs Bureau

Shinichi Nishimiya, Japan’s new ambassador to China, as found collapsed on a street in Tokyo on Thursday morning but died in hospital on Sunday Photo: REUTERS

By Julian Ryall

6:22AM BST 17  Sep 2012

Shinichi Nishiyama, 60, was found collapsed on a street in Tokyo on Thursday morning but died in hospital on Sunday. Police in Japan have ruled out foul play but hospital authorities have yet to confirm the cause of Nishiyama’s death.

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