Lucas – Merkelism Loses Out – As Germans Say No To The Euro – 17 September 2012

Latest Polls in Germany show 65% (yes indeed) want no more Euro and think even to better of without it. What not many people know as it was not brought as big news is that there is still a blooming German D-Mark  economy as people still may and are paying and exchanging with D-Mark.  There are still13.2  billion D-Mark  around of those very desired German D-Mark.

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For me the stronghold of Merkel and having it her way or that of the the ECB or the EU-dictatorship under Barosso and Van Rompuy is soon history. The new message is that behind the scenes things crumble.  Greece does not do what it  has been told,  Spain thinks to be better of not getting into the  rescue fund trap in asking for a bailout, even mostly the Nothern European countries openly say not to want a banking Union which will make them a slave to the ESM and ECB in funding those who without any saveguards will not keep their budgets positive or even are willing to cut their deficits.  After Bernanke’s  ultimate  QE3 with unlimited moneyprinting the last hurdle for a fall of the Dollar and the Euro is taken.

We will see  a crash very very soon and all the hyped and rigged markets will also be crashing with it. They are working towards this crash. It is only not for the reason most of us want it.  All the speaking of Glass-Seagul and other solutions are just for getting the same system restarted with a debt-forgiveness plan. It is like giving you your present you ever wanted from St. Nick and taking it back as soon as the momentum is right  for stealing and deceiving, and getting you in debt again.

The evidence on the other side is coming through there is a new system and real debt-forgiveness under way. We will have real abundance that we so deerly wanted without having to get back to the old corrupt  system we do not want anymore.  There will be no more debt- and interest payments for your livelyhood ever. This new system is needed as long as people need to make the change into  their spiritual mindset that will show there is no need for a financial system or not even money.

Seeing the sun in the sky and the moon and stars shining bright, the fruits are ready to pick as it is harvest time. All will be soon going to happen.

Love and Light,


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