The Stories Of Your Awakening And Acension Series – Guest Writer Javier – Hearts And Numbers – A Brief Story Of My Awakening – 17 September 2012

(This series of articles under the name – The Stories Of Awakening And Ascension Series – will publish stories sent in by readers of the blog The stories are about their awakening and road to  ascension. The stories can be accompanied by their own photographs or artwork pictures. The Guest writers as I call them are only mentioned by their first name or chosen pseudo name. This is done to give more people the freedom to write their stories without any hesitance or worry. )

We start of with our first article with pictures that have been sent in by Javier. I thank you with love and light for sharing your story with us all, Lucas. Keep sending in your stories so they can be told to all those others maybe having similar or even same experiences. It is nice to see people resonate with the stories told and maybe have some eyeopeners or new ways of seeing things in it.

Javier – Hearts And Numbers  – A Brief Story Of My Awakening

Around five years ago I started having this really strong feeling that life was not supposed to be the way it was. The thought: “This is Not It” kept arising in my mind over and over again. At first I thought it had to do with my job and even though I loved was I was doing, I was restless trying to figure out why after 15 years of career and considerable advancements in salary, I was still feeling stuck, in debt and unhappy. Day in and day out the same routine without moving forward.

I remember having a conversation with my wife telling her that I had to do something or I was going to go crazy, something was wrong and I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was. I was beginning to get really anxious about it.

So that’s when I started digging into books and reading everything that I could get my hands on. Some of the first books were “The Answer” (John Assaraf/Murray Smith), “Think and Grow Rich” (Napoleon Hill), “You Were Born Rich” (Bob Proctor), and although the underlying theme of these books was mostly business, they opened my eyes to the concept of “thoughts become things”. The concept that your external reality is nothing but a reflection of your internal world and that in order to change the outside you had to go within and turn the right knobs. That really resonated with me and thus the journey began.

Now to compress three and a half years in one paragraph: I quit my job, started my own business on the internet, opened up a physical store a few months after the online one, six months after that I moved the store to a more touristic location which really worked for about three years, but because of the economy I had to close it and go back to the previous job where I ran from in the first place.

So here I was at square one again, but not all was bad this time around. I had learned so much, so many experiences, met so many people from all walks of life and from all over the world through my store, made new friends and was exposed to so many new perspectives. I grew. So here I am sitting again in the same chair I was a few years back but with a totally new perspective in life, and a new panoramic view of the bigger picture. Then at around August 2011 the synchronicities started happening.

I started seeing the number 911 everywhere, and I mean everywhere. It was very determined to get my attention. Well, it did. And that was when the second part of my journey began; The spiritual one. My readings now turned to David Wilcock’s “The Source Field Investigations”, “The Law of One” series by Ra, “The God Code” by Gregg Braden, “Living in the Heart” and “The Serpent of Light” by Drunvalo Melchizedec, all the blogs of channeled messages and the list goes on and on.

All of this information led me to start seriously meditating every day for about an hour. The synchronicities started expanding and now it wasn’t only numbers I saw, now I started seeing hearts everywhere. Every other day I would run into something shaped into a heart. I still do. These here are just a few that I could photograph, the real special one is the coral heart that found me while walking at the beach with my family. This one is a six pound, ten inches tall piece of coral shaped like a heart that washed out on a beautiful lengthy beach full of sea shells and coral debris and I happened to run into it.

By now synchronicities and synchronistic events have become the way for my Higher Self and my Spirit Guides to communicate with me and guide me on a daily basis. I have learned to listen and to trust.

Anyway, ascension for me has been a gradual process. One that keeps getting stronger and more focused by the hour. Each day with meditation and with each article or channeled message I read or YouTube video I run into, I grow by leaps and bounds. Raising my vibrations, spreading the word and shifting my reality little by little to that of a 5th dimensional existence where there is no judging, no aggressive behavior, no suffering and only peace, unconditional love and a strong spiritual connection to Source, to Gaia, to our human brothers and sisters, to our star family and everything that is. Because if there is one thing I’velearned on my journey so far is that We Are All One.

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