Ute Possega-Rudel – Messages From The Realms Of Light – Throes Of The New World – 17 September 2012

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2012

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Dear Family of Light,

These are the last throes to birth the  New World. In the purifying process, preceding this birth, now the last remains, the worst residues are coming to the surface. And many are  suffering with the world.
They are drawn to deep down, so that the  swing upward for them can be enormous.
Nothing will remain the same, the swing will this time  – after it  reached the deepest, the rock bottom, – be  catapulted in a completely new direction, it will leave the usual path und initiate a new beginning.
For those of you who have chosen to experience this development directly via the instrument of their own body, to learn, how innovations are initiated, now an especially difficult time lies ahead. This is experienced primarily on the energy level and you will undergo greater ups and downs, from low to very high levels.
Witnessing  this time as part of your consciousness, you  are also given the capability, not to get entrapped in this ride. You are granted a state of great peace and inner unimpeachability. Thereby you help the souls, who did not yet establish inner balance, but are seeking it, to go through this great convulsion and fluctuation safely.
This also relates to those, who experience this period not only on the physical, but especially on the emotional level. Now they have the opportunity to purify themselves, und to become free of old, and not conducive attitudes, which are not of love, forgiveness and compassion. It is about accepting them first and then let them go, as they are being dissolved by the forces of light.
In the midst of it is important always to understand and  never to forget, that this is only a time of transition, for the sake of transformation of things, which still obstruct the emergence of a New and Purified World.
Who is not yet ready to use this opportunity for their own purification, will set the course for a future, which will not allow to transition into the next higher dimension.
They have chosen, to continue their present experience without great changes. Und this request will be granted. Everybody is here to make their own experiences. And this is fully acceptable.
These souls are being now identified as the ones, who will be relocated to other places, where they can continue to experience their karmas.
The great peace, which surrounds those, who consciously choose to study the mechanics of large shifts, is already leading to the New World, in which also embodiment itself  will be experienced very soon as deep peace and unobstructed well-being.
Humanity as a whole is in the midst of intense exertion. The planetary and cosmic energies are exposed to a breaking test, a state, which always arises, when very dark and high light frequencies collide. It is like in a thunder storm, when cold and warm fronts meet. The electricity tension then saturates the atmosphere.
It is important, to avoid as much as possible stress, to get enough sleep and also to rest during the day, if possible. Or at least take a break, in what ever way it is possible for you.
Also your diet is of importance now. Choose something light and avoid heavy food. Eat little and do not overload your digestive system. Drink, if possible, purified and energized water.
Stay awake and alert, and do not allow to become entangled in anything, keep inner distance from disturbing energies and events. Maintain peace and equanimity. Trust your own heart.
Be who you are: Beings of Light and of Love!

With much love,

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