Visionkeeper – We Are The Reflection – 17 September 2012

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It is time for us to realize at long, long last, that what we see in the world around us is a reflection of who we all are on the inside. What we see is a reflection of how we think and feel and act on a daily basis as a whole. There are only two emotions we live by in life, either by love or by fear. All of the world’s upheaval has been born out of fears and a lack of love for one another.

Have you ever stopped long enough to ask yourself what do I fear? People often deny they are fearful, they swear up and down they are not afraid of anything. If they are not loving in all that they do, then they are fearful. Fear and love are opposites. When one is present the other one cannot be. The mess in the world today is being created out of fears on so many levels. It stems from not really knowing ourselves truthfully and because we don’t know ourselves we cannot trust ourselves and if we cannot trust ourselves we are fearful. Where love is lacking there is an abundance of hate grown out of fear. The world is full of hate!

The answers to all of our problems in the world lie within our ability to be and express love to the entire world.  Unfortunately the majority of the worlds governing people are lacking love, they are swimming in a flood of fear and lack of trust and so their actions personify this. They reach out by force to try to control what they are fearful of, they try to kill off what they are fearful of as if that will right the wrongs of that situation. Wars are born out of fears and a lack of trust, chest pounding and aggression is put forth as an answer rather than offering love. There is a great deal of insanity ruling the world right now and it is up to us to step forward and be the love the world needs and overpower the darkness of fear.

To look out upon the world today is nothing more than taking a glimpse of what is inside ourselves. We don’t like what we see, therefore we must not like ourselves in many ways, so it is up to each of us to change these imbalances within ourselves. Is not the hatred and violence we are drowning in , there to shine back at us the reflection of ourselves and to show us where we are lacking at being and showing our love? We witness so much injustice and suffering in the world today and feel momentary sadness when we do, yet what are we really doing to help stop it? We must climb out of the centers of our own lives and reach out to make a difference. If we truly and honestly were living our lives from love, we would not nor could not allow the suffering around the world to continue without doing something!

Somehow we have become frozen in the thoughts that we have no power and are unable to make a difference. Nothing could be further from the truth. If we change ourselves we change the world! Because we are all interconnected and what happens to others happens to us as well, if we change, the world changes. If we wish to live in a world of love and compassion then we must be love and compassion and soon those closest around us will begin to shift as well. Change will not come about by sitting around and thinking about it and wishing for it. WE ARE the catalyst for the change we all want, it is up to us to bring it about by changing how we think, feel and act in our own world.

Now is our time to come forward and begin to live our lives fully by living from our hearts and erasing our fears and doubts. As the old world continues to disintegrate before our eyes, do not be fearful, instead see it as a  gift we have been given to create a new world to fill the void when the old has faded away. It is like being handed a clean piece of paper and a box of pastels and being told we can create whatever we want , in whatever colors we want, in whatever theme we chose. Can you not see that whatever we can dream we can create? Just as we see hate and destruction in the world from our lack of love, we can also create a loving and vibrant world by how we live our lives! It is all about us. Once we change what we think and feel on the inside the outside world will begin to take on a whole new look. If we are loving and compassionate people then the world will be beautiful and clean and pure and loving as well. It is toxic and polluted and breaking down because society is doing the same thing.

We have been polluted by what we have been taught through programming. We have had our morals destroyed and our self-worth and if we don’t care about ourselves how can we care about others? We don’t care about others, otherwise we would not allow the suffering to continue in the world. We are getting back from the world what we have given out. It has been all about ourselves, what we need and want, who we are in the business world, where we stand on the ladder of success. These are all useless ways of living our lives, they hold no meaning, have no depth or substance. What good is a six figure salary if we are willing to allow children to die of hunger and we kill innocent people around the world? It is time to get a grip and make some serious changes within ourselves, be honest with ourselves and say yes! I will be a part of making change in the world, I wish to help create peace through being and living love!

Blessings to you all,

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