Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – A Flower Planted in Another Pot – 18 September 2012

God said:

It is essential that you remember your worth to yourself, to the world, and to Me. Yet how easily you forget. You who are gold, you who are My gold, too often see only tarnish, and you accept that picture of yourself.

You are True Gold. That can only be soul.

The role you play in the world is the role you play. It is not you.

Of course, bring more of the soulness of you to the fore. Of course, you are more than your presentation to the world and your presentation to yourself. You can fool yourself. You can fool the world, but you cannot fool Me. Beneath the tarnish, I see your Heart of God, and now I commend you to see it.

Let your mind be a sieve. Only what remains in the sieve are the pieces too big to slip through. Let the smaller assessments of yourself fall through the sieve of your mind. Attend to what remains. Let go what needs to let go.

Even if in the world’s eyes you are the most terrible person there ever was, even if you cheated, maimed, killed, kidnapped, stole, even if you tripped old ladies, in My eyes, it is worse that you have denied your Self to yourself. You are gold covered up. The True Gold of you exists. You painted your True Self other colors, none of which is the true color of you. Take off the paint, beloveds. Begin to see the gold that you are. If I say you are gold, you are gold. There are no two ways about it.

Whatever your deeds are, you are not your deeds. You are not your mistakes. You are not your misgivings. You are not your terrors. When you see lack in yourself, you see amiss. Do not despair. Vision can be corrected. Correct your picture of yourself right now. The surface is not the Truth of you. The human doing part of you is not Reality. You know it’s not. If you don’t concur with what I say, go along with it anyway. Begin to perceive differently. You are not a bad guy. The most you can do is to pretend that you are. Stop pretending. Return to the gold of your heart. Know the depths of you. Know that what has seemed true to you is a bad dream or a bad movie. Every morning, you wake up from your dreams. What is a dream but illusion, except I am speaking of delusion. And if your perception of life and your life is a bad movie, then know that there are movies shown in the theater of life that you have to walk out of. Enough of such movies that you play over and over again.

Today is a new day. You can be anything you want. If you have been a bad guy, no matter. Today you can be a good guy. The Truth of you is that you are a good guy. Take off the mask that does not show your True Colors. Born from My heart, you are innocent, and innocent means pure.

Whatever deeds you have done that do not reflect the Truth of you are not yours to keep. Your picture of yourself has been mistaken. Errors are to be erased. Erase all your misdeeds now. They do not belong to you. Let them go.

Today you are a flower planted in another pot.

Today you realize yourself as the Rose of My Heart. Accept the Truth of Yourself. Accept that you are Mine. You are not thine. You are Mine. I have staked Myself on you. I have given Myself to you. In Truth, you are no less than My Truth. Honor Me, and honor Yourself. Wash your hands of the past. Today you can be anything at all that you want to be. So be it. link to original article

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