SaS – Op-Ed – The Progress Of The Ages – 18 September 2012

“Questioner: Can you tell me why you say that the Earth will be fourth density positive instead of fourth density negative since there seems to be much negativity here now?

Ra: I am Ra. The Earth seems to be negative. That is due to the quiet, shall we say, horror which is the common distortion which those good or positively oriented entities have towards the occurrences which are of your time/space present. However, those oriented and harvestable in the ways of service to others greatly outnumber those whose orientation towards service to self has become that of harvestable quality.

Questioner: In other words there will be fewer negative entities than positive entities harvested into the fourth density. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. The great majority of your peoples will repeat third density.”

The Law of One, Book 1, Session 17

It is an inevitability.

Just recently, we’ve been inundated with wild speculation from alternative news sources and some sources within the “Lame Stream Media” that the collapse of the Cabal’s Financial System is imminent!   You might want to follow up on my opinion in this case, to see if you think you’re recognizing the same pattern of events unfolding.  I don’t believe that the Cabal is whipping up all of this chaos to fulfill their bonehead false-prophetic agendas or lithely implement power to establish their New World Order.  The pattern that I’m seeing which I have discussed with all of you through this blog from time-to-time is that of “Misdirection” (Yes, with a capital “M”).  If you remember from your readings of David Wilcock, Ben Fulford, and Bill Wood—not to mention Kerry Cassidy’s interviews with Bob Dean and Clifford Stone—we’re traveling toward a “Convergence” in the Space/time Continuum.  In ancient times, during the Roman Empire, a governance strategy for ruthless tyranny that became the Cabal’s model for world domination, plebeians and patricians alike had a saying:  “All roads lead to Rome.”  The concept of convergence, then, is one the Cabal definitely understands in light of their labors to implement such a merging of disparate peoples into a political regime of their own aspirations and design.

Babylon is fallen, is fallen!

We understand from our own study of this developing spectacle, that “Change” is inevitability.  The members of the Cabal—more specifically, their scientists and social engineers—have been studying this for decades!  Their research has confirmed the probability of a “Singularity” occurring in the not-too-distant future [Bill Wood; January 2012].  Into this convergence, all conceivable timelines—estimated as even remotely possible—would converge and they can do nothing to prevent it.  This event is not one of their own choosing but is one that has been ordained by the “All Mind”—Providence, if you prefer—as a natural progression in the development of human consciousness [Bill Wood: January 2012; Bob Dean and Clifford Wood; March 2012].  This event is what, I believe, David Wilcock [Mass Arrests/Divine Intervention; June 2012] and Bob Dean allude to as they explain a vision of “Divine Intervention.”  The Cabal knows it has lost!  But, because they are intellectually disparate from the rest of us—exploring the “wisdom” of separation as an intellectual abstraction—they have a great deal of difficulty getting their mind around the concept of convergence as an inevitability.  As Drake pointed out in a recent post, they’re idiots who believe that if they can embroil the entire human race in a planetary-wide catastrophe, we will be much too busy with the very effort to survive their manufactured holocaust to wrest control of the “money supply” from their tenacious grip.

We’ve all read Einstein’s definition of “insanity.”  He said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  With this in mind, I’d like to point out two very significant aspects of their manner of thinking.  First, when I use the word “idiot,” I’m not using it in the modern-day informal way to mean a foolish person; neither am I using it as a traditional psychological term to identify a person of the lowest order of intellectual capacity.  Rather, I’m using the classical Greek interpretation of this English expression to describe the intellectual disposition that pertains to one’s self, one’s own, or belonging to one’s self.  In other words, I mean a notion of “self” as a personal and highly introspective and subjective understanding of our own awareness—an uninstructed soul—a consciousness that has not been exposed to the Truth or refuses to consider its relevance.  Consider that these people have willfully chosen to be separate from the rest of us—spiritually, intellectually, and physically as is revealed to us by their behavior.  How could they connect to the Source Field [Wilcock; The Source Field Investigations; 2011]?  How would they muster the intellectual agility to understand rational observations, as we know them?  What becomes apparent to us is this “disconnect” in our relationship with them.  It makes them appear imperiously arrogant, cold-blooded, irrational, and myopic.   Why wouldn’t they appear that way to the rest of us?  They’re something else;[1] they’re not of the same species of cognitive being.  They don’t think the same way that we do.  They are intellectually biased toward a peculiar point of view, preferentially separate, and wholly divergent from any affiliation that any of us could conceive as desirable.  They have this unnatural propensity to externalize everything of which they are aware by virtue of their very temperament!  We are on the outside of that boundary looking inward into a bizarre and irrational outlook on life!

Right now, the Military management and leadership of several countries are collaborating in a cooperative, finely-timed, “breakout” into the main stream awareness of the human population while, at the same time, closing in on the Cabal.  When these revolutionaries pull it off with some precision, they’ll gain phenomenal momentum and the power behind that impetus would be overwhelming—EVEN TO THE SHADOW GOVERNMENTS AND THEIR CLANDESTINE SPACE AGENCIES AND OFF-THE-WALL TECHNOLOGY!  The Cabal is aware of this.  They are aware of the fact that they’ve been caught in a trap of their own making and the only escape from judgment is capitulation.  Of course, to them capitulation is a ghastly outcome; a consequence that requires they surrender all but a small percentage of their ill-gotten affluence.  They have become obsessed with retaining this wealth!  The so-called wealth they covet is actually worthless—made so through their own unfathomably stupid machinations as they synthesized ridiculously tedious and impudent plans for supremacy.  In the end, the rest of us will become enriched. Our fortunes will change, not because of all their confiscated loot but because the burden of their avarice will have been lifted from our lives.  Left alone to share our communal resources and participate in a realignment of our human condition, we would know prosperity again and “prosperity” is something different from filthy lucre the Cabal covets so ferociously; don’t you know.  The Cabal knows that, fortified with so fantastic a treasure as autonomy, humanity’s lot would become significantly improved, developing a completely different set of standards for social progress.  You see, under these conditions, reclamation of both planetary resources and the human population would be rapid—perhaps a matter of mere months!  The “healing” alone would be a miracle, given the new paradigm would have such overwhelming vigor, animating each and every one of us to adapt to a different set of rules for engaging each other, and there would be NO GOING BACK.

They’d rather rule in “Hell” than serve [The ONE] in “Heaven.”

Ah, but to the Cabal, capitulation means certain death—not so much a physical crossing over but the death of their “system of things”—that rather odd arrangement of hierarchical governance imbued with their very  “spirit,” animating it as though it were an entity of its own.  That animal would be dead.  It’s diseased carcass rapidly rotting away within the time that it took to transition from a provisional government conceived in desperation to one firmly established within the context of a more traditional paradigm for self-governance—that of the Sovereign Integral.  Look at Kerry Cassidy’s posting just recently submitted for review here on this blog.  The story seems real, doesn’t it?  It is an account of a consummate Third Density viewpoint in three-dimensional prescriptive thinking!  Whatever should we do?  Every member of the Cabal thinks this way, “Whatever should we do?”  If I do this, I lose that or this happens.”  “If I agree to this, I must concede to that.”  These suppositions impose a dualistic and pathetic prerequisite rationale and look at the advice tendered!  Who is providing such guidance?  Is it their “Higher Self”—that Sixth Density over soul entrusted with the progress of our consciousness?  Or, is it the offspring of the Cabal—men and women who are incapable of reconciling their lustful desires with the patently obvious fact of their own mortality.  Who has mastery over those minds?  I beg to ask this question.

Recall that in “A Conversation with James” [James:  The WingMakers Interview; Project Camelot; November 2008] James tells us that, one of the significant aspects of fabricated “fear” is a “fear on non-existence.”  This is a primal fear.  We cannot manage this condition with hypothesis as we derive it from the circumstances of our existence.  We are all vaguely aware of the logical categorization that underwrites our understanding of two possible outcomes for our existence as either to be or not to be.    This dualistic notion is at the root of our consciousness as Sovereign Integrals obsessed with deception. It is a reoccurring thought and foremost on our minds.  It makes no difference that it is not the truth of our existence.  Though we are all immortal, we believe that there is a beginning, ergo, there must be an end as well.  The Cabal understands this primal fear and sows misfortune with intense and overwhelming vigor.  Mere suggestions become facts manifested as the articles of our reality.  In the East, Chaos is afoot.  They direct our attention to the disturbing roar of the “Angel of Death” as it echoes in the ether from the Sands of the Sahara to the Hindu Kush of Afghanistan.  The Angel of Death is no archon.  It is the spirit of the marauder emboldened by the minds of thousands of destructive people in the service to self.  The human flock springs from its roost to fill the very spaces in between with their bodies—caught up in all the confusion—erratic, and yet energized, enraged with mindless hatred—the product of their profound fear of the unknown.

One day, the ONE will take hold of those desperate souls and show them that there is grace and tranquility in Unity and the flock will synchronize itself, once again, and take control of its own will.  Like birds disturbed by predators; like schools of fish scattered in the presence of a killer, we will find our center and communicate balance and harmony with one another synchronizing our own individual awareness with that of “the other.”   We must learn to overcome this irrational fear through contact with our fellows—merging effortlessly in consensus easily overcoming unfounded apprehension with unconditional love.   The slayer must depart in time.  It cannot sustain itself and the bond that joins us all will enable a timeless and infinite friendship in peace, in synchronicity, order, community, and symmetry once again.

We ask for Clarity.

In The Law of One, Book I, the Sixth Density entity Ra explains:

“Those seeking intelligent infinity [i.e., The ONE, the All Mind, or if you prefer, The One Creator/God, (reference mine)] through the use of service to self create the same amount of power but, as we said, have constant difficulty because of the concept of separation which is implicit in the manifestations of the service to self which involve power over others. This weakens and eventually disintegrates the energy collected by such mind/body/spirit complexes who [we] call the Orion group and the social memory complexes which comprise the Orion group.”

We have a portion of us who, in an exercise of intellectual abstraction, think differently than the rest of us.  Because of their separation, they cannot fathom the fact that such dissolution is impossible—that they can never isolate themselves from us—that we are all ONE and that the ONE cannot be broken.  In their separation, they externalize everything and this is obvious as we labor to understand them.  They worship an archon or group of archons as beings separate from themselves and attribute to these celestial creatures powers greater than their own.  Their scheming and manipulation are all an effort made to extract energy from us because, in separation, they cannot plumb the revelation that they are capable of creating their own.   As we submit to their wild, unprincipled claims of power and authority, eventually we lose awareness of our sovereignty and co-creator status within the ONE.  We adopt their interpretation of reality abandoning our own knowledge of the Truth—the gift bequeathed to us as our primeval essence.  Yes, brothers and sisters, we are Truth.

The Cabal can never make their manipulative machinations “self-sustaining” as can we our association through love because there is no principle behind the content of their thinking.  They operate as the absence of “Good” and have no love for themselves, as they are not aware that they are part of a greater whole.  If we think as they do; if we move and breathe as they do; if we see the horror they revere; if we feel the fear that they adore, then—in that moment of submission—we become a likeness of them.  In that moment, we connect to them and empower them with our own vitality sustaining their madness indefinitely.  That is why our Sixth Density over souls chasten us with divine guidance—it is always the same advice.  THINKING makes it so!  Change the way you think inside your heart and you will change the way the Universe manifests itself to you!

Our fellows are caught in a meticulously contrived, formula-driven method of mind control; it is a delusion of the palpable.  They use their entire consciousness to nourish greed in rapacious proportions!    The more that they trouble themselves with worried thoughts of reclamation—the longer they contemplate the alternative effort required to repair this stinking, rotting archetype, the greater the probability the Cabal will preserve their worthless wealth intact.  That is how they think—in discrete and unfathomably ignorant terms and conditions.  They consume their own flesh in a squander of life that takes them to the Abyss into which they gleefully descend with great anticipation!  That is all that they are concerned with in this hour of judgment!  They are NOT concerned with their health; their sustenance and the air that they breathe; neither are they anxious for beauty, or the comfort of harmony.  Trapped inside their diseased minds, they are only concerned with their filthy lucre!  They covet that only—worthless paper and vapid numbers on a machine as though all that insignificance could purchase the stars and keep them mounted on a wall as trophies of their vacant labors; a testament to their cunning temperament.  They are as angry little children.  How stupid will they yet become?  Will any of us find ourselves even able to measure such vacuity?  These are the children of emptiness—creatures injured by conceit and damned by a gnawing hunger.  Providence will leave them all behind!

The prophet has said in Psalms 37:22:  “For such as be blessed of him shall inherit the earth; and they that be cursed of him shall be cut off.”

The curse is self-inflicted!  They suffer in a measure according to the depravity of their own thoughts and, in this self-imposed exile, they will thus inherit the proceeds of such industry!  What do you think the prophets of old were trying to tell us?  This is what they saw!  It is inevitable!  The Cabal toils away ensuring the consequences of their actions make manifest their self-appointed destiny—a dreadful journey filled with grief!  Therein they continue, alone, isolated from the milieu of hope, we know, to explore the wisdom of separation.  What “wisdom” indeed!  Oh, they will work their way out of their own regime in time.  There is only one method for ascending from the Abyss.  In the great epochs left to them, they will thus learn what we already know—that there is Love and there is Light in Unity.  “The meek shall inherit the Earth” Jesus was reported have said in his Sermon on the Mount [Matthew 5:5].  Yes, we have chosen a road less traveled but it is the will of the ONE, the All Mind, The One Creator/God and it is our Mother’s will, yes, the will of our host consciousness.  There is no pathway to “good fortune” apart from Her abundance.

Love and Light


[1] I do not mean sarcasm here.  I am identifying them as entities of another category. link to original article


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