Visionkeeper – Don’t Waste A Minute… – 18 September 2012

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I saw this picture and the message it is sharing and thought about the situation we are all in today. There is so much to be done and most of that work begins with ourselves, so I say to each of you, don’t waste a minute of your time. Spend your minutes and hours and days wisely. Do not sit back and accept all you see going on around you as what is. If we make the effort everyday to try to improve how we live our lives in this world then everything will begin to improve.

There are a million little ways in which we can try to make things better. Recently I began to feel a bit of a struggle with my health (probably the lovely chemtrails we breathe everyday) and so I went to see my Naturopath. When I left I had a list in hand of things she wanted me to do. One of the things was exercise! I hate it! But by God, I am making myself walk down the long drive to the mailbox everyday and I stop to feed the sad little kitty who lives in the barn all alone which breaks my heart.

For a long time now I’ve wanted to find her a home where she can be warm and be loved and fed on a regular basis, but she is not mine to give away. The woman up the hill claims she is hers yet sometimes she will stop to feed her only once in a week. When there is two feet of snow out there and kitty is unable to leave the barn, how will she feed herself? Who will love on her? I also have a family of deer who graze in the pastures behind me and the parents so often jump the fence to graze inside and the poor baby runs along the fence making noises because it can’t jump that high to follow. I feel like I am being given  many things of late to force me to deal with abandonment issues. It is tearing me apart inside.

The cat I can do something about. I am going to get six bales of hay today to build her a hay house where hopefully she can find some warmth. The barn has no walls in some places so the wind and cold just bluster on through and the poor cat has no place to stay warm. It makes me angry at the woman who has claimed her, but my anger won’t help the cat, a house made out of hay bales will. The deer I can do nothing for except send it my love and prayers that it will be safe and soon be big enough to jump the fence as well. I am trying to not let these things twist my heart into knots but it is hard. Doing something is best. Looking within myself for where these abandonment feelings come from and dealing with them is what I must do as well. We must all be doing this kind of inner work to help us move closer to our goal of shifting paradigms. Change begins with us!

So I will exercise, eat less carbs, feed the cat, build it a house for winter and love it as much as I can. It is I who must make the changes. Firstly the effort that I am making is building on my self-esteem which I believe we all need to boost from time to time and in doing this I feel better. If I feel better, then the energy I put out to those around me is better energy and in many cases can and will energize others as well. It all begins with us and if we don’t make the effort nothing changes and we continue to stagnate in the same hole we’ve been stuck in for eons. Just one small change creates movement and once movement is activated there is no stopping it, we just have to push the start button to get going.

So take time to find a few easy things to change at first and do it. Once over that initial hump it becomes easier to stay motivated to do things. Already I feel better having made just those few changes and I feel eager to go within and without to look for more I can do to help myself and help the world around me. Please don’t sit hopeless thinking there is nothing you can do. There is always something that needs our attention and making somebody else a bit happier is just the best feeling there is, time to make helping ourselves equally as fulfilling and then we will all be on the right track leading us home!

Blessings to you all,

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