Lucas – The 47%, The Video That Offended Islam, My Thougts On It – 19 September 2012

I wondered about the big in the news brought hidden camera footage about Mitt Romney and his 47% talk. It has been brought big all over the place in mainstream news. Does it benefit Obama? In a way maybe, but is it the real reason it was brought this way. I doubt it.  For me this is an example of the last war on us  in bringing us in utmost excitement or hate or believing things are as told and or create division amongst each other.  Most still do not get it. We should be holding together and focus on our common goals not those of a few or some who want us to believe their stories.

I still hold in my memory that police officer I personally heard saying, “It is caught on camera and therefore we know it is true.” It is an example of the still played out manipulation, disinformation and mindset people are in. Better said they are still within the matrix and not awakened. Nobody asks questions about the origin of the footage, or if it might be edited or even by manipulated by special effects, etc.  Not that it is or needs to be that way but we believe without questioning.

The same as Obama gets on the news on the David Letterman show and says, We Americans had nothing to do with that video”,  the Islamic people are outraged and are made angry about it also by some who want to put more coals on the fire. There were allegedly leads to americans but still not proven.  All is as said again part of the division of the higher forces of evil that manipulate left or right or whatever views on life or  religion you have in whatever way to get polarization, division, upset, anger, hate, war, etc.,  across to you.
Still we go into these things read them, take them in, see them as real even if they are clearly things that are not right. I have still not said Obama or the US have anything to do with this above video.  I merely point out there evil forces working behind the scenes that have interests in having war, having riots, having division, etc.  There are some good reasons for doing it to us all, as I will give a short summary:

  • – Making money from war.
  • Having prisoners in privatised prison cells that make them money
  • Having bought and sold lots of army gear and weapons and high-tech stuff and funding both sides of wars.
  • Having people solve the problems for those who profit is not the way to go.
  • The uprising of people and the focus on others things is good for the hidden agendas that in that way quietly and swift can be put in place.
  • The problem reaction solution method makes things happen as people themselves give the solutions for their own control and tyranny in the hands of those evil ones by given the solution to a non-existent and or created problem.
  • People do not see the manipulation via the tv and controlled media that promote the evil ones messages, that use mind control and subliminal messages even as they are prohibited.

If those things above mentioned are not reason enough for you to awaken from your big sleep, I do not know.

See through those ever-growing attempts to get your focus away from the positive. Why is there the propaganda of fear and anger or hate, the so-called outraged people who not see they have been fooled into anger, war or their own distress even with actors playing in set up news items sold to you as genuine.  Why are you not seeing this? Why still take all news directly in and do exactly that what they want you to do.  You still not see as I have been writing about the USA not being a democracy, that your vote does not bring your salvation or redemption of the ongoing greed, in stating control and corporatising of all. Think Citizens United for example and what about the TPP, Agenda 21, etc. Do not take it as scary stuff but see it for what it is.

The taking of your freedom is NOT to be addressed with violent actions or weapons used or bought, but only via NON-Violent actions. You let yourselves been robbed, hurt, fully controlled and still do nothing like getting civil disobedient.  Do not buy (into), endorse or even help those that want you to be controlled or even manipulated.  Do not give attention  to those believing in division or those keeping you from seeing (even with differences) we still have a common goal. Get marching on the streets with millions and millions. Are you still wanting  to believe the old adagium and think having an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth is good. What great madness to think violence, fear, hate and anger is solving anything and doing it yourselves to others will make the change?!.  It just will get you more problems and also will keep the negative cycle going in a never-ending spiral. Maybe seeing things in another way will bring you and us that we all long for.

What about doing things from the new mindset. Being loving beings, that share things and c0-create, being human beings that have the same goal of changing this corrupt and evil system.  Let go yourselves  of those hidden agendas or secret intentions, of those money (on the side) making issues, stop deceiving others and yourselves.  Get out of your duality cycle. We are One people and we are here on this world to make it a better place for all, and not to make it a worse place  for us and heaven for the few who control all.

We can make that change peacefully.  We can be thinking with our hearts and not our mind. We can do without all  old paradigms, beliefs, patterns, education and upbringing that is build on the old duality system to keep you enslaved and controlled in that box called the matrix. We have to let go of that.

I think if you all got back from your head into your hearts the news would be clearly not that shocking for you, it will not get you in fear, etc.  You will see more clearly what it really is.  You will see that focussing on other matters like positively building a new world together will make more sense and is the way to go.

Is your heart not resonating with that?  I think if your mind is still controlling your thinking and your actions it can be difficult. You will not see right now, but it maybe in a tiny corner of your heart or just by a flash of intuition you will see it or remember.

We all will benefit and prosper only by making it  so together without rulers, masters and controllers, we all are our own masters, but as all masters of this world we can create together the beauty and the new golden age just by setting our positive intent towards it. We will get things done and get forward.

Stop listening to negative messages, the seekers of followers and the tellers of the truths called the only truth. Stop people and organizations that clearly not state to have an honest and open intent, and lie about things. Ask what is done with your money if the intention or things are not clear. Ask what will be done with your vote. Ask what your information is used for before giving it. Ask  and discern in all. In your lives you need not be followers, you just need to be you. Be the you that can live, co-operate, co-create in being you with all others and find your answers in your hearts knowledge. Maybe you will see the basis of all is love without any conditions attached to it.

Let us build that new world and see we have been denied the already known solutions to clean our world and live all prosperous  with all our basic needs met.  Free energy, food and water, houses, transport, natural and energetic healthcare all  in abundance available. We can use all those secret hidden patents and devices that already could make our lives a heaven upon earth now. Do make a difference as the tiniest effort will make change. Every little ripple on the water (project or person) that makes a change or stands for change will make more ripples and eventually make the biggest wave that will not land ashore but will spool all the dirt and evil from behind the beaches away. Know you live in the now not yesterday or tomorrow and know you are powerful lightbeings that can with the right intent an remembering who you are manifest heaven on earth now already.

Love and Light, 🙂

( The smiley emotion has today its birthday 🙂

Lucas 🙂

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One response to “Lucas – The 47%, The Video That Offended Islam, My Thougts On It – 19 September 2012

  1. Thank you Lucas.

    Our voices are strongest when counted together. For this reason I posted emerging solutions to critical world problems, for people to rally and support. ‘The 2012 Connection | End of Oligarchy’

    As I awoke today it occurred to me that Occupy [internationally] could be far more powerful, effective, and end police abuse, by setting up an International Common Law Court of Justice, like Kevin Annett and the ITCCS

    Proceeding with a legal case by the people, for all the people, to end the oligarchy, debt slavery [usury], extreme deception, and unite humanity in a spirit of cooperation and respectful action, energize a new civilization and Earth, where unity, peace, and harmony prevail.

    We liberate a new civilization and Earth by elevating thought above where it has been up to now. Einstein knew that problems cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that caused the problems [separation of any kind].

    Urgent update from Kevin Annett, ITCCS, and closing comments similar to your message Lucas.

    Blessings, peace, and love to all!