Visionkeeper – Living Large – 19 September 2012

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We often hear the saying “Dream Big”, but you don’t often hear the saying live big. Why is that? What good does it do to just live big in your dreams? The time has come to realize we can do or be anything we desire, so stop living small. Think of your life as a blank canvas and you can paint whatever pictures you want upon it, whatever colors or textures you love looking at.

We are blank canvases in many respects and once we learn to believe and understand we can have whatever we want in our lives then we must go for it! Manifesting in our life is not that difficult if we do it with intention and see what it is we desire from all angles. Don’t just say I want to be healthy, see yourself in your mind and heart as healthy. What are you doing with your healthy life, how is it making you feel to be healthy, what kind of person did you become with being healthy, where are you? See it and live it all in your heart and mind, then release it and just KNOW it will be when the time is right. Don’t wonder if this will happen or worse doubt it, just KNOW it will happen and it will.

We have been brainwashed into believing we must have money to do the things we want to do and we let that stop us from doing it. So take the manifesting one step further. Lets say you want to go to France, so you do all the thinking about being there, how you feel , where you go, what you do. Think about manifesting the money you will need to get there. Repeat the process only this time ask for ways you can get the money needed for going on the trip. Be realistic don’t see $5,000.00 floating down from heaven into your lap. Ask creator for help in achieving your dreams as well. We never think to ask for help from the one being who can help us most. Remember that saying “Ask and ye shall receive”?

We live in these little confines we call our lives and most often never venture out beyond where we think we can go. We have accepted all the restrictions placed on us and live our lives within such structured walls. Enough of this I say. It is time to expand outward and live our lives fully and richly, no holding back, just open up and embrace life and welcome it into your heart. We are so much more than we have been led to believe. Welcome challenge into your life. So many look upon challenge as heavy and overpowering yet just the opposite is true. Challenge can be exciting on so many levels and it is an exceptional way to boost self-esteem and self-worth every time you accept challenge and conquer it.

If we are going to get beyond the limited lives we have been told we can live, we must be able to think outside the box and expand our thinking. Living in 3D has harnessed our ideas and dreams, we must get beyond this way of looking at life and believe everything is possible. We can either stay locked into 3D and see nothing beyond what we are told by media and Government, or we can choose to accept there is far more to life than what we  are being told and have the desire and courage to venture out and discover the truth for ourselves. It is all there waiting for us, it just takes having the courage to say I WANT MORE for myself and going for it.

Freeing ourselves and living the life of our dreams should be at the top of our priority list! It seems so many people today just accept living these restricted lives rather than challenging the status quo and saying no I want more! They are fearful of venturing out beyond the fence line or crossing over the bridge. They stay stuck in the familiar and wonder why life is so bland and meaningless. Why have we lost our backbones, our lust for the unknown? In the unknown lies excitement, challenge and a new way of being. Have the courage to go out and explore, close to home at first if that makes you feel comfortable, but get out of your rut of the familiar. Once you accomplish this, life will open up to you and become so much more than it is now! Dream big, live bigger!

Blessings to you all,

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