Lucas – A Timeline Of Love – 20 September 2012

A remembering of who we are and why we came here in this crucial end of the cycle time is what brings us to what has happened as timelines are merging and this will be going faster and faster as they all have to come down to that one timeline all will end up at that same endpoint.

Those who stay focussed and stay in their hearts,  let go of the old paradigm and all that has come with it in duality and polarity will see love as their intent for all that is. They will find themselves on that main timeline that is decreed by our creator/god/source to be the one. If chosen so, people can switch timelines to other timelines by their own actions and intent and choice.

In chosing so those humans are not lost or  are no longer our brothers and sisters coming from the same source as we. They will make a temporary detour or sidetrack.  There is always the way back as eventually they all will be forced back to that same endpoint. Even if they now are saying to have other insights or see things different. What I and maybe those feeling and experiencing the same will try is always to love all those that chose to stay in 3D or are  going on another timeline. We can still talk to them and be advising them but we are not effected anymore from the negativity, fear, hate and old thinking ways they are still experiencing themselves in. We will see what is happening but not be affected in our state by it anymore. The negative emotions will not be anymore.

If you wanna change your perception on things and go an other route your free to do so. I have none whatever intention to tell you what to do just to say what I know (my truth), see, experience, feel and observe. Still I would love you all coming to the main timeline were all timelines are  converging and merging into.  It is like the  vortex all is spiraling down to, to that one point. The wall felt by almost all of those using the instrument of remote-viewing, futurology, paranormal, etc., at that endpoint is not a wall.

It is felt that way as it is for those that are not yet in the state of (beginning) unity consciousness and unconditional loving and heart centered not visible. It is like the matrix you only see if you shift your perception and you awaken from. It is like that. The shift is already on its way and  will be felt in many ways by humans. Already some find themselves in a state of bliss and oneness and even reveals their full light body to them. It is even so they may already connect to higher dimensions already. The shift in the end will open new doors/ portals so you wish that will be our new opportunities and possibilities of the new cycle that is not know to anyone yet.

The invisible wall will fade in this last endpoint for those ready  to ascend. Nobody is left out, only you have the choice. Be clear what your want in this coming weeks till the end of the year.  I belief in the strength of the hearts of humans  in having  always that last spark that wants the best for all mankind and is good in nature. Those people what ever their past will have a chance and can change their intent to ascend.  It is simply being love and seeing love.

Know there is always help from angels and lightbeings and others from the light in what form ever. You just need ask for help. Seek your knowledge and find your truth  in your heart. Be confident as it will help you not only find that what you seek but helps you also to find the power to (co)create, share all and live in abundance with all. The end of duality is the beginning of Oneness and Unconditional love in and for all. What we will do with our newly found selves in the new cycle that will be from unconditional love sprouted. The choice to create , form and lovingly give life is what we then will explore in a new setting.

Feel the love surrounding you as you remember being love. I say,

Love and Light,


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