Ute Possega-Rudel – Messages From The Realms Of Light – Message From Gaia (3) : The Transition Process – 20 September 2012

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Dearest Brothers and Sisters!

Light is pouring down on us ever more strongly! It is pressing down now deeply into the crust of our planet and into the bodies of all living beings and things.
I have been asking Gaia about this light process and how She is experiencing it in her planetary body.

Gaia speaks:

Dear children, we are all intimately connected. The kingdom of humanity, all my other  kingdoms and I Myself are sharing together the same blessing!
However – depending on the degree of energy-congestions  – the process of the rising energy level and the actual lifting of 3dimensional density is experienced differently.
E.g. my great nature spirits are those who are the most fortunate ones, with very few exceptions. They can receive the new levels of light and energy and the gift of Love from the Creator directly and unobstructed! So their growth and evolution occurs very quickly and develops to the same degree as new frequencies are arriving because they can fully integrate them.
You can imagine that any kind of pollution, gross and subtle, makes the process much more difficult. Gross pollution is produced by artificial substances, such as toxic chemicals. And subtle pollution is created by negative electromagnetic waves of all kinds of varieties, but also by negative thought waves and negative emotions.
As you know, My own body is very much polluted by gross and subtle toxic substances, and so is yours and that of many species of my fauna and flora kingdoms! This is the reason why this transformation is so difficult!
But even if all My physical kingdoms are more or less polluted, the kingdom of humanity is the most polluted one! Besides chemical toxicity, the subtle energy blockages in the  bodies of  the majority are enormous because of negative mind and emotions! It is this dense energy which makes the preparation for ascension for so many very difficult. And for a great number of people ascension is not even a question yet, because their energy system is so dense that they are still unable to go beyond their gross senses to feel the changes already occurring on the frequency level.

But with your so beautiful and dedicated effort to spread your love to everywhere, also they are starting  to wake up, and remember their heart, when it is touched by you.

With great love and gratitude I bless those of the human family who came here to help lifting the former intense density of my  body. It is thanks to them that many others  become aware of the changes, which motivates them to begin to become more conscious and to start to be more and more aware of who they are and where they are coming from.
Dear children, remember always, none of you has been birthed originally here, we all came from other dimensions, with a light body, and we all came together to experience the adventure of greater densities and lower compression, to go through separation via the illusion of  space-time. But many forgot and lost themselves, trapped in the illusions of lower dimensions.
This new elevation back into greater lightness, freedom and happiness is what we all can now experience, and what also I experience now. Certainly My Spirit is already Free and Liberated, as also your spirit can be, if you were able to discover the Divine Consciousness and the Light you are.
However for many the entanglement with the physical body is a severe obstacle, not because of the body and its possible ailments, but because of where you put your attention on! If you are tightly identified with the dense body, you will hardly be aware what is going on in other dimensions now already present here.
And as you asked Me about how I experience the incoming New Frequencies of Light: I can tell you, how happy I Am, My Soul and Consciousness is fully participating. But as you know, my body is ailing and is going through a lot of pain, as many of you too! Our bodies are not separate, you must not forget!
Your pain is my own, and if you are sensitive, My ache is also yours!
Presently humanity as a whole is evolving from the lower energy centers upwards to the heart chacra, and this can create suffering.
It is not only about a changing and evolving  digestive system, but my kingdoms have also eaten much gross and subtle pollution, all of this must now be eliminated, so that we can together rise purified to a state and place of pure joy and love.

All toxins are radiating  highly imbalanced frequencies. So if the body is full of toxins, it also suffers imbalance.

Love is not separable from the experiencer, that is to say, without creation, Love does not exist. Love is inherent in creation, but if creation is polluted, love cannot be fully expressed. Because Love is Energy fully balanced.
You see how important it is therefore, to take in clean food and water, although of course Love is not diminished Itself if you feed your body polluted substances.
Similarly, my Body does not radiate Love where pollution is high, and this something which saddens Me! Because It is My deep desire to radiate that Love everywhere through and as My body, and not only as the Pure Spirit That I Am.
However, together with all My kingdoms who are turning to the Light, our victory is not far away anymore, even if we are going through some more great necessary transformations.
Because of the highly increasing Lightforces, all what is hidden, spiritually, mentally and emotionally, must come to the surface now and be released, and this means: energies are transformed and allowing higher vibration, and also physical changes are occurring. This relates not only to My body, but also to all embodiments here. Where Spirit is already present and purely expressed as physical and subtle highly vibrating embodiment, these changes are experienced as pure bliss.
But where Spirit must still find its way to full expression, pain of changes cannot be avoided. This is true for your bodies and for My body too. For Animals and plants it is much easier, as they do not have any resistance. Human beings tend to excert however much resistance, and therefore this, my very much loved kingdom, is the last to fundamentally change.
However, much help is given to us, from all the loving beings of Light who came from the the galaxies  and from the Creator Himself!
We are all most lucky and blessed, and you must in the process of changes and growth not forget that all difficulties will make room soon to a great  alleviation and freedom, the glorious abode of my New Ascended State.
What you experience now is nothing new, only that the old and hidden becomes conscious, things you didn’t want to see, feel and experience before, but which have been there all the while. Now all of this can be given to the Presence of Love and of Light, it can be given into Divine Consciousness, to dissolve.
Dear children, the glory of our resurrection is before us!
I embrace each one of you with all My Love, wishing  to see you all on the other side!
I Am your Earth Mother Gaia

Message conveyed by Ute

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