Terri Newlon – Djwhal Khul – Fall Equinox 2012 – 21 September 2012

One moment here. This is a very interesting time period. We are between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. We have the Fall Equinox. Since it’s 2012, I’m going to put a little more emphasis on this particular time period.

We have the Sun of course going into Libra at that time as well. It tends to make for balance as a theme in life. In other words where is life in balance, where is life out of balance and as I mention in the Quarterly Forecast you know where I kind of give you day by day or nearly so, about what’s going on. We are still in a time period where it’s very important to go back and forgive self. Release yourself from old memories that are holding you back and release others from those as well. So we are still very much in that time period.

Coming up upon one in which balancing your finances becomes especially necessary. So it is time, really, to be kind of reviewing numbers now and working toward that goal if you haven’t already done so. Maybe redesign your budget, that sort of thing. Find another stream of income. You kind of keep plodding along in that direction but the forgiveness is really quite crucial there.

Alright now. Let’s see what else I want to talk about here. Sun in Libra: it can be a balancing influence. I think mostly where I see the disturbances coming up are in three areas: financial, emotional and mental. I also see some need to take it from the physical plane upward through the other planes of consciousness so physical body and finances. Focus on those and that should correct the emotional and mental areas as they are going on.

The solar flares are causing a lot of mental disturbances, obsessive thinking, making a mountain out of a mole hill, that sort of thing, or creating emotional breakpoints so in a positive way you can harness that energy and say “Alright. I am ready to emotionally break through to Joy, for example, to Love, self Love. I am ready to balance my mind and my heart.”

So focus again, or always but especially now, focus on what you do want. Very, very important not to give any power to the negative.

Happy Fall Equinox!

As always, my love to you.
Djwhal Khul

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