Visionkeeper – Let Us Manifest Together – 21 September 2012


People keep saying there is nothing they can do to change what is occurring in the world today. WRONG! There is much we can do. I think we should begin by coming together to manifest what we dream about. Keeping it trapped in dreams does nothing for us, releasing them into the present moment allows us to create that dream into our reality. So, let us begin to release our dream for free energy! Let us hold the thought of free energy in our consciousness and see it from every angle.

How is life lived with free energy available? How does it change our life? In what ways? See the patents for free energy being released to the world! See a power greater than the dark ones pushing this information forth to release the world from slavery! Carry the thought of free energy patents being released with you everyday. Talk about it with friends, co-workers and family. In other words, let’s put it in our spotlight and turn up the heat. If it becomes a universal idea being talked about and passed around, it will finally manifest itself into being! How difficult can it be to make this thought a priority? You aren’t being asked to change anything or give up anything, just think about something and give it your full attention! It is time we bring this forth and change the lives of everyone on the planet in so many ways. That is all I have for today, yet it is powerful. Please do this, bring this thought along with you this weekend and share it wherever you go. We need this change to take place but it will not happen without our participation. It is we who create the change, it is we who must take action. It is time to set ourselves free!

Blessings to you all,



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