Lucas – Dutch Claim Their Sovereignty Back, Will I – 22 September 2012

As a Dutch citizen and still in slavery to my capital letters to my name there is a movement now also over here to bring solutions to be free.  I am glad others have already now found thé or á  way and are teaching others and showing the way. and its international website is reporting on it and showing in you tube movies the steps to claim sovereignty back.

Two Dutch people seem to have found the way to claim their complete sovereignty back from those Capital Letters that  made them from a normal human into a legal entity and slave called natural person. They have said good-bye to being subjects of the queen Beatrix of Orange, etc and are now apparently free humans.

The Dutch, as still most other people in the world are law obeying people, and are complying to that what makes them into this legal entity, do still what the ‘Government’ and law says them to do.  The parents of the newly born go without hesitance within 48 hours to their municipality and register their child’s birth, and there it is : the child is now with a birth certificate registered.  It becomes a subject to the queen and its certificate is used to open accounts with the legal entities CAPITAL LETTERS name.  The born child cannot in any way be responding or find remedies within 30 days to find a way out of this.

How to get out of this as a person growing up in a system that is set up to let you think things are as they should be. The matrix.  After awakening to the true you and seeing what has been done, you have to seek the way out.  I have (re)searched myself the old constitutions of the Netherlands and its predecessors and the possible connections and or identical articles in them from the real English and US constitutions to help to find the way out. That was a very difficult search without a result for me. I still learned a lot.

Our best shot for me still is the constitution of the first Batavian Republic. Yes, the Dutch are not that long only since 1830 a Constitutional Monarchy/Kingdom. Yes, even the ruler that  became King WilliamIII of the English throne was no King of his country in The Netherlands in that time but hat was called King-City Keeper.

The late prince Claus has said several times that The Netherlands are really nothing more than a Republic with a queen (when successor is male: King) as its president.  He forgot to tell what we now know we never had a say as slaves and non sovereign beings in anything.  Wth the fiction ruling our live via debt-slavery by the rulers and banks we really are not free.

I was yesterday hearing the news that the queens financial statements will not be published again as they are qualified as being to private and still news hunters keep trying to get them. A small group that is called the Royal House (and are the royal successors to the throne are subject to the constitution and parliament for their lawful succession) are the ones  that have been having a go at the people. Normally only a few of the Royal house are getting payments/and salary and expenses paid, like the Queen, her spouse and those direct in line for succession also doing representation for the (Corporate) State.

They also can use the state plane and have other benefits and are paid for their expenses. What was leaked and revealed some time ago was that the other royals used the plane might not have been used as such by them for trips and vacations, and expenses for some things where very generous declared.  Also came out the queens  palace (As she has several) she works from and not lives at was used as a post box address for the family of Orange (etc)  and financial constructions. The royal boat maintenance  was also paid for in a matter that was not correct, it should have been paid by herself. And we can go on and on.

Sovereignty is still not an easy step to get working for you. I admire those like Ron van Dyke and so many others that have been succesful in their endeavours freeing themselves from this fictious shackles. For me now there are still lots of theoretical and practical questions to be answered.  It is a great step and I applaud the 2 that already apparantly succeeded and those 150 now going for it and those helping them.

In other countries over the world likewise movements are already in place and some were independently, like me, doing their research to get out of it with or without success. It is not easy for those non-Anglo-American countries to find the right way to complete sovereignty and be a free men or woman better said human.

I say love and light to you all and see positive and beautiful things are happening all around us. The time has come and we will succeed. Whatever way you go, choose a positive approach, do things peaceful, non-violent and in a loving way  and for sure feed no negativity, anger, fear or get tapping into it. Do not get into confrontation or conflict as it will not solve things.

Life is too beautiful to get into the old duality cycle and paradigm anymore, know unconditional love will lead you always. Your opened heart will speak that what is your truth and it will find a way and remedie for any problem.

Love and Light,


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