Visionkeeper – Change Is In The Air …- 22 September 2012


Autumn is sweeping in bringing with it changing colors in the leaves, much cooler weather, birds heading south, gardens dying back and the sound of chain saws humming away. The change of seasons is always one of beauty and at times extremes, but this shift in seasons is even more intense as we begin the final stages of our shift in consciousness as well.

It is powerful and unavoidable and we are coming to the end not only of summer but of our life of slavery and oppression. It will soon be over and things will be so different for the world. Breathe in deeply the cool Autumn air of love and breathe out the energy of change. It is swirling all around us, sweeping us up and tossing us back down. We must go within to find the balance by clearing out the unwanted baggage we have yanked along behind us for so long now. When we are cleared out the balance has room to expand and the love can flood in and carry us along.

I picked the pears a few days ago and will begin to can some for winter and today I will make a pear tart to eat with a mug of tea on the ascension porch. This is the beauty of fall and the harvest that rewards us at the end of the growing season. This connection with Gaia is such an important part of living fully I believe. When you are connected you begin to live your life again by the seasons, the stages of the moon, through astrology. You begin to fully grasp the aliveness of Gaia, you can hear her breathing and feel her adjust to each season. Even she is straining to keep up with the shifting going on right now. Change is filling the air and touching everything that is living and breathing on earth. You cannot avoid it so be still and welcome it in.

I decided to put out the money for one more cord of wood for winter. Big decision as it now costs 290.00 for one cord of dry seasoned wood! It seemed like way more than I wanted to spend but I sat a moment and thought about it. We know not for sure what lies ahead and if the sleepers become panic-stricken when things fall apart and trouble arises then I want to be sure I have warmth for winter in case gas becomes hard to get. I have my freezer stuffed with my harvest so that is a relief as well. I don’t anticipate the chaos as the dark ones wish for, but I will be ready for whatever comes my way and it wouldn’t hurt everybody else to do so as well. There is truth to the saying ” better safe than sorry.”

So the hillsides are beginning to show patches of red and orange and fields are filling up with pumpkins. The road side markets are selling gallons of fresh apple cider and bags of delicious apples and of course maple syrup. This is fall to me. It floods me with memories of times past, but this year is different. I am hoping those past memories will soon be ending and fall will soon become a whole different memory to hold dear. What will fall be like in the new world? Hopefully with our freedom will come more time to enjoy things like the seasons. I imagine many don’t even stop to think about it or notice it. These things lost their meaning long ago when we were shoved into our 9-5 work worlds and life became a rat race and free time was non-existent. Amazing that we accepted that with no resistance!

The new world will be filled with free time, I hope we all reconnect with nature if in fact we have lost our connection. The more connected we are the better care we will take to keep the planet alive and healthy. I’ve always thought the white House should be located not in a city, but deep in the country somewhere surrounded by forest and rushing streams so the politicians stay connected to nature and feel more a need to protect it. So many people on all levels have lost their connection to the earth and all her splendors. This is why we have allowed Gaia to be raped and beaten nearly to death. Soon in the new world we will all find the time to fall in love with her beauty once again and balance ourselves and stay in tune with her energies. If we want this bad enough we will make it happen. It is time to be free!

Blessings to you all,


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