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Steve Beckow – Truth vs. Fantasy – Important Now – 23 September 2012

( Comment : I post this post of Steve Beckow as it has truth in it . Not all, but ok we can not be having the same vision on all.  But foremost the article  shows the frustration of Steve as I have been telling you myself often how difficult it can get if you are questioned, attacked and people ask you lots.  I try to do my best and always think positive of others till proven otherwise. What I  try for sure NOT to be in my messages and articles I write is negative but observing and adding my concerns and comments in that sence. Being truthful in my own view and having factual issues or having another opinion is not the same as being negative or hurtful or even condemning in your messages towards others.   Continue reading

Activist Post – Julie Beal – The A.I. Thought Police – 23 September 2012

We know we’re being surveilled in the matrix: AI Law, empowered by algorithms, feasts on Twittered hate crimes and the like to try to predict crime. We are leaving virtual trails of data which are used to feed simulation models, for predictive analytics – but we can still opt out, throw away our phones, disconnect. There is still some control over what they take from us. But AI Thought Police wants more – to climb into our minds, understand our physical make-up, really get to know us. Continue reading

Irish Examiner – Conall Ó Fátharta And Sarah Stack – Facebook Agrees To Delete Data From EU Users – 23 September 2012

Social networking giant Facebook has agreed to delete data collected from EU users for its facial-recognition feature by mid-October.

The company, which has its international headquarters in Dublin, could be fined up to €100,000 if it does not comply with the orders from the Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) within four weeks. Continue reading

Marlene Swetlishoff – Hilarion – 23 September 2012

Beloved Ones,

The purification that is required in order to allow a greater connection with your Higher Self is now taking place. This will continue for the next months and you will find yourselves expressing in ways you never have before. You will feel calmer and more peaceful within. The intensity of the energies has been washing away all that has been holding you back from going forward in a confident manner and you will soon be picking up the torch of a higher way of expression. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – The Multi-Dimensional Self And Actively Reaping The Harvest! – 23 September 2012

These days the shear understanding of what it really means to be multidimensional is really opening my eyes in a brand new way, or maybe better stated, in a deeper way.  We have been talking for so long how all the dimensions are opening up and becoming more and more available to us now here on earth.  The timelines are all overlapping in our present moment in unmistakable ways.  Then it would have to be that we are living multiple aspects of our life in this very moment. Continue reading

Acturian Council – Ra About Downloads – 23 September 2012

Uploaded on 23 September 2012 by ARCTURUS RA Ra …explains his recent download and how it works. (Thanks Andrea!)

Soldier Hugs – Leo Wanta Official Biography : American Wanta Be Free – 23 September 2012



The Official Biography of Leo Emil Wanta

America’s Most Successful Intelligence Operative


Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall

© Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall January 2012 Continue reading