Lucas – There Is Only Love – The Time Has Come To Call Out Loud : Hatred, Fear, Violence And Setting Up People Towards It Is Over – 23 September 2012

The shift in people and groups of people are now manifesting clearly. I have warned about staying in your heart and not let you be recruited nor be taken in by those who wanna spread fear, anger, violence and hatred.  The started hatred and fear and violence amongst the most spoken of “film” that offended muslims is now stirred up over and others also getting into the story by stirring up hatred. If you are to belief people need to be set up towards each other and make belief systems again fighting a new war than you are not seeing and understanding what this new paradigm that is all about. Stepping out of this cycle of duality is what it is all about. If you really do your own research listen to radio, read the internet and alternative news, see the messages and read well between the lines and listen what is said, you will see things do not add up.

Keep love and light in your hearts, that is what I wanna say to you.  Where love is there can not be hate.  Where light is there can not be dark.

If you say not to be in any way for division amongst people who strive for the same freedom also in other ways and not being exclusive than do not be that.  I have been writing about it for some time. If you do not yourself do what you tell others to do or you are not that person you express to be, but act in an other way your for sure not being honest  and that will make people doubt.

The generalisation going on in these messages and the disinformation and misinformation that is spread now by the tons on the net should make you aware your only recruited for reasons that are not for the best of ALL humankind. We need no more cycles of negativity started and things stirred up. We need to build the new golden age for all mankind that is not about duality, nor about exclusion, nor about anger, war, hatred, pain, dead, etc.

Those seeking all those things and are still believing to be out of the matrix  seem to forget they are building just an other one matrix or strengthening the old one. You have to have the insights that awakening is not going back to the old paradigm but working towards the new. Staying in duality, holding on to belief systems, keeping the old teachings, hold on to your education and upbringing  you got from within the matrix, keeping old habits and patterns alive, is not what brings you forward.  If you let go of all that and find out the key is  being connected with your heart as your new thinking center you will find your way on the path of ascension immediately.

You can listen to all this division talk and talk of people to make you hate or get into violent action against others. You can listen to those that say to love and say in the same article you have to see what is said about two opposite sides and do it in a way to trigger you to choose sides.  You can listen to those that intimidate and display their authority and 3D knowledge to get you in their camp. You can listen to all those talking about being in the light, being your leaders, having the best interests, being fighting (the word fight alone should say enough) for your freedom. They all are being inside the matrix and not outside of it. You have the choice and are of free will to make a change. Not outside yourself. But inside yourself. If we keep all focussed on seeing we all are One and NOT focussed on we are all groups, having differences, inequalities, are better than , etc, we will go forward.

Whatever polarizing words or thoughts you have skip them. Find back to your heart and see what it is you feel. Feel and be intuitive. Does anger and fear, hate and war feel good? You will see what you wanna see and feel. If you will be love you will see love. Do not let others be posing things on you. As I will say always it is your choice, your discernment and your truth. If you choose to be lead astray, to be disinformed, to be doing things you would be rather not doing, you are chosing to do so yourself. Nobody else does this for you.

I wonder how many times you must see the cycle has to be broken and not renewed. The cycle is kept spinning the negative and all its expressions over and over. You can break the cycle and step out of the matrix. You can. You can have help when asked. But see those intending to sell you the old painted over with a color that suits seemingly you, and they tell you it is the new paradigm. You are fooled again. The real color is that of a rainbow that will show you how different all can be and still One and working together and unconditional love  being on the same page. The truth is displayed on the heaven so many times to remind you.

Stop dividing, stop polarizing, stop being that what your heart tells you not to be, stop taking your mind into thinking things that are just ego and old paradigm based. Feel the new. Feel your truth. Feel your loving heart. That what is more uniting than anything in the world is loving that you do not love as you will eventually see there is only One. Your fears, you judging others, alienating others is gone in an instant.

What proof do you need to have if  that what is right there and in you is shown to you every day. See that love is around you feel it. It is available for you to choose. It is your loving heart that is the key.

So is there a reason to let you go back in your mind and  be let astray through all the mainstream media manipulation, mind control and those around on the net that try to win your souls to stay in the old. Keep out of ego and let all negative go. It is all up to you.  But know whatever you choose those being and living from their hearts will always love you regardless whatever happens or what you choose.

Change by love not by continuing the old paradigm. Choose love.

Love and Light,

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