Sophia Love – “Love-Love-Love-Love”- 23 September 2012

Welcome to our second day!  With a full heart, for all the love found here, let’s begin.
It is not true, not ever, that you are alone.  Now, you may feel alone and look lonely, yet this is part of the illusion.  The illusion of separation has been so powerfully magnified, we have even imagined isolation.  If only you could step way back and see the magnificent being that is you, surrounded by the rest of us, you would know for certain this could never be true.  We are One.
 You’ve been given this body, these eyes and heart to explore in tangible, physical ways what it is to love.  To love in human form is an honor.  Not every being has had this opportunity.  You do.  The physical world you inhabit is exquisite.  Your eyes behold each finger, toe and body part, while sensing each gentle breeze, hot shower and passionate embrace.  Your nose smells home cooked food today and memories fill your mind of another time and meal.  Your senses are inundated 24/7 while your heart beats out “Love-Love-Love-Love”.
To make sense of it all is a challenge.  You look on the scale and see a few more pounds or hear your mate or child or parent complain and you imagine yourself imperfect.  This is illusion and deep within you sense the truth.  All the while, your heart is beating “Love-Love-Love-Love”.
The din of society, government, anguish and fear threatens to drown out the truth of your heart.  You heart will not be silenced.  As long as you are here in the physical, it will continue, synchronized with mine and everyone else’s; “Love-Love-Love-Love”.
To love is a privilege.  One such as you only comes around once.  There is no other who walks in your shoes.  Only you understand what resides in your heart and propels your life.  This is good news.  It means, my fellow human, that there is no one who is better equipped to love you than yourself.  For regardless of relationship, you will always be the closest friend you have.  Love yourself.
Be careful and tender; listen and allow.  There is a reason for every emotion, thought, word and deed.  You would not waste your time here in fruitless pursuits.  You are a component of divinity, an integral part of the fabric of humanity. We are not complete without your particular thread.
Be patient with yourself.  Treat yourself as you would an honored guest – you are.  Here now to help us all, you have arrived right on time and with all you need.  Trust yourself, love yourself and be yourself.  You are uniquely suited to do so!
I am thrilled to take this Quest with One such as you.  Thank you for showing the way.
You are the One we’ve been waiting for!
See you tomorrow,
The Voice of One
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