Fran Zepeda ~ Sananda and Mira of the Pleiadian High Council ~ Bring Yourselves Higher ~ 23 September 2012

Sananda and Mira of the Pleiadian High Council:

Hello, dearly beloveds, we come before you today with more help in embracing your ascension process. We are your guides, and the work is up to you.

We wish to speak to you today of the increments you are indeed achieving in the raising of your frequencies moment by moment. There are many things that enhance it and there are many things that can deter from it.

Consider now what your focus is in the moment, dear Ones. Where does your focus lie right now? Is it what you would label as a loved-based thought? Is it clouded by concerns for survival or residue from still lingering fears and limiting beliefs of your true essence?

You are not your experiences. You are not your fears. You are not what the media tries to indoctrinate you with as the norm. You are so much more than that, dear Ones.

Be that pulse of energy you feel within, what you feel building within you as you pay more attention to your heart’s thoughts and your heart’s desires.

That connects you with the Divine essence of everyone. Yes, it brings you to the new consciousness of New Earth, not what was the old framework or vestiges of what you are successfully breaking away from.

The mind-sets of what you used to rely on as your identity and as your reality are crumbling. Don’t give them any more thought or energy. Break away, dear Ones and you shall emerge more solidly into the new paradigm.

It is like taking a simple step over into the Reality you are creating. It is what you give your focus to. It is what you allow yourself to experience from now on.

There will be a series of opportunities from now on when the energies will be most optimal to raise your frequencies to what will match the 5th dimensional frequencies that you will soon be swimming in regularly.

As you keep stepping up your frequency, you will become more and more acclimated to this higher, lighter dimension. It will require you to now look at what you are doing to enhance that way of Being or not.

Are you doing what is conducive to allowing the higher frequencies to thrive and survive within you? Each moment is a choice to be completely in and within Love for yourselves and others, or to be distracted by old thought patterns and modes of thinking that have nothing to do with your new life.

Pay attention to the remaining beliefs you are holding on to, to the remaining old thought patterns and fears that still linger. Watch them, observe them, welcome them and accept them as a part of you, something that once served a purpose, and illuminate them and see the gift in them, and then watch as they become encased with Light and Love and become transmuted. Feel the relief and release as you let go of those energies to be replaced by the higher perspective of them.

Feel this new energy within you thus expand, and focus on this Lightness of Being. Let this be your new norm until you feel the need to welcome heavier energy to emerge and release in the same way as before.

As we have said, there will be intervals of opportunities, portals if you will, when the energies are most optimal for the lifting from these heavier energies. They correspond with your dates of 10.10, 11.11, and 12.12. Each can be seen as a step-up like an elevator leading to your Ascension.

The jumps will become deeper and higher, so that is why it is necessary for you to from now on pay attention to your priorities. Choose activities and thoughts that will lead you to the higher frequencies and discard one-by-one those thoughts and activities that just keep you still dropped down in what you were used to doing in your 3rd dimensional world.

Please mark our words carefully, and allow yourselves to continue soaring into the higher vibration of Love in, within, and around you. It is the only place that will bring you forward to Ascension.

We are forever by your side and at your service.

I am Sananda, with Mira of the Pleiadian High Council and Earth Council.

As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included. (Blog) (Website)


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