Marilyn Raffaelle – The Acturian Group – 24 September 2012

Once again we of the Arcturian Group come  to comfort and assist all who may be feeling anxious or disappointed regarding those events you believed would have appeared by now and have not.  Do not go into third dimensional concepts about how things ought to look dear ones, for much is happening that you are not aware of.
We now see many beginning to awaken although they may not announce this to their friends or families.  They are silently starting  to question all that they see around them and all that they have believed to be the truth.  They are experiencing a lack of resonance with  “politics as usual”, and are beginning to realize that many of the ways that run the world are old and finished.  They are not sure what this all means, and so they ponder  silently within, but this is the necessary crack in the veil, and once that crack has been established, more and more light will begin to pour in.
You see dear ones, YOU are creating the new world through your awakening consciousness; through the seeing and knowing of the truth of life and all its forms.  You are awakening to a new dimension, and in the process are being told that in order to do this  you must  leave behind all that resonates of the old.  This has become a stumbling block for many because they interpret this  letting go as a rejection of all that they love. The struggle results from the  erroneous belief  that these things will no longer be a part of their lives.  We have talked of this many times, but repeat it again.   Anything  real can never disappear for all that is real is held in place by Divine Law. You need only release your concepts of those things you hold dear.
There are many who do not take this information seriously.  They say to themselves;  “Oh surely they do not speak of this or that.”.  Yes, we speak of anything that holds you in bondage to what is false however pleasant it may seem. The opposite end of the stick of duality, is good.  You see most spiritual students are willing to see “bad” as illusion, but are unable to realize that  so called “good” is just as much an illusion, dear ones.   The next stage of your evolution is to see through the appearances of both good and bad, to the spiritual reality  behind them.   Everything is the Divine in expression. There is nothing else. This is what you are beginning to understand and this is where resistance begins to arise.
What you see in the outer is an interpretation of the Divine Reality presented  by mind in a form you can understand.  Example–Many  ask for companionship, for Mr. or Mrs. right to come along believing and creating from a sense of separation.  When an individual  realizes that he can never be separated from that perfect companion–Divine Consciousness, the mind will interpret that and manifest  in the outer as right companionship.  This is pure mysticism.  These are new and difficult truths for many to accept because you have been taught to pray to a God outside of yourselves for everything you need. But if you reading this, are ready for this next deep and powerful step.
Evolution has brought you to a new and evolved state of consciousness where you must let  false beliefs dissolve into the nothingness that they are.  You are ready for the  truth that there is not a God outside of yourselves to pray to. However it is important to understand that  it is not the false sense of self, the human unevolved self that is God, but your real essence, your Higher Self, that which is ever present and always has been.  All that you need is embodied within you.  Evolution is the realization, practice,  and gradual shift into a deeper state of awareness.  It does not happen over night, it is a process but you have earned your readiness through lifetimes of struggle and search.
As you  begin to understand that everything you see, hear, taste, touch, or smell is in and of Divine Consciousness but interpreted by mind according to the individual’s state of consciousness, you begin to lose your fears.  Everything is a mind interpretation of either Omnipresence (cars, transportation etc), Omniscience (inventions, new ideas on all levels), or Omnipotence (healing,  events dissolved through  realization). There is nothing but God and the sum of the whole journey dear ones, is awakening to that.
Those of you who choose, are rapidly moving into a new energy of Light and cannot drag with you any accumulated low resonating energy from your hundreds of past lifetimes.  You are  now releasing it.  Physical cellular release may appear as the reactivation of old wounds, diseases, and pains or may simply be felt as a general lack of energy, headaches, etc.   Emotional clearings may manifest as depression, anger, irrational fears,  or the experiencing of emotions that seem to have no rhyme or reason.  Mental clearing manifests outwardly as the dropping away of  dearly held concepts.  Whole belief systems  may  come crashing down leaving an individual floundering and struggling to find secure footing, but if he is willing to let  go, truth will replace that which has been released and he will find his footing in a whole new place.  These experiences can be very difficult dear ones, especially when an individual does not understand what is happening and interprets everything from a three dimensional viewpoint.  This is why up to a certain point, the spiritual journey is often called a “dying daily”. We understand and see your pain but no one can do the work for you.  It is your journey and only you can decide whether or not to walk the walk of enlightenment.
There is no pressure to move out of your old belief system, other than the pressure of knowing all is in readiness now  for this to happen should you choose.  There are many  who still talk the talk, go to classes, and read metaphysical books but refuse to  move beyond believing that God must be accessed through  some formula, action, tool, or person .
We tell you, IT is you and it is your choice to accept or reject this truth and act upon it.

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