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RT – Democracy Kidnapped! Clashes In Madrid – Madrid As Thousands Surround Spanish Congress – 25 September 2012

Uploaded 25 September 2012 by Police charge demonstrators outside the the Spanish parliament in Madrid, September 25, 2012. (Reuters/Paul Hanna)

The Whole Truth And The Real Light Has Now Stepped Forward – High Energy Transmissions and Quotes From The Earth Allies – 25 September 2012



Sophia Love – Bliss – 25 September 2012

PictureToday we are on the second half of our Quest for Agape.  As we proceed, we’ll encounter lots of “Stitch’s”.  In the movie, “Lilo and Stitch”, Lilo was consistent about one thing – love.  The object of her affection was a destructive, mono-syllabic weird looking alien.  There was nothing warm and fuzzy about this pet.  Lilo decides he’s family and will not leave him behind; an extreme example of unconditional love. Continue reading

Live Global Revolution Happening In Spain Right Now – 25 September 2012

Visionkeeper – Can You Be Alone With Yourself? – 25 September 2012

(picture by http://www.favim.com)

Be honest now, can you comfortably be alone with yourself? At these chaotic times especially, it is so important to be able to spend time alone with yourself, to go within and look around, see what needs changing, see what is right just as it is. How else will we ever get to know our self if we don’t spend time alone, connecting? I mean really alone. Continue reading

Wes Annac – Infinite Horizon Of Potential – 25 September 2012

Written by Wes Annac

A coordinated yet Divine burst of freedom is making itself known within me. I am feeling at this moment, that nothing is impossible. We have come to this world on a specific and ordained mission and we can and will achieve this mission. While I am beginning to feel and realize this, around me and within much of the Lightworker community I see much external focus. Continue reading

John Ward – Greece In Or Out : The Two Armies Are Face To Face – 25 September 2012

A finely-balanced tussle about the fate of Greece had the markets on edge today

The forces swirling around Greece’s punch-drunk head remain more difficult to lasso than ether. But an exhaustive check with every source (and reading of every signal) by The Slog over the last two days suggests very strongly that two diverse coalitions – with diametrically opposed opinions and aims – are struggling to gain the upper hand. The goal of one side is to ensure Athens stays in the eurozone; the aim of the other is to effect its exit with all dispatch. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – Shambhala, Divine Counterparts And Octobers Energy!! OMG!!! – 25 September 2012

Before I get into the full on sharing of the connections that kept me breathless yesterday, I feel I need to fully explain some of the words I use in reference to energy, I do no want anything to be missed or misconstrued in this important sharing.

Shambhala (also spelled: Shambala, Shangra La.)  I took this word years back, half from a book I read, half from the enlightened society that once excited in the Himalaya’s.    It means Living fully the Divine Presence that you are, out loud and with each other.  I think, because of the vast amount of stories out there, I had assumed this would become present only in a community setting.  Heaven is not singular at all and it really is living the energy, the love and magnetic field of vibration… on earth. Continue reading

Blossom Goodchild – 25 September 2012

Good morning to you. I FEEL it would be lovely if you could offer some advice about how to deal with all the ‘discrepancies’ regarding what is to take place over the next few months. One FEELS very much in limbo, and quite confused about what may or may not take place. Some FEEL ‘Up we shall float’ on the 21st Dec, if not before … Some FEEL there shall be floods and earthquakes and all systems of communication will be gone and we shall be back to community spirit … Some FEEL ships will arrive and all will be panic for a while … some FEEL we shall have a Christed Light descend … Some have no idea whatsoever about any of this. So for those of us who ‘Have the choice’ as to what to ‘Think and FEEL’ … what would you to say to us … as in how to get through all this whilst we wait for any of the above to take place ? Continue reading

Infinite Waters – Everything Is Connected—Diving To The Core To Obtain The Cure…Mind Over Matter! – 25 September 2012

Uploaded on 25 September 2012 by Letting Go Off Society’s Expectations! (Everything is Possible)