Cobra – Portal 2012 – Insanity – 25 September 2012

(Lucas : I am sorry to hear Cobra has so much troubles.  Let me state the most things he addresses in his article here are not the reason I have been questioning his intent and him offending people.  I have been clear in what he himself wrote and in what he stated about those not being dedicated lightworkers if you did not attend his conferences. 

I hear still no regrets nor sorry for sayting that, and that makes it easy for others to ignore you and be angry even if that is not of the light.  I also have addressed my concerns about the conferences and those concerns have not changed. It is not though as he seems to be making us believe a matter of him having conferences or I saying he can not organise them. It is about being clear in the intent and saying the right way what you want to get across. He corrected his statement, after the first announcements about the given info. He is given all info on the net after saying first to have it only in parts on each conference available for those attending. It implied you had to attend  and pay for all conferences to get the complete picture. Hereby just saying, Cobra has given himself troubles by writing those things. He is in his  not nuanced and often unclear or even offending in his statements and that is not helping the Cobra plea. He needs also to address things himself and reflect upon it.  I am though for sure not stating Cobra tells in all fables or spreads all wrong messages. That is not true.  I agree with Cobra Drake is a chameleon and opportunistic. People should discern themselves in all, I say always even what I write.  Discrediting people is wrong but it is for sure something else as being incorrect in stating things, and being critical or having concerns.  So be correct also in that. Not all the criticism and concerns addressed are just to dismiss or waved that easily. Please also see things not all as being bad or attacking you, but see also the mirror put out in things and it is always a good sign if your able to  be saying that some things are wrongly expressed or could have been said different. Offending people is not one thing needed to be done anyhow and you should be looking into that also. So calling it insanity?!  I think not,  but there are those really attacking everyone sticking out their necks as they are intending to discredit,  disinform or stir up things whatever is said. But still see there are also real concerns and there is building criticism you should see and not ignore.  Keep on writing and do your thing, the good stuff will be recognized.  I am sure your not in your heart evil even as some wanna let us think you are.  Let me say  I see a lot of truth in your messages but also have addressed and will address things that need to be. From my part there is no hate nor negative feelings towards you, Love and Light to you. )


This insanity has to end.

There has been a lot of speculation about my identity in the blogosphere. Most of that speculation was ill-intentioned and a part of archon-based disinformation campaign against me. Archons preyed on doubts and insecurities of a certain segment of the surface population that reads my blog and triggered them to project negativity upon me. Most of their accusations originate from a certain disinformation article written by the Former White Hat. Those attacks were really sick and disgusting and they made me wonder. Even if the Cabal is removed, is this really the world we want to live in? So much hatred and negativity as part of human nature…Would some people that are attacking me be any better than Kissinger or Rothschild if they were given a chance and access to power?
You can speculate anything you want elsewhere on the internet but I will keep this blog free from any ill-intentioned comments against me or any of my contacts. Also, what is important is not who am I but intel I post. If you like it, use it wisely. If you don’t like it, move on but don’t trash this site with negativity.  Also, speculating about my identity diverts focus away from real issues we have on this planet.
I have no need to defend myself because I have done nothing wrong. I would expect that my request for privacy is respected. Also, my contacts, including Ishtar Antares, have done nothing wrong and their privacy needs to be respected also.
I do not see anything wrong in accepting donations, Rayelan from Rumor Mills News acccepts $3000 monthly and nobody has a problem with that. Fulford accepts payments for his articles and this is also a good thing in my opinion. Gathering intel is hard work and has to be respected. If anybody that ever donated money to my efforts feels that this is a »scam« or has any other reason for wanting to have his money back, I will gladly return the money, no questions asked.
Also, there is nothing wrong in me organizing conferences. David Wilcock does it, people from 2012 Scenario do it and it is a very positive thing, informing people more in-depth. For those that do not know, organizing a conference is not an easy job and most expenses have to paid long before the conference starts.

 For your information, I am NOT a CIA disinformation agent, as some misinformed people with poor intel connections have recently said. I am working for the Light independently and am not a member of any surface-based intelligence agency. I am NOT posting disinformation, I am posting intel to the best of my knowledge with the purpose of informing people. My main motivation is liberation of the planet. But even after the Cabal is gone, when people are attacking me as they are, is it going to be any better?
I was supporting Drake, but his current actions pose questions for me. Is he misinformed? What is his true motivation? His latest posts are trying to trigger religious conflict. I hope he is still working for the Light.
He had good intel connections in the beginning (until May/June) then he got disconnected. The reason was his attacks to people at Project Camelot. Then he falsely predicted his green lights but I was still supporting him. Maybe I was betting on the wrong horse.
Anyway, all my contacts are working for the Light as well. Maybe this whole campaign against me is organized by the negative part of CIA?
Also, Ishtar is not guilty of any of those stupid things he was accused of from Former White Hat. He is a dedicated Lightworker and a beautiful being of Light with many extraterrestrial sources. And yes, he has NASA connections. I do not see anything wrong with Ishtar selling Tachyon products, or his book, or antiques. Thousands of people do things like that daily. Also, if he did a few sacred sexuality workshops, this is a very good thing in my opinion. Also, what could be wrong with him speaking about the Ascended Masters? That is beyond my understanding.
It is true that the highest echelon of core members of the Cabal knows who I am. But they also know who you are as they can read every mail, no matter how encrypted it is, no matter if you use Tor or not. But they are the easiest to deal with. They are a small group and the Resistance can keep them in check. The real problem are low level members of the Cabal and archon-influenced members of the general population.  This is one of the reasons I choose for my identity to remain veiled. The other reason is that I do not want people’s projections, either positive (our guru, leader, saviour) or negative (disinfo agent, scam artist) to be put upon my personality. I want to lead a peaceful life and I deserve that. I would expect a little bit more support from the general population for the work I am doing with best intentions. Thank you for your understanding.
This matter is now settled for me and I would suggest everybody to focus on more important things.
We will stay strong-victory of the Light!

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  2. Thank you for posting this, and for your comments, Lucas. I think it is important for us all to be aware of and learn from our own mistakes. It is also important to stay positive and loving-nothing is gained by attacking and attempting to discredit one another. Those things are the tools of things like COINTELPRO and were very effective at disrupting and splintering activist groups in the past. We should learn from that and use our focus on Light and Love to avoid that sort of disruption to our movement for change.
    I do not know who is “right” or whatever, but I appreciate all efforts to create change and improve the world. We are all in this together, and all each of us can do is our best in each moment-and keep learning, growing and working at it.