John Ward – Paedo-Grooming Goes Back Thirty Years, Widespread Beyond Yorkshire – 25 September 2012

The scale and profundity of paedophile immunity granted in the cause of multiculturalism beggars belief. It is time for a backlash against reality-denial

Following The Slog’s comment piece of yesterday on how PC madness has been tying the hands of PC Plod when it comes to paedophile-network detection, I’ve received a number of emails detailing (without collusion as far as I know) just how widespread this Pakistani/Islamic grooming/pimping practice appears to be.

One respondent records in detail how a West Yorkshire police sergeant had despaired of his superiors’ unwillingness to prosecute, observing during the 1990s that turning a blind eye to these crimes “goes back twenty years”. There are also several accounts of  corrupt Secret Family Courts and bent psychiatrists turning the children of dysfunctional families  over to care houses infamous for recruiting kids to be groomed for paedophile sex.

Two separate e’s arrived from Redditch Sloggers, one observing that recent events there ‘fit the MO described [in Yorkshire]…social services have been putting vulnerable young mothers into accommodation where this is known to happen despite protestations from interested parties apparently with a view to snatching young children from the vulnerable  mothers when they are plied with drugs and drink and ensnared by Asians…in one instance that I can confirm a young girl of 15 has been groomed  / abused and the police actually advised the family to move out of town rather than arrest the culprits.’

During its nby days, The Slog spent some time investigating similar recruitment methods in Stafford, as well as naming one corrupt psychiatrist who abruptly left his practice and disappeared. Nothing surprises me any more about the Secret Courts, the only new element in these cases now coming to light being the almost exclusive involvement of the Pakistani community.

Despite what Fluffy Labour (in their defence) or the BNP (on the attack) might allege, the Pakistani community is not on trial here.  Perhaps one or two atypical cultural elements of Islam are to some extent: but the real people in the dock are those effecting pc cover-ups in the name of harmonious ‘multicultural’ community relations, and senior toadies in our Police forces licking the political thought-fascists all over as a fast route to promotion.

In some instances, three years ago I took witness statements from those inhabitants of Plymouth unlucky enough to suffer under the blindfold of Devon & Cornwall police – whose Chief Constable proudly proclaims himself to be “a leader in cultural diversity”. He is indeed a leader of great commitment to that idea – even, it seemed, to the point of launching joint social services/police operations in order to snatch allegedly vulnerable children. In the West of England there is a long-standing case involving one enormous ‘care house’ frequented by prominent members of the community – upon which the Judge slapped a 20-year gagging order. And that is, literally, all I’m allowed to tell you. In one suburb of Plymouth, Plod paid the neighbours to say thay had heard or seen signs of abuse that was completely without foundation.

No wonder some parents simply take their children abroad in the end….where the long arm of this insane, mediaeval Court system continues trying to get the families repatriated againt their will.

In the words of one comment threader here yesterday, “Political correctness is nothing more than a preference for fancy over reality’. When taken to extremes, pc is a corrosive influence, following the Brechtian Marxist logic of ‘the good lie’ – of which Johann Hari was so fond for so many years. What’s becoming clear now, however, is the depth of damage done to a reputation for political objectivity once enjoyed by the British Police….and, in the name of ‘harmony’, to innocent young lives already blighted by the brainless fecundity of their parents.

It is beyond being a disgrace: it is sick at the level of the Moors Murderers. I find myself unable to say where on earth we go from here….save to point out that, once and for all, the delusional rejection of empirical reality must come to an end – before this country simply becomes one enormous Room 101, full of elephants and torturers.

I would apply this dictum across the political spectrum: Boris Johnson should shut up on the subject of bankers, Jeremy Hunt would do well to keep his twisted love for Rupert Murdoch to himself, David Cameron would do all of us an enormous favour (including himself) if he stopped banging on about a Big Society that doesn’t exist, and Dan Hannan still stands a chance of salvaging his future, long-term reputation as an intelligent thinker if he can just bring himself to see the very obvious flaws in globalist neoconservative economics.

There are far too many Grand Designers in the West, but very few builders….and almost nobody thinking hard enough about the unintended consequences of their blind addiction to claptrap. Our electorates are sick of Berlin trying to impose Teutonic values on Southern Europe, tired of Barroso and his SuperState vision, bored by bogus Obaman claims about the US economy, and rightly unconvinced by Mitt Romney’s charitable donations. The emergence of evidence proving the scope of this disgusting, criminal perverted sex cover-up in Britain should act as a stark lesson for everyone in public life.

The leson is this: cynical Utopian drivel is the fast lane to Dystopia. link to original article

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