Lisa Gawlas – It’s Time To Make Radical Choices Outside Of Your Comfort Zone!! – 25 September 2012

I seem to be living (sleep wise) the wild swing of the pendulum!  I seem to be going on little or no sleep to the far extreme (like today) of tons of hours of sleep.  I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but man I like the extra sleep!!  Those (frequent) nights we are woken up at 2-3am like it is time to wake up and start the day.. is exhausting!!  I know that whatever is really happening to us (energetically) happens the fullest at night as we sleep, first of all there is so much less electrical activity/interference happening in our space on earth and our mind is at rest, keeping our own mental interference at bay.  So some days we sleep like there is no tomorrow, then we barely sleep to semi-consciously integrate the energies.  Ohhh the wild ride of Life!!

I woke up at 2:30 am yesterday, giving me about 4 hours of broken sleep.  I had woken up, for a split second or so thru the night, and once I had my sharing/blog completed, I could feel my brains crashing, very much like watching the battery die on your phone.  By the time I had my first reading appointment, all I got was an image… I do believe a very important image for her, and perhaps, all of us, but that was it.  I was done for the day… dammit!!

So let me tell you what I did see yesterday.  Now that I have 10 hours of sleep under my skull, I understand this so much more today.

Like I said, her reading was more of a single snapshot with some movement in the image.  Let me lay things out for understanding first.  The first thing I had seen was a golden outline of an image standing on a high wire/platform about 20 feet above the ground.  Altho there were no features to connect to visually, I so felt the connection with Merlin, right down to the fact that he (and yes, it felt like a he) had a wand with this bulby thing at the end in his left hand (affecting her created/physical life.)  Once again, the energy line flowed out into her future and disappeared as the timeline of October connected to September.  He was waving his wand over an area that I understood was her present moment.  In that area, there was no line.  Instead, it was an opening like a V, only at the bottom, there was no point, instead it was a flat line that connected the two upward aspects of the V.  I could not find her in this opening, yet, I knew she was there.

The left side (past to present) of the V had an energetic line as well, only it was about 10 feet above the ground.  I knew this staggered energy lines had meaning, but there was no way my tired out brains could unravel a consciousness that was beyond my present moment.  Let me say again, thank god for long, steady sleep!  I will get to what that means in a moment.  This actually has significance and relationship (energy wise) to what I shared yesterday about seeing my one lady on a platform 20 feet above the ground.

I watched as this outlined image of a spirit guide feeling like Merlin (a magician) shook energy from his wand into an opening called her present.  I felt so strongly that he was filling her present with magic of her near future.  In her opening of the V all I could see were various shades of long streaming white energy lines, like rain, but had no liquidy feel to it, making it more tangible/usable than liquidy energy.)  I never did see her anywhere.  I got the information as I struggled to see her that she was undergoing such a profound change in her biology, I couldn’t see her, for there was nothing to see… yet.

This morning, as I reflect on the many various images and understandings that have come up over the last several days of reading in this intense time change called Equinox energy, many people have not yet put concrete choices into play.  Choices that will uncover the energy that I simply refer to as October, but spirit calls the brand new book of life.

My one lovely lady yesterday asked a question we finally got an answer to.  She asked why we cannot see anything into October yet, her team simply said (with some attitude I might add) that we are trying to read a book that is still coming off the presses.  ain’t happening!  Dammit!! lol

What is being asked, no… demanded of each and every one of us at this time, is to start making radical changes/choices in our lives.  To do things our heart has yearned to do, but our lives kept us to busy or too distracted from doing.  To not only go outside our comfort zone, but to set up house there.  It is only then will we see the truth of what the remaining energies of this year means to us.

Now lets go into the significance of these uneven energy lines above life.  Keep in mind, not everyone I see has the uneven lines, but I have only done 6.25 readings since being back, and of that I have only seen three so far.

Again, going to scale of my readings, 10 feet above the earth is the sweet spot of creation, living in a higher vibration than the 3D world we appear to be within.  The line representing the past is perfect for what needed to get you to Here.  The spiritual movements, understandings, everything has gone exactly as you needed it to (no matter what it looked like on the human playing field.)  Some have already started to tap into the highly concentrated energy of our future and are planting it in their present by making very different choices backed up with ACTION (spirits desire to capitalize that word, not mine.)  It is our responsibility to use and create with the higher vibrational energies of our tomorrows to create today with.  Hence the 20 foot image of the future energy lines.  They are showing us unused potential that exists within us but we are either not noticing or not using as it is needed to use.

We cannot say: that when I get into my future, my next week, I will use it then, better understand what it means to me then… nope.  Instead, we elongate our present moment and that energy can and will be evasive until you fully align and apply within, with the fullness of what we have the amazing opportunity to live!  No short cuts!

It’s no wonder that last evening, without any readings to process, I became reflective of my own journey.  The first 3-4 years on this path spirit seemed to reveal information, truths, potentials that had me melting down meditation after meditation.  Often times I would get so frustrated with it all and simply cry at the end saying to spirit “why the hell are you giving me this information?  I am no one in the greater scheme of things and there are many who have a large voice to the outside world that would be better suited to share this information with.”  Spirit would always allow me my melt downs, but not once give me insight as to why they never stopped revealing things to me.

Today, I have the platform and integrated understanding to help in ways I never would have dreamed of helping!

I understand now, that those first several years was not about sharing it with anyone at all.  It was about changing my own life with it.  With the exception of my elusive mentor, they never allowed me outside influence to change the information they gave straight to me.  I had to assimilate and apply it fully on my own.  That is where the greatest place of quickened empowerment comes from.  Self application.  Responsibility to the Self.

Little did I ever understand that what I had been doing, was taking the energy of my future self and integrating it into my present self.  Hell, until this week, I never even thought like that.  Very much like the client I wrote about yesterday.  Our unlimited potential of tomorrow must be seeded by us within today.  Earth is a process of evolution.  I waited for so long to wake up one day, fully empowered, fully functional as a fully conscious spiritual being living in biology.  Instead, it was a series of gentle look-backs, seeing the growth of yourself, the evolution of ones own light field and then… and only then… helping others to attain that for themselves.  That is not to say there aren’t many people teaching stuff they themselves have not went thru.  There is a tremendous amount of information out there, reading it, understanding it, does not change a thing.  OMG!!  Now here is something to really feel with… the only thing that will get you where you want to go is application Application of the Self to the self.  Anything else creates a void of energy from where you are to where you want to be.

In 2004 is when I had done my first in person, hands on readings and energy work.  I felt soooooo incredibly inadequate with myself.  That feeling, which was so deep and so real inside of me, could have very easily stopped me from doing anything more.  But my first energy work client, which I did for free since I had never done that before, ever, showed me how all the teachings, all the understandings that got me to there, helped her in ways I could not have imagined, that really, I didn’t even fully believe in.

Going and staying outside of our comfort zone… crucial, if you really want to stay at the forefront of this massive evolutionary leap we are in.  Trusting in your inner guidance, in your own inner work… utmost!

The magic, that IS life happens outside of our comfort zone and we must put in the action to Live It!!  There is a Magician within all of us waiting to live out loud in every aspect of Life!!

Let me tell you, embarking on The Soul Gym is really taking me out of my comfort zone, more than anyone realizes!!

I am going to close on that note, as I woke up late and now have my first reading to move into.  It feels good to be fully energized today!  I cannot wait to see what we shall see today and understand more fully tomorrow!!

Remember, if the energies of Shambhala, heaven on earth, live within you, then you must bring it all into form thru your energy applications and living wayyyy outside of the box of humanity.  It will be a risk well compensated for… trust me!!

I love you all so much and appreciate the vast amount of wisdom you share with me thru the Light of Your Life!!  Thank you sooooo much for Being Here with me, right Now!!

Together, we are One and we are Amazing!!  Group (((((((HUGZ)))))

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