Lisa Gawlas – Shambhala, Divine Counterparts And Octobers Energy!! OMG!!! – 25 September 2012

Before I get into the full on sharing of the connections that kept me breathless yesterday, I feel I need to fully explain some of the words I use in reference to energy, I do no want anything to be missed or misconstrued in this important sharing.

Shambhala (also spelled: Shambala, Shangra La.)  I took this word years back, half from a book I read, half from the enlightened society that once excited in the Himalaya’s.    It means Living fully the Divine Presence that you are, out loud and with each other.  I think, because of the vast amount of stories out there, I had assumed this would become present only in a community setting.  Heaven is not singular at all and it really is living the energy, the love and magnetic field of vibration… on earth.

However, before the community could truly exist in its fullness on earth, each human must fully own and live that energy first.  A full conscious process where the ego and soul minds live and play together as one, not occasionally, but 24/7.

We have been working our asses off to achieve alignment with this wonderful, intense energetic potential.  Well, it has gone from potential to the real.  Now we must learn, individually first, how to fully live in the Presence of our Selves and to recognize the mastered energy of Shambhala in others.  Of course, those who have mastered this energy within themselves, would hold no judgement to those still assimilating and letting go of anything that (appears) to keep them separate from that.  A true, living community set in Shambhala energy could hold nothing less than Beings that Mastered this way of Living.

This last quart of 2012 gives us every opportunity to master it in full use and application!!

My next word needed to be defined (as to how I use it and mean it) is Divine Counterpart.  Please do not mistake my meaning to mean any “relationship” at all.  It is more than just two people coming together, falling in love and enjoying every moment with each other.  There are many reasons people come together in relationships, almost always a karmic energy of release and expansion.

Divine Counterparts have completely cleared all their karma, and have (for the most part) released the twinkle and glare of living life on earth (material matter no longer matters to the masters of Shambhala,)

In the way I use the words and understandings, is very much like two horseshoe magnets that come together, immediately the pull is so strong that it takes work to separate the pull of energies to each other.  Each would be an absolute reflection of the other in frequency, vibrancy and spiritual desire.  Each will have perfected their own pathway to the mysteries of spirit with an internal map of how to travel that space for the greater good.  When two Divine Counterparts are pulled together and unite in the heart and solar plexus (soul) it creates a fullness within the maps to travel and bring back to created matter the unlimited potentials within the (perceived) Mysteries.

Both people will be so in-tune with their own Kundalini energy, the flow and magnification/amplification of their own sexual energies and know how to blend the two to travel and explore places beyond our wildest dreams.  And to bring to Life the fullness of all that energy potential to use for the highest good of the planet and all that lives on the planet.

Of course, like anything that first is presented, there is a lot of practicing…. remembering taking place!! (smile)

Since the beginning of this year, whenever the energies of Shambhala were presented in a reading, they always looked like flowers and eventually taken on the hue and texture of the flowers from the movie “What Dreams May Come.”  At first they had definition to them, first looking like pansies, then something else and now they have no definition at all.  I find this exciting in the evolution of this energy.  Everything has its greatest potential when we get out of defining it and creating details around it.  Just so you can have the visual with me, I will share a still from the movie here:

I have been wondering why spirit would give me the constant reminder of this movie with such important energy potentials.  This morning I really do get why the significance of this movie.  Well, Robin Williams character is in Heaven (searching for his wife who was a artist) and he could change the landscape of his moment by thinking.  WE are doing the same right now.  Trial and error of course!!

But this gives way to what I have seen in October thru the readings yesterday.  Finally, we have a small preview of what is to come!!

My first reading of the day showed a man I have been reading for often this year.  I know the changes he has made in his life (completely and literally moving out of his old life across country against all his family’s desires) and finding new opportunities every where he looks, and places he didn’t look.  He has left no door idle.  He walks thru, explores, decides then if that was for him.  Every single door took him into a spiritual connection and I mean that literally.  Psychics and spiritual workers and such.  He is finding so many spiritual alignments that just didn’t happen in his old life, old state of living, but now, it is every where he turns, including meeting his Divine Counterpart!!

Pesky little thing with that tho… she is still exploring what I will call the old style relationship with something.  Where the other person serves to be a partner of fun, doing things together, but really not a full on spiritual exploration as I (tried) to describe above.  Sometimes we need those last littler reminders of what we are not looking for any longer and to exchange that last little bit of karmic energy too.

But the magnets are on!!  They will serve to change the currents of the emotional waters as they build between them.  As I told him several times, I am going to say this for everyone… please do not try and push the river to suit your own time (which, for most of us, we wanted this yesterday.)  There is a process happening that we cannot even fathom, and for the fullness of the potential at hand to happen, a lot is happening behind the scenes and we must trust (and act) on what is taking place day by day.

So I watched the opening of his reading and he was climbing on the right side of a 10 foot V to the now gold/bronze rope of incredible energy 10 feet above the old earth.  He only had two feet left to climb (probably the safety net he needs to stop analyzing things to the point of changing their potential.)

As I was allowed to take him, his energy and biology into the near future all of a sudden there was October!!  Granted only about the first two weeks, but hell, we’ll take it!!  What I had seen and felt not only excited me, but energetically, overwhelmed me!!

October opened up like a semi-circle of energy.  It was not the full breadth of the month in visual, instead, a field contained souly for him in this visual.  If you can go back to my sharing on the 21st and the lady who had that gel-like amber/yellow covering representing her life path… so did this semi-circle of energetic bliss!!

Within the first foot of the October energies there were three Shambhala flowers, as large as large could get.  Everything else I could feel was like the most intense energetic blissful potential I have ever connected to in a reading.

I watched as he walked the timeline above the earth to the intensity of this semi-circle of energy and then, as if on a diving board, dove head first into it all!!

I about exploded in excitement!!  Granted, we didn’t get to see what he does in this energy field, but man oh man, I got to feel every ounce of the depth of energy.  Like nothing we have ever lived before!!

Of course, as our conversation unfolded, he is already making so many choices that he never would have made had he still be living the old life with all the familiars around him.  He has now walked thru so many spiritual doorways of opportunity that is going to fully enliven (thru the course of the year, not just the first two weeks of October) his dormant spiritual attributes, and super enhance what he already uses!!

Like the synchronicity life that we live so wonderfully does, my 2nd client, a man I have never read for before, wanted to know about his chakra centers.  But first, spirit wanted to let him know what was taking place in his field of life.  This too, blew my excited mind!!

He showed up like a gymnast on the parallel bars spinning so flipping fast I had a hard time keeping up with his energy, to the point thru our entire connection, I was speed talking!!  It really showed me that it is YOUR energy coming thru the readings, thru my words, not mine own,  I couldn’t slow down my words as much as I tried.

Of course I had to understand this parallel bar that was located exactly 12 feet above his present moment (spirit is the one who said 12 feet) as well as his crazy spinning around and around from east to west consistently thru the whole reading.

I understood he was vibrating at such a fast rate into his new created reality… a parallel reality if you will.  Remember, all dimensions, all timelines are now piled in a heap and we must choose where we are going to live.  If we do not make choices that will change our lives, well… but if we do, and he did… holy flipping cow batman.  Our physical biology goes into intense upgrade mode.  His was intense!!!

He wanted to know about his chakras and what is happening in his body.  Funny, I had the same concern the night prior with my own.  I am so so so grateful for the connections that align themselves in my days, because you just don’t realize how much you help me too!!

Again, going back to the first lady I read when I returned from Virginia and seeing the new energy move from her root chakra in waves upwards thru her core energy, bulging out the inner space of her core… well less than a week later we get to see the progression of this energy thru him and understand what is happening within us, biologically, even more.

He had the same thing happening, only now instead of waves going up his core and bulging the core energy from within, the expansion of these energy waves are so wide in breadth that it is bulging out his skin too.  Radical change happening within the biology from all his new and intense choices from the last several months.  Everything about him was changing… The waves were so large at the sacral plexus he looked 9 months pregnant, and as large at his solar plexus that he looked severally bloated.

But his heart… OMG his heart filled in so much of the story.  There sitting on his chest, the energy wave deep inside of him, was a massive reddish/maroonish Shambhala flower.  I about cried.  I so get this now.

The energy waves moving up thru his body in huge waves is changing his connection to earth because he made serious life choices/changes such as recently leaving a marriage that has long served to dis-empower him and so much more beyond that, but that was the gateway to open this surge of new energy, everything else enhances the flow (or could empede it if we fall back on old choices) changing his sense of self within the earth (sacral chakra) changing his spiritual connections within all of Life (solar plexus) and is now beating to the energy of Shambhala.

Just understanding the shear amount of energy and the intense frequency of what he is going thru biologically gives us all something to understand in our own bodies.  The lower, mid and/or upper back pain.  This last month or so my lower back has been feeling quite rough, to the point I would have to vacuum my house in spurts to ease the lower back pressure.

But the lungs!  OMG he gave me/us such understanding about the lung issues.  We are changing the air we breath, the atmosphere we breath within and our lungs MUST adjust.  It can feel like our lungs are breaking down, but really, they are building up!!  The more in alignment our life gets with these energies, the more the biology can process and assimilate the intense process.  Keep one foot in chaotic 3D, it is going to be a lonnnnggggg, uncomfortable process.

Choices… ya know!!

When I looked at him and especially his heart area, I thought about my man a phone call earlier getting ready to take a nose dive into the full on Shambhala energies that is his life!  Our hearts MUST match the frequency of Shambhala since it comes to earth thru us.  In everything we think, do and say, we are sowing the field of our last quarter of this year to either amplify the pure energies of Shambhala or creating a massive do-over of choices not taken yet and let me tell you, they will not be small nor unmistakable.

My last reading of the day tripped my trigger as well.  Once again, we only got to see about 2 weeks into October but the air, the aliveness of this energy, Holy flipping cow batman!!

Some months ago I wrote about this lady and a rescue horse she took in.  The evolution of her, her daughter and this horse named Sam has been breath-taking to watch.  She has allowed herself to move so far out of her own comfort zone and started taking classes, doing energy work, taking more classes and not only is she stepping into her own fullness of spiritual power, so has her two children and her horses!!  Her horses are reflecting back to her the amazing and wonderful changes she applied in her life.

Over the next couple months, she will start moving out of the job she has long be done with and into her new, fun, exciting career of being an animal healer.

In her view of October I had seen three choices coming up for her.  None are bad.  Nothing could ever be “bad” when your life is now reflecting the pure energies of Shambhala, but one choice facilitates rapid growth faster than the other two.  I seen this choice like an obstacle course.  It’s taking the leap of faith, jumping over precieved obstacles of challange that really expands our Self into new endevours.

Or she could take the road and do what she has always been doing… the energy completely radiant, but the growth, elongated over time.  The third choice had so many black spots on it I couldn’t even tell what it meant to her, and her team even reflected this third choice as “spotty.”

There was also a very common theme thru yesterdays readings too.  Mind your mind!!  Please do not get into an analytical mode of anything that is happening in your life, no matter what it may look like on the surface.  What is happening is a divine process that the mind cannot comprehend, nor does it need to,  The only thing your mind needs to do, is follow the promptings of your heart with application.

The magnetic field of your inner and outer life is now so strong the moment you think something, you are creating that scenario to play out.  Up until now we have had the privileged of a time buffer to help us change our minds, our frequencies of what we are creating.  From at least October thru December, we are now on our own.  What do we really learn if spirit is always picking up our slack.  We have come here into created life to be the Masters of our lives and now, we are going to live exactly what that means.

Here is the good news with that… change your minds energy, change the outcome.  If today someone is worried that the job they applied for and want more than anything is going to be given to someone else… let me tell you, your energy just gave it to someone else.  The moment you change the energetic charge of your own mind and know it is yours, it is yours!!  That may play havoc on your future employer… because you are actually shifting him back and forth in his choices.  Just align with what you deeply desire and know it is already yours.  Please remove yourself from wanting it yesterday.  That creates undue worry and actually elongates the time period of arrival too.

Last but ohhh so far from least, stay in gratitude for everything.  Even the back pains, body aches, lack of sleep and all the discomfort that goes with acceleration because the more one complains, the longer it lasts because one is deluting what is happening so it takes longer and longer for it to assimilate.

Kinda like chasing santa clause back up the chimney every-time he makes his way to bring you your presents… he ain’t leaving until he gives you what you deserve!!

I just want to add this little experience from yesterday.  I had a lady call me so needing a massage.  I could tell money was tight in her world but her body hurt so badly.  She was local and I had already worked with her body before.  I was abuzz with all the wonderful, intense energy from the three readings of the day… so I had her come right over.  I took all the love, all the excitement that was soaring thru my energy field and gifted it to her.  She soooo needed it and I was so grateful to be able to share the radiant energy of Shambhala with her and for free.  You have given me sooo much that together, we gave back to someone in need!

I love you all so incredibly much and honor where we have arrived collectively.  We would not be having this conversation without each one of you and the radical changes you have been making over the years!!  Just… THANK YOU for all you have done and will continue to do!!

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