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3 Minutes News – 25 September 2012

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Ute Possega-Rudel – Messages From The Realms Of Light – Message From Nova Terra! – 25 September 2012

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012

Please also read update from 21.8.12

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John Ward – Paedo-Grooming Goes Back Thirty Years, Widespread Beyond Yorkshire – 25 September 2012

The scale and profundity of paedophile immunity granted in the cause of multiculturalism beggars belief. It is time for a backlash against reality-denial

Following The Slog’s comment piece of yesterday on how PC madness has been tying the hands of PC Plod when it comes to paedophile-network detection, I’ve received a number of emails detailing (without collusion as far as I know) just how widespread this Pakistani/Islamic grooming/pimping practice appears to be. Continue reading

Common Dreams – Anonymous NYPD Footage – 25 September 2012

Members of Anonymous have released sixty hours of footageof the mostly blacked-out raid last November by the NYPD that dismantled Occupy Wall Street’s Zucotti Park encampment. They also posted a 16-minute highlight video on YouTube. Both could be useful for ongoing legal actions against the police. And a year after the Bologna pepper-spray incident, a baby is due.

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Lee-Anne Peters – It’s A Time Warp! – 25 September 2012

One day, then the next and the next… before you know it a week has passed, then a month and another month!! Yikes! With time speeding by at such rapid speed it’s no wonder many people are becoming fearful of aging, dying and separation!!

These past days I have been exploring this further. This isn’t the first time I have contemplated time. I wrote a chapter about it in my second book (Aligning with the Speed of Light). I have been time playing and aligning with the moment for several years now – so what is different now? Continue reading

CLN – Open Your Third Eye And Awaken Your Pineal Gland With These Simple Exercises (This Really Works!) – 25 September 2012

Conscious Life News – CLN – Editor’s Note: I tried these exercises last night back-to-back, honestly not expecting much. But wow do these work. About three minutes after completing the exercises, my forehead began to tingle, and suddenly I felt a rapid sense of expansion in the middle of my brain (where the pineal gland is located), along with an uplifted and expanded state of consciousness. I will be doing these exercises daily from now on, and encourage you to try them for yourself.  (Lucas :  For Legal reasons : Just know the method described or possible effects are sole responsibility of the author of the original article and of the developer of the method. The commentary and advice  from the CLN editor above is his or her statement. It is your own responsibility to use the method or to take the advice. For medical or other advice you always should first consult a certified and or legally acknowledged expert in the field of the expertise needed. I have cautioned you!)  Continue reading

Dutchsinse – Bayou Corne, LA — White House Petition For Federal Help – 25 September 2012

24 sep 2012 door Spread the word ! GET THIS TO THE PEOPLE OF LOUISIANA !!! PLEASE !! Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Bernanke Declares War On Canadian Economy (Rest Of The World Too) – 25 September 2012

The financial world cheered when Bernanke announced QE3 until it works (which is essentially forever, because it never will work).

Bruce Stewart, writing for the Winnipeg Free Press, is one of few who figured out QE for what it really is: A Beggar-Thy-Neighbor competitive currency debasement policy hoping to sink the US dollar. Continue reading

Cobra – Portal 2012 – Insanity – 25 September 2012

(Lucas : I am sorry to hear Cobra has so much troubles.  Let me state the most things he addresses in his article here are not the reason I have been questioning his intent and him offending people.  I have been clear in what he himself wrote and in what he stated about those not being dedicated lightworkers if you did not attend his conferences.  Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Behind The Story Of The Prodigal Son – 25 September 2012

God said:

Ah, the Prodigal Son. It can be said that a son left and a son returned. The rest is judgment. That the son lived his life as he saw fit, and later saw the error of his ways, this can be said to have been observed. This can be said without judgment. The son did recant his life. He did return to ask his father’s pardon.

It can also be said that another son didn’t leave. It can be said that another son stayed and did not depart from what the world would call a good life. Continue reading