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Agenda 21: How Will It Affect You? – 25 September 2012

Uploaded on 12 June 2012 by (Lucas : This is a video from the  John Birch Society and has a certain political background that shines through the ways presenting the facts, but still it gives a good view on things. I have been re-porting on  Agenda 21 for some time and have posted this video some months ago in the FB groups. It is again a re-post to let you remember of what is going on. The hidden agenda of using something called green and for sustainability into that what it was not about an intented for in first place but it became a grand way misuse it and realise  a NWO – New World Order. The demise of the world populus and restrictions to your rights and control of you are purposes the Agenda 21 is used for.)  A clean environment is important to us all. We have an obligation to maintain our resources and sustain our environment for future generations. Sustaining our environment has led us down the road to environmentalism. Then a strange thing happened. Environmentalism came to a fork in the road. While the rhetoric took one route, the agenda took another. Explore this topic and discover how Agenda 21 will affect you.

Suzanne Lie – Mytre And The Arcturians – Journey To The Mothership – Par 4 – Integrating Your Multidimensional Operating System Into Your Third Dimensional Brain – 25 September 2012

Dear Earth Ones, from my explanation of the sixth dimension, I am sure you realize that your time-bound, third dimensional thinking is not adequate to understand or manage the experiences of the sixth dimension and beyond.
The Arcturians have often told you, as they have repeatedly told me, it is vital to integrate your full Multidimensional Operating System into your third dimensional brain. Continue reading

Judge Dale (Ret’d) – The Great American Adventure 2D: “The Reconstruction Act Usurped States Rights And Set The Stage For Theft Of America’s Wealth By Private Bankers” – Reconstruction – 25 September 2012


The Reconstruction Act of 1868 is misleading because it actually dealt with reconstructing the order of governmental power and redefining the military’s purpose and authority within The Virginia Company –  a fraud masquerading as The United States of America.

Yes, President Andrew Jackson vetoed this act.  However, presidential vetoes can be defeated by a two-thirds Congressional majority vote and Jackson’s veto was subsequently defeated. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – It’s Time To Make Radical Choices Outside Of Your Comfort Zone!! – 25 September 2012

I seem to be living (sleep wise) the wild swing of the pendulum!  I seem to be going on little or no sleep to the far extreme (like today) of tons of hours of sleep.  I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but man I like the extra sleep!!  Those (frequent) nights we are woken up at 2-3am like it is time to wake up and start the day.. is exhausting!!  I know that whatever is really happening to us (energetically) happens the fullest at night as we sleep, first of all there is so much less electrical activity/interference happening in our space on earth and our mind is at rest, keeping our own mental interference at bay.  So some days we sleep like there is no tomorrow, then we barely sleep to semi-consciously integrate the energies.  Ohhh the wild ride of Life!! Continue reading

Sophia Love – Breathe, We Are One – 25 September 2012

Hello!  Today marks the halfway moment on this Quest.  You are “Just as far in as you’ll ever be out.” (Anna Nalick – Breathe)
What does that mean?  It means we have a choice.  Right now.  We can still go either direction, and with equal effort get where we are headed.  We know what going back to duality looks like.  What will it take to get to Oneness? Continue reading