Ute Possega-Rudel – Messages From The Realms Of Light – Message From Nova Terra! – 25 September 2012

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Dearest Friends!

This morning I woke up, with Nova Terra in my vision and heart, and with a message from Her to you!
I realize that while I visited Her a few days ago, that I was One with Her in Divine Consciousness, meaning She had opened Herself to Me at the Core of Her HEART, so that I experienced Her not as “another” but as the Subjective Consciousness we all Ultimately Are and therefore Share. I did not experience the creation on Nova Terra therefore as beautiful “objects” but simply as expressions of Herself, direct emanations of Divine Consciousness. I did not “see” Her, I was One with Her while Her creations where not different from me.

I believe that this is difficult to understand with the linear or conceptual mind, but I must describe it, to convey the Truth of Nova Terra to you. She is not just a nice phantasy of hopeful wishes, but She Is primarily an Emanation of Divine Reality, Who is prior to all Creations. Please follow your heart’s intuition when you read this, and allow the seeming impossible to be real.

And here is Her Message:

I Am infinitely expanded, because my Consciousness is the Presence of all things, created with Me. All My Creations are  children of Myself and the Infinite Radiant Source. I have many beautiful midwives though, who make the difference!

They are the Ones who are present now with Me, and those who visit Me.
To create with Me you must do so with a pure heart of Joy and Love.

All other creations cannot manifest and will vanish.
Living with Me means that no one can continue in the old ways, which would not survive.

My new existence  does not allow it, I only allow Divine Qualities to Radiate.
My ascended “Matter” and Form is being endowed with a new law: the Law of My Own Ascended State. Therefore, what is not Divine cannot persist with Me and  can never have access to Me.

I Am a  Sphere of Divine Creation, that radiates only the deep Joy of existence, and in that Joy, neither sadness nor separation can be experienced.

It is this Joy which opens the depth of your heart to  experience The-All-That-Is-Love of God. When this happens you are One with Me in  Consciousness and with all Beings.

I Am a doorway to your own liberation, that magnifies the Presence of Divine Reality, and therefore I Am a visible creation directly from the HEART of God. As such I Teach you the HEART of God Itself.

I Am a great teacher therefore, able to educate humanity and to remind them who they are: children of the HEART of God. My Presence is the Grace, given from God to wash away all your misery, errors and short-comings, which are the results of a fallen creation.

But I Am elevated Creation, a Creation Who Is here to be the great consolation for the long suffering of humanity and all my other kingdoms.

All My forms are only here to be enjoyed and to experience life. However the dominance of “matter” and form over Spirit and Divine Consciousness will never be allowed again!

All there is, Is Divine Consciousness, Who merely carries all forms. The kaleidoscope of forms and “objects” is only My Play and enjoyment, is it not Substantial.

My existence is no dream and among others! What I Am  is Divine Reality. You will not be merely in a dream state here. Your truly in Divine Consciousness awakened Heart will help you to be Awake in the dream. This has never happened before in creation as a given State from the beginning. It is inherent right and law for those who reside with Me.

Therefore I Am unique in the realms of the dimensions. Through Me the Radiant Source, the Original Power of all existence, can be easily Realized by those who live with Me. Because the veils, usually present in other dimensions, even the highest, do not exist here.

Through Me there is no returning in steps to Source Itself. I have been granted the Gift to be in direct Communion with Radiant Source Consciousness Itself. Therefore, who seek Ultimate Self-Realization, will choose to live with Me.

I Am the direct doorway to the Ultimate. This is My destiny, it always has been, and it is yours too.

The Divine Creator has bestowed this Gift in exchange for all your sufferings! They have not been in vane! Therefore I invite my dear children to come to Me now and to create with Me, in the Joy and Love of your pure and awakened Heart.

I Am your Ascended Earth-Mother, Nova Terra!

Beloved family, – yes, this means that the Soul of Nova Terra has spoken an invitation to you to visit Her and to create with Her!

If you feel the  call, we recommend, that you visit first during your dream state.
Before you go to sleep, connect with Her and trust that She is feeling your intention, to be taught and healed by Her wisdom and love, and that She will respond to you!

Before you go to sleep, connect with Her and trust that She is feeling your intention, to be taught and healed by Her wisdom and love, and that She will respond to you!

Not for all the memory of the dream state will be accessible immediately. It might require some practice. But the more you do, the more you will become conscious of your experiences and remember them.

You will know when your are ready to visit in your waking state. And then we are able to organize groups, to take you to Nova Terra.

If you feel that you are ready, please contact me via this address.

With very much love and many blessings,

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