Visionkeeper – Can You Be Alone With Yourself? – 25 September 2012

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Be honest now, can you comfortably be alone with yourself? At these chaotic times especially, it is so important to be able to spend time alone with yourself, to go within and look around, see what needs changing, see what is right just as it is. How else will we ever get to know our self if we don’t spend time alone, connecting? I mean really alone.

Turn off that radio, stereo, television, that is all white noise chattering in the background. I don’t know why we are so afraid to be alone with ourselves. We always race to turn the music on to sooth us, keep us company. Why? Why can we not be alone in the stillness of silence and feel comfortable? Why do we squirm and wriggle with discomfort?  If you are one of these people, chose a time when you can be alone and sit in the silence, be it inside or out, just be with the silence. Study your reactions to this, if you feel uncomfortable look deeper and find out why. Is it because you don’t know what to do with yourself, with your hands, do thoughts come up that cause discomfort? Stay with it until you find the answer.

We have lost our ability to be alone with ourselves and it is at these times of aloneness that we find the answers to our questions, the balance we need to stay strong in our convictions, the understanding of who and what we are. Our lives are now filled with a million distractions and we no longer find ourselves able to withstand the silence of being alone. When our lives were simple and geared more around just surviving, for the woman there was silence found in preparing meals, house tending, child rearing. It was common for the mother to be alone with her child at her breast or beside her skirts while she worked in quiet solitude. The men went about their duties of providing food for the family by hunting silently in the forest. These solitary moments of silence and calm no longer are a part of our routine.

Alone time is so valuable to our way of life and yet we have avoided it for so long now. Yes, we meditate which is excellent to make a habit of it, but even then we are being joined by an outside force to pull us away from ourselves. We sit in silence and purposely not think, we free our minds of thought. We need alone time TO THINK, to ask questions of ourselves, to go within and discover things we never knew about ourselves, with NO DISTRACTIONS of any kind. I think this is where we get into trouble, when we have time to think freely and all thoughts enter in both bad and good. If we are alone and in silence how do we run away from them? We can’t and that is exactly my point. Face them, no matter what they are…

Men I think probably find it the most difficult to be alone. Everyday they co-mingle with workers and bosses, and clients, their time always filled with busyness, yet for many women they have more time to be alone. Perhaps not as much as they used to for both are working to survive these days, but still they have those times of silence more. Cooking the meals, cleaning the house, tending the gardens. They have those quiet, creative times to go within and also release their expressions of themselves. If the man comes home from work he turns on the TV and settles in to be entertained, you rarely find him walking alone in the wilderness to reconnect with himself.

We are losing the much-needed ability to be at peace with ourselves in silence. There are always outside distractions now that lure us away. We rarely have to time to go within and settle issues that need tending, figuring out ways to solve things or be creative in creating something new. How can we solve the worlds problems without the silence and solitude to contemplate and discover new and better ways to live our lives? How can we even know what it is we need if we don’t know who we are? Soon we will be blessed with freedom once the shift has taken place and the oppression has ended. Are we ready for all the free time? We say yes, but what will we do? Can we handle all that time alone with ourselves? We best begin getting used to it and learning how to sit quietly and comfortable in silence, for we will be seeing a lot of it!

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