Wes Annac – Infinite Horizon Of Potential – 25 September 2012

Written by Wes Annac

A coordinated yet Divine burst of freedom is making itself known within me. I am feeling at this moment, that nothing is impossible. We have come to this world on a specific and ordained mission and we can and will achieve this mission. While I am beginning to feel and realize this, around me and within much of the Lightworker community I see much external focus.

And I have fed this external focus through my own actions and continual habit patterns that I am now working to transmute within myself, with all of the higher dimensional might I have been gifted from the wonderful realms we are all returning to.

I am feeling so free, so uninhibited, so infinite.

I have played into external focuses all of my Life and I’m beginning to realize how much it has actually been holding me back. While some within the Lightworker community have been focusing externally on which channel to follow and trust or which truthseeker to ‘line up behind’ I am realizing that the best way [and the only true way] we will find ascension is by turning within and, rather than relying solely on any outside source – beginning to rely on and fashion a continual and lasting relationship with the Divine center; with your higher self; with the very essence of YOU.

We are Godly, infinite beings who have allowed ourselves to sink down to the lower depths of the Earth experience to anchor so much Light unto a planet who has needed it. We the Lightworker collective have been called the ‘Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow’ for the lower dimensions we have plunged down into, to uplift all who had formed their own distorted veils that were distracting them from the higher realms while fashioning a way of Living that depends upon external things; for some, to gain or validate enlightenment and for others, simply to get through their experience.

We the Lightworker collective are and have been growing out of lower and former mindsets and veils that will only hold us back, but we are still working through these veils and transmuting every illusory facet of them that keeps us within our lower selves and the ways of Living that drive our lower selves. I certainly have not been perfect upon my journey; rather I have been working through lower vestiges of myself as I gained a purer clarity of the higher realms.

As was displayed during my recent interview on The Light Agenda, I am not finished with my process.

There are still key events needing to play out before my personal journey back to the higher realms and away from the fear that will trap us within lower dimensional mind and heart sets and today, I am realizing that everything that I and we all have set out for ourselves to overcome during our last Lives within the lower dimensions will be much more of a breeze to accomplish than we realize, if we simply make the effort to see that the higher realms are here and that our own personal inner-recognition of the higher realms will transform into the biggest conduit of Source energy that we can use to fuel our unfolding purer perception.

As a part of my necessary lower dimensional experience, I have set out mindsets, lifestyles and habit patterns for myself to transmute during this last Life within the third dimension. While lower parts of myself have feared the most real and significant coming changes because such parts do not resonate with the higher realms that the changes are laying the foundation for, I am beginning to feel in much more of a real way than I ever have within this Life that the higher realms ‘have my back’ as long as I make the effort in myself to recognize them and the fact that they are here, on this world, right now.

This is what we should all be making the effort to see and feel in ourselves. Many of us who are awakening will look outwardly and externally toward channeled sources, toward dates, toward validations that all we have been studying and absorbing truly is real when all along, the only real way we can validate the existence of the higher dimensions and all of the beings who exist within the higher dimensions, is to seek within.

Channels will give us guidance along our personal inner-searches but some within the Lightworker community have taken channels much more seriously than we all should be. They are only meant to give assistance and should not, in my opinion, be looked toward solely for information from the higher realms or for a validation of the energies of the higher realms, as while we are all feeling the energy of the higher dimensional source giving the message; just as our channeled sources have discussed we can only find this energy in its fully-pure forms within ourselves.

The higher realms are almost bursting, waiting for us to realize how prevalent they are all around us. Our guides have our realities brimming with synchronistic and personal messages from them, in an effort to expand our understanding in marvelous ways and to get us to realize that they are with us in much more bold and real ways than we could possibly imagine at this point.

We’ve been employing limited perceptions and realities all around us for some time now and we have let the lower dimensional experience fashion our mindsets about reality, for some, to the point of fashioning a habit pattern, addiction or otherwise employment of an external source to grant a different experience from the lower dimensions that in many cases, can itself be distorted to a certain degree.

Some of the most unhealthy foods are also some of the tastiest ones and unfortunately, many have become ‘hooked’ on the addicting chemicals within much unhealthy food that come with the pleasurable taste. I personally am beginning to see a real and clear difference between higher dimensional bliss and lower dimensional pleasure.

The ‘pleasure’ so to speak of the higher dimensions is one that is reached through pure balance of the Self because if the Self is out of balance than it is not reflecting the balanced and harmonious higher dimensions. Physical, lower dimensional pleasure is usually achieved through a mass imbalance within one and, at least on this Earth, has been given by external sources that do not require balance or even inner-searching for what they have to offer.

There are some pleasure-giving external sources that can serve to trap us within a void that is partly of our own Creation and partly the Creation of the external source we would be employing. In the higher realms, the pure and unbounded bliss that we feel is unequaled and unmatched by anything within the lower dimensions but we must balance ourselves out whilst learning through and growing from our lower dimensional lessons before we find the higher dimensional experience in ourselves.

We truly have to take that first step and analyze all within our Lives that is and has been holding us back. We are very near to the end of 2012 and while many have been looking externally to channeled sources and asking ‘hey, why aren’t things happening?’ – we must look internally within ourselves and find all that is not in resonation with the higher realms that our channeled, higher dimensional sources are doing all they can to bring to us.

They can only do so much!

Some may analyze their Lives and, at first glance, not think that there is anything that should be changed and that they are on a set course to the higher realms. Others may find upon deeply analyzing their Lives and where they are at along this point that there are habit patterns, mindsets and addictions that have not yet been realized but that they have the full ability to work through within themselves.

I personally am staring down an infinite horizon of potential and I’m beginning to realize that, with the higher dimensions by my side, there is truly nothing I can’t do.

All roads are opened, all possibilities a reality. I’ve been Living in a lower matrix of my own design and I am ready to fully exit this matrix and, as I and you all have numerous times before, finally see what the other side has for me. There will be points of vulnerability; ‘testing’ points wherein my commitment to the higher realms is displayed to me so that I can either strengthen it or learn from the perceived vulnerability of it and of myself.

We will all be tested to validate the higher realms within ourselves. Some of us are subconsciously fighting this internal validation by attempting to externally validate ascension and the events leading us toward ascension through channeled sources and even those sources are displaying that it is us who must take the first steps, not them.

Indeed, first steps are already being taken in the public domain but I speak of the personal first steps that we all need to take [and that many of us have begun to take already] to validate and find the higher realms within ourselves.

These realms are waiting to be validated and waiting for us to realize that they are with us now. It is only we who have held ourselves back from them.

Wes Annac – Learning and growing, a thousand catalysts at a time!

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