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Global Voice 2012 Radio Network Blogtalkradio – Drake’s Mid-Week Update – 26 September 20122


(Lucas : Discernment notice : Know everything you hear, see and listen to might be not your truth, it might be A truth or even a distorted truth or a blatant lie. Know people  can be manipulated or have the intent to manipulate you. Know you are the only one that decides what your truth is. Be no sheeple and do not accept leaders, gurus, commanders, authorities, etc., that want you to follow them in whatever way  they want you to. Do not do anything without your own consent or discernment. You and you alone are always in the end responsible for your decisions and actions.)

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Sharon Taphorn – Angel Wisdom – Playfulness – 26 September 2012

Add Play To Your Day

Joyful, light, fun energy help you to manifest your desires in physical form. This not only raises your vibration, it also helps you to release any heavy thoughts and worries, even if just for a while. If it has been awhile since you have played and had fun, remember a time when you did those things and let it remind you how wonderful it feels and then do what you can to create some time for joyous energy to enter your life. Continue reading

Mehran Keshe – The Future Is Now With Unlimited, Clean And Safe Energy : How Are Governments Responding? – 26 September 2012

Mehran Keshe – The Future is Now with Unlimited, Clean and Safe Energy: How are Governments Responding? – September 24, 2012


Patrick Timpone

Mehran Keshe

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AP Interview: Ahmadinejad Pushes New World Order (With Comment Lucas) – 26 September 2012

(Lucas: Use you discernment. If you read the headlines it is presented like Iran is seeking a war or if Ahmadinejad is working on a NWO- New World Order in the style of  those having stated to want this. Like the Bushes amongst others, the happy few 1%,  etc. You see that what I mean,  as fat scripted text.   It is clear the interview was not put out here to state only facts but to push things a step futher in promoting division and conflict again. Whatever you think we should stick to facts (if possible) as there is already so much disinformation from intelligence  agencies and others around. For sure if intelligence agencies and others already have stated in many articles Iran has no capability to make nuclear weapons. What is the reason to keep stating that they have?)

AP Interview: Ahmadinejad pushes new world order

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Regarding The Casper Nuisance And Neil Keenan . . . A Comment From – Jean Haines – 26 September 2012

Regarding the Casper Nuisance and Neil Keenan . . . a comment from ~Jean

Long ago, I realized that Caspar is nothing but disinformation, a troublemaker, and I stopped publishing his ‘stuff’, because in my opinion – and I could be wrong, of course – that’s all it is. Neil is becoming very busy now, he cares about us, and Caspar and whomever he works for would love to distract him and upset him. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – Rainbows And Harps And Heart Energy! Ready For October?? – 26 September 2012

Sometimes, with the slightest, well-intentioned movement, we end up stepping on our own foot and wonder what happened.  That is, unless you actively meditate (smile) and you are allowing spirit to give you a heads up before you walk into a new future that doesn’t have to happen.

Let me tell you about my meditation yesterday!  The first two parts were exciting (eventually) and the rest of the days readings set up a deeper understanding of what it all means to us. Continue reading

Lucas – Unplugging The 3D World – 26 September 2012

I was listening to a radio show that talked about the drag of life, the worries about all things, the  routines, etc.  It shows how 3D and the experience of  time is dictating our lives and keeps us in the matrix.  I was not able to listen to it long as It feels depressing.  Continue reading