Lisa Gawlas – Rainbows And Harps And Heart Energy! Ready For October?? – 26 September 2012

Sometimes, with the slightest, well-intentioned movement, we end up stepping on our own foot and wonder what happened.  That is, unless you actively meditate (smile) and you are allowing spirit to give you a heads up before you walk into a new future that doesn’t have to happen.

Let me tell you about my meditation yesterday!  The first two parts were exciting (eventually) and the rest of the days readings set up a deeper understanding of what it all means to us.

The moment I put my butt into my bathtub I could see a harp sitting in my bath at my feet.  I was baffled let me tell you.  This harp was huge and detailed, beautiful really.  Can I say that not only am I not artistically inclined, I am not musically inclined either.  So I just laid there staring at this ohhh so real harp sitting in my bathtub wondering… what the hell am I supposed to do with that??

Then I realized that all the strings of the harp were various shades of gold.  The harp itself was set up at the bottom of my feet, straight side directly between my feet, groovy side going, (where the strings are much shorter) thru the wall on my left.  And then I watched as no one (no form that presented itself to me) plucked a string.  It plucked it over and over again.  I found an image of a harp and put an arrow at the exact string that was being played:

I could see the movement of the string, I could see and feel the energy of sound being emitted from the string, but I could not hear the sound of it at all, which baffled me… for a while anywayz… until my readings started!

The next thing I had seen, which really excited me as well as surprised me… my double platform of doorways.  I have not seen or worked with this meditation (that was someone elses reading, I included the link to that exercise) for close to a month.  For sure, something had changed.  There was now a large golden pillar of energy connecting the above set of doorways to the below set of doorways.  There was also no platform in which to stand on either.  I was in an energy field between the doorways and the golden pillar on the ground floor swimming around and around.

Everything on the top floor was completely lit up and all the doors were open.  I now fully understand that the above set of doorways (which is exactly the same layout and feel as the bottom set) is the energy of spiritual mastery (not only attributes, but wisdom too.)  In complete contrast, my ground floor doors, none lit or opened.  I watched myself swimming around and around but never getting out of the energy stream to open any doors.  Suddenly I had a feeling that the sound of the harp (which I could not hear) had something to do with the doors I was looking at.  I also had this feeling that each door correlated to a sound on the harp and the frequency of that sound wave is what opens the door.  This morning as I pull in even more information from the fullness of yesterday about all this, I suddenly realize the above doorways are all emitting the frequencies needed to activate the ground level doors.

The last image I had seen stunned me really!!  Not in that warm, fuzzy, uplifting way either!!  I thought about all the readings I have done this week and wondered where I was at in my own timeline going into October.  Man oh man, instantly with that thought I was looking at an image of myself in my present moment standing at the opening of a body of water.  The opening was no wider than both of my feet and as it moved outward a foot surged into a major pool of watery energy.  Even with myself, I could no see beyond mid-Ocotber but what I did see, actually saddened me!

There I was, in the depths of some serious deep water (high intense energy) flailing about.  Like I had no ground beneath me to stand on, nothing around me I was reaching for, so I was just flailing with my hands trying to keep my head above water (not drown within the intensity and volume of energy’s now available.)

All I could think was…. well shit, what inside of me changed?  I obviously removed something from my life, my field of desire so that I have nothing I am reaching for in October.  Like a flash spirit showed me the Mesa cliff and a man standing on top stretching down from way above trying to grab my hand to pull me up.  Instantly I knew what I did!!  Dammit!!

When I came back from Virginia, even tho every second of my time back with family was wonderful and uplifting, I was exhausted and felt very disconnected from the familiar family of spirit.  The replenishing feeling I experienced once I was back on the Mesa, in my own home, in my space of reconnection, I decided that the desire to have a divine counterpart… a gentle feather in my life was no longer on my agenda.  I knew that the energies of earth have changed tremendously over the last few weeks and I now have a lot of learning to do.  I let go of the desire to meet and explore my divine counterpart, partly because I knew it would also change the energy in my home (of course I am thinking more like feeling disconnected than even more connected.)  So I let that go!

Now to back this story up a few days…

Since I moved to New Mexico there have been three prominent features in my car, namely on the dashboard where the digital read out shows me how fast I am going.  A feather I had found on the ground, a peacock ore/stone of happiness and a large sparkly sulfur crystal.  (here is my dashboard arrow showing where I keep my energy stash:)

When I went to the feed store the day, on my return home I realize my feather was no longer a part of my collection.  Where the hell did it go?  I kept my crystals on top of the feather so there is no way it blew away, besides I don’t drive with windows down anyway, not good for my hair!  I was baffled, I know no one would break into my car and only steal a feather… I looked everywhere, it was just gone.

I never ever got the correlation with me freeing my “gentle feather” divine counterpart desire and my actual feather leaving town until yesterday.

The information of the harp really confused me (my crazy mind was over thinking it) so when I got out of meditation I put a little call out for help in understanding not only the harp but that very particular note/string that was being plucked.  I so love my friends on facebook!

As I posted the request for help I took my query to google as well.  I found a youtube video showing the chords of the harp and where center C was located then she went into a higher octave C located at the shorter strings of the harp.  As I started to make some breakfast for myself, without my mind engaged in trying to understand that note… suddenly it washed over me!!  I have consistently been saying that the timeline/frequency of 2013 is three octaves above 2012… this is what it was showing me!!  We have opened that high frequency NOW.  But I couldn’t hear it!  Hmmmm

I kept seeing a flash of an F in my wondering what note that is being played, but like I said, I am so not musically inclined at all.  Someone on facebook found the information and said it was the F chord, what she said exactly was “The note is the 4th F note above middle C”.  Holy cow!!  That makes sense!!  If we are located at note 1, then three above would be the 4th!  I am about peeing my pants with excitement.

Then someone else posted the notes of the chakras:

Crown Chakra: Note B
Third eye Chakra: Note A
Throat Chakra: Note G
Heart Chakra: Note F
Solar Plexus Chakra: Note E
Sacral Chakra: Note D
Root Chakra: Note C

Holy heaven batman, something is starting to really really make sense here.  Even within my doorways and feeling that the notes of this harp had everything to do with activating each doorway.  She even went on to say:

“The perfect harmonics produced by a plucked harp string create a waveshape that is the sound equivalent of white light.”
-Sarajane Williams, The Mythic Harp – It also represents bringing heaven to earth.

There was a party going on inside of me!!  Now I understand too, out of all the instruments on earth, why the harp is now in my bathtub!!

Then came my first reading of the day… sheez the mirrors in our lives!!  She unfolded at ground level and in the center field of her life.  Not out in life, in her west field, but from that deep inner center that I will just call… our hearts desire.  I watched as she stood fast in her center on the ground and was throwing handfuls of energy out to what felt like her created reality.

Now if we can image this energy circle that represents her inner field of life sectioned out like a pie cut into 8 pieces.  She was throwing this energy outward in-between her West section and her North section, which also baffled me.  I received no audio back what so ever!  Let me tell you I was asking a whole lot of questions that needed clarity.  Since she was the first reading of the day, did the readings shift again to ground level or is this a message for her that she has not left ground level yet?  Nothing.  Why is she throwing energy outwards and to my eyes, evaporating before it hits her created life area?  Again, nothing.  Dammit!  Now my even bigger question… is my audio down?  I could not hear the harp note that was repeatedly played in my meditation, maybe it was me.  I couldn’t even get confirmation on that!!  What the hell!!

Then we started having a conversation beyond the images.  Now this person is also a good friend of mine, so I really know her story too.  So many things were happening in her world that were positive, primarily centered around career and money.  Ya know what is funny (not ha ha funny) is for so many people career and money are important… yet, to the heart, not even close in raising the frequency of Life.  She showed us that with vivid clarity.

We started to talk about a relationship she ended (because he was married and altho unhappily married, staying married for his kids) and because I have read for her many times before, I know he is her divine counterpart.  In ending that relationship, she gave to him all her joy, her dreams, hopes and became stuck in the yearning.

As we talked about that, I suddenly had a flash of my earlier meditation of my flailing in the depths of Octobers energies.  Holy shit… its (kinda sorta) the same flipping thing.  Where she had given him her heart energy I had fully let go of that part of me.  Neither a wise choice!!  Both of us out of the octave of “hearing” because of our energy shift within, her hanging on, me letting go (of something my heart has desired for a longgg time.)

I want to be clear too, that in her energy field that I had seen, it was a high vibrating energy, very much like the energy I see of the energy line of golden bronze taking us to October but much much lighter.  OMG… this is so kewl!!  The lady I read for after her, we actually talked about what it means when the energies are lighter or deeper in color.  Lighter in color means there is a tremendous amount of light flowing thru it… more for assimilating the body with its stream.  The deeper it gets in color the more mutable it is, creating form in our reality.

Even with that, my October energy was the deep color, but what my heart has desired for years now, I let go of and instead of creating what my soul desires, I was now drowning in the potentials I gave away.  (Let me tell you, I changed that instantly!!!)

A solid, heart created desire brings all you need to life.  Get wishy washy (like me) and feel yourself drowning in undiluted potential!!

As my remaining three readings showed me thru the rest of the day… her images and lack of audio were specifically for her.  Everyone else showed up somewhere in the upper realms of creation and I had full audio there.  Even that gave me a really clear understanding that as we set up our lives, our hearts in the higher frequencies of earth, we will no longer hear the sounds of chaos in the lower realms (3D and 4D.)  But we must free ourselves completely to live there with 100% of our energy, nothing less will do!

I spent pretty much the rest of yesterday processing and connecting as much as I could integrate from the profoundness of the day.  But obviously I was missing something so Life itself stepped in.  We had a sudden storm come in and it rained hard for about 10 minutes, in the middle of this storm the sun came out sooo incredibly bright and yet it was still raining.  Every ounce of my attention was placed on the freshness of this sun storm.  I knew a rainbow had to happen.  I grabbed my camera and went outside to look.  Sure enough out my front door I could see a rainbow peeking thru all the trees.  I walked up my driveway looking to get a full shot of this intensely bright rainbow.  I had to go all the way to the street to get a full shot and what I had seen was beyond breath-taking.  Right now I only wish I had something better than a phone camera to use, because I so did not capture the intensity and spectrum of color on this rainbow.

The first thing I had seen was a double rainbow (image below)

I felt so incredibly blessed to witness this.  I knew it had something to do with the days revealing, but once again, not until someone else (on facebook) made a statement that today really gives us a fuller view of the communication at hand!!  She had made a statement on my uploaded pictures of this rainbow: Did you all know that a “double” rainbow is a reflection! If you look at the colors they mirror each other.  Nope, I didn’t know that!!  But it sure makes sense now!!

As I stood there at the beginning of my driveway I watched the upper rainbow fade away and I swear it was like it dropped all of its energy and vibrancy into the lower rainbow.  The colors became so much more intense, and this was no 7 color rainbow… it was so much fuller than that, and much wider in color width than I had ever seen before.  Again, here is a picture, but it surely did not capture the fullness of the colors:

This morning, as I remembered her profound (to me) sharing about the double rainbow, I suddenly understand the energy of my double platform of doors in my meditation.  To bring down the perfected and radiant energy from above to our created reality.  The golden pillar was the magnetic energy field/portal which created (or in my case, released) the flow of heart centered desire.  Each (lower) doorway activates the opening with the higher octave of Life’s song to produce what is desired from “that.”  As we change, so does the contents of the doorways.  Very much like bringing to you what you need and desire then releasing the energy back to the ethers so the next need and/or desire can be filled.  We humans can get caught up in “hanging on” which delays what is available for us.

So, for myself, I am opening my heart back up to my gentle feather.  I was sent a feather by a beautiful man in California several months ago, and will take that sea birds feather and place it in my car.  A new energy, a new bird of flight.. like the absence of the hummingbirds but the arrival of the Owl… it is time for change!  The joy of life is permanently etched in my heart, it is now time to see fuller, hear higher than ever before!!

I find it interesting as he just sent me a new feather from a pelican.  How incredibly timely in my world.  Altho I will not get the feather until my landlady arrives back from her journey to California (which is where he lives too… synchronicitic somehow) I am taking the teachings of the pelican and the use of its large break to hold all it needs deep within me.

Here is the message of the pelican taken from Animal Totems A to Z:


Pelican demonstrates the power of reflection and insight, buoyancy in life and how ride the air currents of life. He teaches to rest and relax in spite of life’s heavy weight. Pelican balances use of good fortune and abundance with responsibility and priorities. He has the ability to navigate emotions and aids in recovering what is lost whether it be emotional, mental or spiritual. Are you seizing the moment and enjoying what is before you? Do you recognize the abundance you already have? Perhaps it is time to count your blessings? Pelican aids in tapping into your feelings and putting them to wise use all the while peacefully balancing the world on your shoulders.

With a song (played in the key of F) in my heart and the winds of YOU upon my soul… I am soooo ready to swim in the sea of Bliss with ALL my family of Light!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of gentle feathers to everyone!!

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