Lucas – Unplugging The 3D World – 26 September 2012

I was listening to a radio show that talked about the drag of life, the worries about all things, the  routines, etc.  It shows how 3D and the experience of  time is dictating our lives and keeps us in the matrix.  I was not able to listen to it long as It feels depressing. 

The constant stimuli that triggers your thinking is immense in our 3D data information matrix  society. From tv, internet, telephone, GSM, tablet, laptop, PC, social media, time, calendar, appointments, paying bills, cooking and doing the household, visits, shopping, planning your life from minute to minute, daily routines, work, etc. The mind thought streams are a real issue to look into. It needs to be stopped to get forward. This makes living from within your heart easier.

The stream of love that is coming from the heart is in line with our new reality. the new paradigm and not the old matrix. I know, you all say, how to do this, how to that?  When? Why? How? Stop ……….. The mind thought streams are again taken over.  How does it feel not to think of things you need not think about and in which you in the now not can do anything with, or about. Why thinking of the past or the future as Now is the moment you live in.

Yes, the cables need to be unplugged and stimuli reduced, still some keep jabbering away. Still too much thinking is going on. Facts are not taken for facts. What is needed is feeling the rest and peace in having an empty mind and just feeling that all is love and one. Yes, but all that is difficult , etc. Stop……… Pull the plug and say STOP to your mind. Pull the plug or switch off things you need not have or even have to use all day or even at all.

Say stop to what your thinking. Say hello to having only blanks.  Having no thoughts is great. Now FEEL what it is that blocks you getting you in your heart. Feel and stay in the moment of now. Feel where it comes from without judgement or getting into ego , you know  that little man or woman on your shoulder saying what is this and what if, and you are better than this and etc.   Say stop to that.

Unplugging the plug is what will give you rest in that unbelievable mind structure that never has learned to see it is just as it was meant to be a huge data storage.  Your  heart is the real thinking center.  Just let that thought resonate with you. Without judgment in having to declare it wrong or right, just letting it sit there and feel with your heart if it feels good. Does unplugging the 3D world give you your rest and peace in the moment back or not?

I have learned to unplug myself and change the focus from all those unnecessary thoughts to that feeling all there is in the moment of now and seeing I am One with all.  Am I good in it? Oh boy, I have also my moments to be taken away into past and future and all the thinking and the  unfunded worries and the what ifs, but I get myself fast unplugged and back.  It is all just going with your flow. You can flow again if you unplug more and keep the focus on feeling things instead of thinking about them, or focus on your gut feeling (yeah it says it all) and your intuition.

Keep negative thinking or  having negative reactions toward whatever out of the equation.  Keep loving yourself and stay loving all. The unplugging the 3D world is happening now by more and more of you. As people not only awaken from the big sleep of the matrix but also see now how they can help themselves to focus and find the truth within the heart. Always keep your focus on the positive is my view on things. Where there is a problem there is always a solution or there is a way out or you can see things in an other light.

Just know your One with all even if you do not see it now. Know also all the knowledge you need is within yourself.  So love that you.  Know your loved always.  No matter what. So unplug and Stop the fear, worries, routines and other stuff. It is time to let go. I gonna unplug now myself and see you again later. I am gonna walk in nature.

Love and Light,


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