Mehran Keshe – The Future Is Now With Unlimited, Clean And Safe Energy : How Are Governments Responding? – 26 September 2012

Mehran Keshe – The Future is Now with Unlimited, Clean and Safe Energy: How are Governments Responding? – September 24, 2012


Patrick Timpone

Mehran Keshe

Nuclear Engineer

Mehran Keshe, we believe is telling it straight on what he’s discovered about the simplicity of how the universe works and how just how we can use it for our health and energy.

Keshe is not asking for credit or money for this “discovery”, for as you will hear others, such as Tesla were on to this God stuff long ago. To that end he gives away the information for free and says too much of the cat is out of the bag to stop it.

Listen and visit his site and judge for yourself. What he calls the Plasma is the

area between gravity and magnetism that makes the world go round without “Chinese Rockets” burning to make things go.

We’ve all known deep within The Future has always been here, now.

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mehran keshe and energy now from “God” september 24, 2012


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