Regarding The Casper Nuisance And Neil Keenan . . . A Comment From – Jean Haines – 26 September 2012

Regarding the Casper Nuisance and Neil Keenan . . . a comment from ~Jean

Long ago, I realized that Caspar is nothing but disinformation, a troublemaker, and I stopped publishing his ‘stuff’, because in my opinion – and I could be wrong, of course – that’s all it is. Neil is becoming very busy now, he cares about us, and Caspar and whomever he works for would love to distract him and upset him.

Does Neil have the time to ‘deal’ with this sort of nuisance now?

I doubt it, although he may . . . but it seems to me he has more important things to do. . .

It’s my opinion that Caspar thrives on bad energy, and I have no intention of giving him any . . .

There is much we do not know, but soon, very soon, the proof will be in the pudding. . .


PS Let me suggest that I think folks like Caspar would like to turn this into a sort-of Roman Circus. Do you want to be a participant in that kind of a crowd event? link to original article

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