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She’s Alive… Beautiful… Finite… Hurting… Worth Dying for – 27 September 2012

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Deepak Chopra – Gratitude – 27 September 2012

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Lisa Gawlas – Zero Point, Divine Counterparts, Kundaline And The Magic Of Now!! – 27 September 2012

It seems these last several days within readings as well as my own meditation, spirit seemed to be baking us a cake (we being the ingredients needed) and yesterday, it felt like the icing on the cake with understanding.  The synchronicitic  back to back flow of information unfolding is like nothing I can remember experiencing before.  There seems to be an adamancy thru each of our own higher selves, and life itself, for us to really understand not only this profound moment in time/shift we are in, but how to utilize the change in fullness!  Of course, just typing that sentence out really says, we already know (from the soul mind) now all we have to do is remember that we know! Continue reading


Laura Bruno – What Goes On The Truck? – 27 September 2012

As David and I prepare for our “right sizing” and relocation from Madison, Wisconsin to eco-friendly, artsy Goshen, Indiana to support David’s aging parents, we’ve begun to ask ourselves in earnest, “What goes on the truck?” Instead of moving in one huge haul, Life has urged us to make three smaller runs to Goshen, which means two of our three upstairs bedrooms already look packed and staged for the first truck run. Sorting and determining what we box up and move forms a significant part of our days right now. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Change Approaches… – 27 September 2012

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We are heading into a new season now, the days are growing shorter and the light is fading quicker at the end of the day. Fall is upon us and winter is not far off.  The approaching date in December is quickly approaching as well. Continue reading

A Comet Story Of An Other Kind – Comet ISON / C 2012 S1 – 27 September 2012

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(Lucas :As you know I do not do planetary bodies or comets hitting earth and destroying it as it is just fearmongering. Therefore this one is different it does not hit earth but just will come by and it can be seen like a sort of the bethlehem comet /star with the birth of Jesus story in the bible. The comet is that bright and can be seen in broad daylight!!)


John Ward – The News-Unreal – Homage To Catatonia – 27 September 2012

It’s only a matter of time before the German tabloid press runs a story showing that the Troika has discovered a hitherto hidden €730bn debt owed by Greece to the Martian Tourist Board. Oh those wicked, obese greasy Greeks with the fat bellies under string vests, doing their exhibitionist Zorba dancing when they should be working 13 days an hour – what are we to do with them? Continue reading

Q – The Guru Of You – Interviews Laura M. Eisenhower – 2 Part Video – 27 September 2012

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3 Minutes News – 27 September 2012

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Lisa M Harrison – With Robert Morning Sky – 27 September 2012

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