Laura Bruno – What Goes On The Truck? – 27 September 2012

As David and I prepare for our “right sizing” and relocation from Madison, Wisconsin to eco-friendly, artsy Goshen, Indiana to support David’s aging parents, we’ve begun to ask ourselves in earnest, “What goes on the truck?” Instead of moving in one huge haul, Life has urged us to make three smaller runs to Goshen, which means two of our three upstairs bedrooms already look packed and staged for the first truck run. Sorting and determining what we box up and move forms a significant part of our days right now.

But the question, “What goes on the truck?” also holds symbolic meaning for us, as we recognize this move offers a major reset for both of us. In addition to some bulkier, older pieces of furniture, significant heavier and outdated thoughts, emotions and patterns won’t make the cut. Just as our new home offers a similar amount of living space but in a highly different, more efficient footprint, we’ve begun to view ourselves as streamlining and upgrading. What stories and experiences do we leave behind? Having served their purpose, these no longer useful modes and filters get donated to the Universe for release and transmutation.

One of the biggest principles of feng shui suggests that we declutter so Chi can move freely and bring health, positive energy and abundance to our home. If you touch something and feel a wave of negativity or your breath tightens, toss it out. One person’s junk may become another’s treasure, so consider offering things to others or, in the case of lackluster energy, to the Universe for recycling. If something’s truly broken, throw it out. Holding onto broken things — whether physical or metaphysical — limits the new, fresh, healing energy that would otherwise pervade a home. That home might be your house or apartment, or it might mean your body, mind and spirit.

I know many people are moving, changing jobs or shifting relationships as we navigate the intensifying energy of our times. Even if life looks fairly “normal,” consider asking yourself “What goes on the truck?” 2012 offers a potent opportunity to remake ourselves, our society, our governments, and in fact, our entire perception of reality. We’re headed to the Galactic Center — on the move into parts unknown. Even if day-to-day circumstances remain relatively stable, the external structures of so many veils and control systems have begun to crumble. Humanity itself is moving, by necessity, to a new “home.” In creating heaven on Earth, what attitudes, beliefs, memories and expectations qualify for placement on the cosmic truck?

What goes on the truck will look different for each of us. Because of all my frequent moving over the years, I’ve already culled most physical belongings. Whereas David sorts through paperwork, decorations and extra items, my main dumping includes makeshift thought structures I acquired as temporary stop gap measures to deal with my 1998 brain injury. While these patterns gave me some stability after a neurological earthquake destroyed my rational side, they’re really not my own beliefs or preferred filters. They served their purpose, but my healthy brain hasn’t actually needed them in a long, long time. I’ve spent many recent hours jettisoning unused packets of others’ energies and issues. They simply have no place in the new life David and I have carefully and consciously manifested step-by-step.

As you sort your own vibration and reality, choose wisely what goes on your truck. We live in a vibrational and co-creative Universe. You can have it all, but maybe you’d rather include only parts of it. Don’t forget to open space for the wonderful new! link to original article


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