Linda Robinson – Message From Archangel Zadkiel – October 2012 – Living In The Present Moment – 27 September 2012

Greetings My Beloved Ones,
You are making rapid process on your path of ascension, as the opportunities for advancing are increasing moment by moment.  Many new gateways and portals to the higher dimensions are opening.  These openings are available to everyone who has a sincere desire to progress and who is working for the highest good of all.
In these times of rapid advancement, it is advantageous to remember that in the higher dimensions there is no time and space.  Everything is occurring simultaneously.  There are many dimensions and many realities.  In the 3D world events and situations have been presented in a linear fashion because previously this is what the consciousness could imagine. 
Now you have an expanded consciousness, and you are beginning to comprehend that everything is happening simultaneously.  In the 3D reality this may appear in many ways.  Situations seem to manifest much more rapidly.  There is much less of a seeming gap between cause and effect.
Things that have been hidden from awareness are rising to the surface to be examined to determine whether they are congruent with the new reality.  Each examination and determination of situations and events takes on a new meaning.  It has moved from a point of judgment to a place of determining whether it fits with the new reality.  This is done with a calm, loving point of view and is used to determine whether it will advance humanity on the path of ascension.  This allows you to separate the act or the situation from the individual or group from which the situation originated.  Loving thoughts and acts lift you from one level of awareness to the next.
Because the energy is moving so rapidly, it is of utmost importance to remain centered and focused in the present moment.  Living in the present moment has many advantages.  It allows you to see all sides of a situation.  You can more fully comprehend not only what is happening on the surface of the situation but also what the bigger implications are.  You may be able to see how a slight change of perception or thought can lead to new awareness and higher outcomes.  Very often a shift in the energy and perception of one person can benefit others in a situation or environment.
Being fully present in the moment allows you to conduct yourself according to your highest ideals and in accordance with your ever-expanding consciousness.  You are able to remain focused on your higher consciousness and know that what is occurring has much bigger implications for your progression than the seemingly surface event.  Because the veil is thinning, you have the ability to view events from a universal and galactic perspective.
Things that would have previously caused irritation in the 3D seem to float away and not disturb your peaceful demeanor.  It is as if you have the ability to view events in a telescoping fashion.  You are able to zoom in and out from the surface 3D view and perspective to the higher dimensional perspective and back down again.  When you zoom in and out in looking at a situation, after you have viewed things from a higher perspective, you bring back a much higher understanding.
When you focus on the present moment and view actions from a universal perspective, you are able to remain centered on what you are doing each moment.  Your higher perspective allows you to be aware of whether each thought and action is moving you toward ascension.  It allows you to be aware of how each action affects others, the planet, and the universe and galactic realms.  Because everything is energy, each thought or action ripples out into the greater whole.
Focusing on the present moment also allows you to receive incoming information more easily.  You may find that your intuition and perception increase when you do this.  By remaining focused on the present moment, you are clearing away mind clutter that can cloud this incoming information in the same way that static prevents clear reception when using electronic technology.
The energy that is being sent from the higher dimensions is constantly changing.  It can change moment by moment.  What appeared to be true a few moments ago can literally change in an instant.  Being aware of the present moment allows you to receive the new energy and determine whether it fits with your path of advancement.  A seemingly small packet of higher energy can often lead to new awareness and insight.  It is as if the old and the new are existing simultaneously, but in reality, they are presented together for you to choose whether to remain where you are for the moment or whether to incorporate the new energy into your being and move to the next level of awareness.
Because these packets of energy are being sent with increasing frequency, it is important to live in the present moment so that you will recognize them when they occur.  Light packets of new energy are constantly swirling around you for you to reach out and invite in for examination.  The more you focus on the present moment, the more you are able to recognize these packets of higher understanding.Many times new packets of energy and information are sent to increase understanding of current awareness.  You will begin to see the synchronicity of events.  By remaining clear and present, you are able to see how the threads and packets fit together, for nothing exists in isolation.  All energy is interrelated.

When this occurs, you begin to see yourself as a multidimensional Being of Light, and you begin to incorporate the understanding that you are a spirit living in a temporary human existence and that all is becoming multidimensional.  Each new understanding lifts you to higher levels and dimensions, and you are able to incorporate even higher understanding.  You rise higher and higher in the dimensions and see the wonder of the grand design of the Supreme Creator.
When this happens, you realize that the hologram of this grand design is contained in the present moment and that by living in the present moment, you are a part of All That Is.
Beloveds, we rejoice in your awareness of the present moment, and we send you much Love and Light.
I AM Archangel Zadkiel
…and I surround you with Love.
And so it is.
All rights reserved Linda M. Robinson,
You may copy freely and share.  Please copy the message in its entirety, and give credit to Archangel Zadkiel as transmitted through Linda M. Robinson/

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